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I started out with nothing and I still have most of it.

The great tragedy of life is not that men perish, but that they cease to love. ~ Somerset Maugham

To do 3 dimensional chess mind games with me, you will need to study up on The Art of War by Sun Tzu, and throw some Nietzsche on there.

You will need to contemplate the root word of assassin, where it comes from, and Hassan-i Sabbah.

Knowing some Marcus Aurelius philosophy and Tacitus quotes. Consider Kahlil Gibran ~ 'Defeat' among other poems.

Immanuel Kant ~ Critique of Pure Reason. Baruch Spinoza. Maimonides ~ the Mishneh Torah and The Guide for the Perplexed.

Plato ~ The Republic. The Code of Hammurabi.

Miyamoto Musashi ~ The Book of Five Rings.

Gerald Schroeder. ~ Nikola Tesla & 3.6.9. ~

Carlos Castaneda.

Full Bio


Double Standards is M.O. of the western nations and their globalist handlers.
Weltansicht comments on May 11, 2022:
yes, if there were some bio-labs on those little French held islands between Newfoundland & Nova Scotia, the West would be screaming this is intolerable, an outrage, insolence, provocateur of war.
Amazing how the woke news media is centering the whole 2022 midterm year on Donald Trump.
Weltansicht comments on May 11, 2022:
I think you could add to your list of real issues or easily supplement the ones listed with specific reminders, like the Taliban & Afghanistan; covid lies; southern border appointed czar Khlamydia Harris and hasn't done anything, or her cackling; CRT & trans queer indoctrination of kids; corruption & the Ukraine & American oligarchy's kids employment; money to give away but not invest in the wall or just our infrastructure that is crumbling; abortion & the myriad of issues there including the stalking & intimidation of federal judges although they brought it upon themselves, just like all the other anarchy that they enabled, encouraged & promoted. I got more, much much more, but the keyboard is a smokin'
2000 Mules – A Bitchute Version The Documentary 2000 Mules has ended in theatres.
Weltansicht comments on May 10, 2022:
There's a copy on Rumble too. If someone does not want to get on Bitchute.
Biden admin confirms talks about using Veterans Affairs resources to treat migrants at southern ...
Weltansicht comments on May 9, 2022:
all the times I took my dad to the VA in Danville, il; there were many nonveteran patients there, mostly drug rehab from other agencies but being taken care by the VA: that was all thanks to the Clinton 20th century policies
Worried About Roe Getting Overturned?
Weltansicht comments on May 9, 2022:
maybe the government will ship them one way to the liberal states, just like they are drop shipping the illegal aliens scofflaws
Sad reacts only for poor Pfizer. Such a missed opportunity for them!
Weltansicht comments on May 9, 2022:
I don't feel sorry for them at all, they do not deserve any sympathy. They are not a living being, just an autonomous entity given sentience as a 'corporate body and politic' and incapable of sapience. All their officers & accomplices should all be arrested on RICO violation and habitual repeat offenders, and treated to the 3 strikes rules of law.
Imagine a war so horrific, so destructive, so inescapable.
Weltansicht comments on May 8, 2022:
They still haven't found what they were looking for and just like that they got themselves listed in my boycott books
Do YOU Trust Your Government?
Weltansicht comments on May 8, 2022:
Nope, I do not trust my government. They have lied to me too many times blatantly. Abandoned me as well and denied me privileges of citizenship that are constitutional express. And hypocritically too, The nicest one example I have is when Read My Lips Bush the 1st said Americans need to exercise they are sedentary; & while he was prez, the military base closed and the federal employment people said I needed to take a sedentary job & lower my expectations and search perimeters....
Inflation is taxation without legislation.
Weltansicht comments on May 8, 2022:
addressing the Hannibal Lector photo ~ a guy claimed on Art Bell's Coast to Coast that people from India were cannibals and eating everybody, that's why there is such a large number of missing persons in America, and by chance he called the Borscht Blender at WEFT constantly, when I answered the phone one day, telling me the same spiel. I said hold on, how did you get passed his blocking numbers and getting through so many times, and had a interesting conversation time and I learned a lot, then he went back to the frantic diatribe overdrive mode and I said to him "why would they do that? they would all taste like chemical preservatives & monosodium glutamate and at the very least taste like chicken." I never have heard so many expletives since my military father yelled at me. ;-) Then I asked him if the eaten had a pig transplant heart, would that be cannibalism? Never heard from again ;-)
Hot of the press.
Weltansicht comments on May 8, 2022:
AOC will blame cow farts and that everybody wants to mate with her, all the rest will still blame Trump-Putin-Russian collusion.
Apparently Putin never sleeps.
Weltansicht comments on May 8, 2022:
