Anthony Brian Logan Fans

Political and social commentary.
21 members, 341 posts, Last Activity: Nov 29, 2022

Everything Elon Musk

Elon Musk's philosophy in business, politics and life. Please feel free to post articles and videos about him.
23 members, 84 posts, Last Activity: Nov 28, 2022

Celebrity News

Celebrity shenanigans!
Topics: Religion / Spiritualism
14 members, 86 posts, Last Activity: Nov 29, 2022

Matt Walsh Group (The Sweet Baby Gang)

Social Commentary
43 members, 329 posts, Last Activity: Nov 29, 2022

Joe Biden Is Not My President

Joe Biden did not win a fair and legal election.
177 members, 423 posts, Last Activity: Nov 29, 2022

American Freedom

Organizing before and after the election.
Topics: Activism, History, Politics / Political Ideology, Religion / Spiritualism
347 members, 437 posts, Last Activity: Nov 28, 2022

Mental Health Support

A support group for people struggling with mental health. Or if you just want to vent whatever is bothering you. Judgement free zone. I'm not at all an expert on these subjects but...
Topics: Health, Happiness / Self Improvement
271 members, 26 posts, Last Activity: Oct 8, 2022

The Second Amendment Sanctuary in 12 mins

A place to discuss or debate the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, and discussions on firearms/gun tech/innovations and insights as well.
Topics: Activism, News, Politics / Political Ideology, Technology
648 members, 2,155 posts, Last Activity: Nov 29, 2022

Ben Shapiro in 15 hours, 12 mins

For those who want to meet other fans of Ben Shapiro and keep up with his videos, podcasts and live events! If you're a member, please feel free to post his latest/relevant ...
Topics: Activism, Books / Writing / Poetry, Fan Groups, Philosophy, Politics / Political Ideology
22,940 members, 4,257 posts, Last Activity: Nov 26, 2022

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