Greenwald's tweet and all i can think of is 'the poison pill' that Twit was taking to prevent Musk acquiring Twit. hmmmmm Cognitive dissonance is the holding of the 2 contradictory ideas simultaneously and seeing nothing wrong with it, thus that's why the left always say of the right 'why can't you see that?' *The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.*
CDC Tracked Millions of Phones to See If Americans Followed COVID Lockdown Orders
Weltansicht comments on May 8, 2022:
not doubting the tracking but the logistics, and even if they did make a dossier on you, the tracker bug may be following a hacker & not you and much like Steven Biko, I would have to say one thing I have learned in dealing with the police, and that is to be as unhelpful as possible
Sydney Watson - How TikTok manufactured a mental health epidemic []
Weltansicht comments on May 8, 2022:
I look up to Sydney. She's 6'4" ~ @ 193 or 194 cm lol I learned of Slug from her, so blame her for me being here lol
I’m shocked.
Weltansicht comments on May 8, 2022:
I am taking it over to FB, do I quote you or protect the guilty of free speech lol
Responsible parenting in the 2020s!
Weltansicht comments on May 7, 2022:
response able parenting ~ mine live free & unindoctrinated
Bill Gates says COVID is a ‘disease mainly of the elderly’ with ‘low fatality rate’; likens ...
Weltansicht comments on May 7, 2022:
Must have got tired playing with his action figures, and maybe testifying turning state's evidence on Lolita Express, not sure
This clip got aggressively manually canceled on YouTube, but you can see it on ([rumble.
Weltansicht comments on May 7, 2022:
AOC the poster child for why you should use prophylactics, and why Boston University is a waste of money,time & resources. She double majored in International Relations and Economics, graduating cum laude with distinction. Yeah, yet still owes on her student debt, drives a Tesla, and only had a bartender job. Her business venture, Brook Avenue press where she wrote and tried publishing a children's book, failed and still owes back taxes to NY and maybe the federal ~ the last I knew
JP as a leftist-wokist kindergarten teacher. You have been warned []
Weltansicht comments on May 7, 2022:
at least he/she-it has clothes on this time and I won't go blind
The Anti-LGBTQ Children's Book That's Causing Mass Suicides: An Amazon Original - YouTube
Weltansicht comments on May 7, 2022:
on the best sellers lists of conservatives not yet banned by the KGB, I mean DGB
Hola pendejo hope your Obamacare covers your end []
Weltansicht comments on May 7, 2022:
no problem YT
Mirror, mirror…
Weltansicht comments on May 7, 2022:
I have been chewing bubble gum a long long time
The quickest way to sound stupid is to use the word “literally”.
Weltansicht comments on May 6, 2022:
another one goes on the boycott list ~ maybe I need to re-invent words like them and say 'soycott' :-( I liked her in The Governess and her thieves role with Eddie Izzard; too bad, go woke get ignored time to walk the dawg
Caped Crusader? We need you.
Weltansicht comments on May 6, 2022:
thought it was the missing people on the boxes of soy milk
The woke media just can’t shut up about Uncle Joe’s new press secretary being an intersectional ...
Weltansicht comments on May 6, 2022:
well....there's another tentacle involved in this persona non grata from the corporatocracy overlords calling the shots for puppet mouseketeer Biden whispering "get vaccinated" guess I need to update my stockholders dossiers
"The same with AOC.
Weltansicht comments on May 6, 2022:
it became very hard to distinguish any real pundit from any satire trolls to the point that the jokes seemed sane and truthful, that the factual statements seemed to be jest or fabricated for humour, AND still is SADLY
Must... bury... the... pun....
Weltansicht comments on May 6, 2022:
Tucker: Violence is already beginning [] Tucker nails it.
Weltansicht comments on May 6, 2022:
I think the violence has been going on for awhile, just going from 2017 Scalise shooting to now, not to mention the threats of tossing conservatives' kids into rape cages and making you watch, or the caricature murder & dismemberments of President Trump by alleged comedians and/or musicians or on Twatter the recent 'imagine the thought' of assassination fantasy of 2 US Supreme Court justices, also conservatives; but the liberal left cannot tolerate the thought of free speech on the same platform. Lots of actual deaths, carnage, looting, erecting & establishing criminal anarchist 'autonomous' zones or bases; bringing in reinforcements across the southern border and making all of us collectively pay for it they, the liberal democratic social engineers have been going very slow cautiously about it, still afraid of patriots but ambitious enough to test the waters; the question becomes: what will be the event that starts the chain reaction of the 2nd American revolution or civil war, officially? It seems inevitable dealing with 'salesmen' that won't take NO for an answer, and feel they have the moral imperative
Turkey's just passed the 70% mark
Weltansicht comments on May 6, 2022:
Watch out Venezuela putos the American Gringo Gang is coming for #1
Mask-wearing isn't a personality, but that doesn't keep maniacs from trying to turn it into one.
Weltansicht comments on May 6, 2022:
well....they say the masks restrict the flow of oxygen, but that may be minimal brain damage to that he/she/ if you blocked the ears the whistling would stop......those bi-focals are for the blind but reading is racist bigotry imposed by white male heterosexuals REEEEEEEEEE
Why Is That?
Weltansicht comments on May 6, 2022:
Oh they knew, full well. Everyone is on the payroll of Vanguard BlackRock; whistle blowers are Karen Silkwooded; a lot like associates of the Clintons
Threatened sex strike over Roe v. Wade:
Weltansicht comments on May 5, 2022:
reminds me of Al Bundy & Bubba Smith fighting and using the pictures of their wives as weapons lol
Joe Biden billed himself as the “great unifier” who could work across the aisle and be a ...
Weltansicht comments on May 5, 2022:
He voted against Roe v Wade and for decision power to the states including Delaware. He unifies hatred and promotes decisive impulsive compulsive decision making with no forethought.
Uncle Joe doesn’t surprise anyone with this appointment; but it may be smarter that it looks.
Weltansicht comments on May 5, 2022:
maybe Candace Owens can ask her some questions like why does she/it have redbone hair
The scout has returned. Prepare the raiding party!
Weltansicht comments on May 5, 2022:
a great disturbance in the force
This made me chuckle.
Weltansicht comments on May 4, 2022:
funniest I've seen on her in awhile
Seeing Mayor Adams of New York wearing an "end gun violence" message on his suit at some Met Gala ...
Weltansicht comments on May 3, 2022:
I wonder if his security detail was unarmed, if they were, well then why does he get to protect himself from the gun violence of violent lawbreakers and the constituency of law abiding citizens can not? sounds a lot like Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago classical liberalism projectionism rhetoric saying we all have a common enemy. My guns are not my enemies, they are tools. Those same people can kill you with a hammer or drive over people with a motor vehicle or many other ways. They are neurotic, especially any politician, media reporter, and just about any democratic socialist entity, if not all.
Man just said what we are all too afraid to say. 😆
Weltansicht comments on May 2, 2022:
pick me pick me
There is nothing you can do for them...
Weltansicht comments on May 2, 2022:
his poor dog
Vladimir Putin to undergo cancer surgery, transfer power
Weltansicht comments on May 2, 2022:
I wouldn't know since my RT America news got canceled
My American cousins, I really do envy you, costs of living is just keep going down in the US ...
Weltansicht comments on May 2, 2022:
can't wait for the Reichsfuhrer of the Ministry of Truth to get the WH for that one, who by the way said there is no Ministry of Truth
Yum sounds tasty []
Weltansicht comments on May 2, 2022:
@sqeptiq needs to build smellavision instead of the interdimensional portal to transport liberal marxist socialist democrats to the intergalactic gladiatorial arena & food depot for the intergalactic zoo
I would say they have gone to far… but that’s like now telling you the titanic is sinking… ...
Weltansicht comments on May 2, 2022:
they did a inclusive music video about we're coming for your children, I took the wording as a double innuendo
"Today, democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least." — Robert Byrne
Weltansicht comments on May 2, 2022:
quite true. reminds me of someone saying voting for the lesser of 2 evils but then you are still voting for evil
At least many are now waking up to the reality that this old Voltaire quote, or what was based on ...
Weltansicht comments on May 1, 2022:
Sounds like the slippery slope of Hegelian Dialectic Marxism with the virtue signaling of the Straw Man Fallacy ~ cogito ergo sum.
Why Wouldn’t They Tell Us??
Weltansicht comments on May 1, 2022:
ask the shareholders of Pfizer, Moderna, & JnJ while you at it, ask about the profitable Ukraine venture
They WILL do it again!!!
Weltansicht comments on May 1, 2022:
when they get to their 12th booster shot by the end of the year, they can try to preempt me then
The 'Ghost of Kyiv' Never Existed, Ukrainian Military Says
Weltansicht comments on May 1, 2022:
Maybe he is the Col. Steve Austin Bionic Man of the Ukraine and they will rebuild him.
Globalists have been pushing the narrative that this is the biggest, most important issue ever (at ...
Weltansicht comments on May 1, 2022:
I will not comply to putting up a Ukraine flag or many others; if my reasons, facts & logic do not persuade you, then why would you follow & listen to the Establishment's embellishments?
Satellites detect California cow burps, a major methane source, from space. SERIOUSLY?
Weltansicht comments on May 1, 2022:
LOL Sanity4Sweden made a comment about the cow burps the other day and a mask to capture the gas made in Britain.
"Satellites revolutionized geography, when they gave us a full map of the Earth.
Weltansicht comments on May 1, 2022:
It would be nice, and I have no doubts they are trying to; including the earth's mantle core. On the nefarious sinister side of things, peeking out from under my tin foil parasol, I remember some verses Jeremiah 31:37 lol
Leftist Human Manipulation Examined I ran into two posts dealing controlling what people think ...
Weltansicht comments on Apr 30, 2022:
that was done a lot of Facebook, sometimes in a mobbing attack to get conformity there was one peculiar one about telling people not to kill opossums because they ate ticks, and it would just trigger them all if you questioned or defied them, especially with facts, then they would talk about you while ignoring you as if you were not present, or they would use group cohesion consensus of attempted shaming you into capitulation.
Question: If a government goes tits up in the woebegone (bankrupt) there would be runs on banks and ...
Weltansicht comments on Apr 30, 2022:
Executive Order 6102 could easily get reactivated saying Pres. Gerald Ford's repeal of the Gold reserve Act was unconstitutional. It's a threat to *their* democracy hrumph hrumph ;-)
Sales of Jill Biden biography are embarrassingly low (250 copies in week one), Twitter users react: ...
Weltansicht comments on Apr 30, 2022:
all 81 million of them can't be that dead, can they?
What is best in life?
Weltansicht comments on Apr 30, 2022:
Crom approves!
Majority of Americans approve of Elon Musk’s Twitter buyout, poll finds
Weltansicht comments on Apr 29, 2022:
Sukarno said "The worst cruelty that can be inflicted upon a human being is isolation."
Rise of the ProfessionalManagerial Class - Techonocratic Bureaucrats | Compact Mag
Weltansicht comments on Apr 29, 2022:
Interesting. Considering that it was Administrative Professionals Day on April 27.
Migrant integration has failed and created parallel societies and gang violence, Swedish PM admits
Weltansicht comments on Apr 29, 2022:
It's not the integration that failed. You can not absorb people into your culture that want no part of it. Learned all about that from Sanity4Sweden. Lots of Christian church people went to Poland to help Ukrainian refugees go to Sweden, and the Ukrainian refugees thought about it and said no. Poland is one of the most safest places on the planet for women, while Sweden is one of the worst, because of the liberal socialist policies involving muslims and tolerance of that alien foreign culture.
Pinball Prepping - Is This the End of Food for the Non-Compliant?
Weltansicht comments on Apr 29, 2022:
and I have been slowly unloosening the shackles. It's been getting more and more where I can not eat any of the crap they expect one to digest. It's all chemical poisoning. I have boycotted Pepsi since the Michael Jackson victory tour days. Coke/New Coke saccharin. Monosodium glutamate. High fructose corn syrup. There was some coloring additive like Red 40, I don't recall at moment, but it comes from a beetle from Mexico; and the company explanation that I was given, by their 'kosher' refrom rabbi, was that it was turned into a inert mass and processed. I said you could do the same with dog poo & that explanation, doesn't mean I will eat it.
Alignment of 5 planets Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter, as seen from Africa at 4am on Tuesday...
Weltansicht comments on Apr 29, 2022:
I have been watching them for awhile. Right before sunrise, where I am at, to see them all. My angle view is looking at the planets line towards the southeast on the horizon at 8 o'clock if looking south & above is 12 and the 6 is below. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. :-)
Waiting to get back on twitter ? []
Weltansicht comments on Apr 28, 2022:
Mine said welcome back, then said I was suspended.
Give this a title...
Weltansicht comments on Apr 28, 2022:
My sword's name is Kindness.
New study done by Trudeau says unvaxxed are dangerous to vaxxed.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 28, 2022:
Quite true !!! Free thinking & questioning the tergiversation of a megalomaniac is quite dangerous to the complacency of the minions and that control.
China in ‘deep crisis’, says Hong Kong private equity chief []
Weltansicht comments on Apr 28, 2022:
Vietnam is a good indicator & example of a communist country HAVING to go to a capitalist system; why communist central planning & control is inherently a fiasco & failure, and always will be AND why FREE market innovation produces progress & abundance, just no monopolies and fierce friendly competition or collaborations benefiting all. Venezuela is another fine great example of the failure of communistic hubris, from the 4th richest in the world to one of the poorest.
Democracy - what a Woke CRT SJW Means When They Use This Word/Term & Why You Should Chose Not to ...
Weltansicht comments on Apr 28, 2022:
when in doubt, always ALWAYS say to them ~ recite the Pledge of Allegiance ~ to the Republic then you will find that they are the globalist indoctrinated leftist ideologue embracing socialist democratic marxism that they usually cannot explain coherently or rationally without becoming upset with denial symptoms and making accusations/distractions, and when they do crack, then you know you have got them. You have broken down the barrier of the psychological moment of their inception.
Episode 39: Biden’s Military Purge (feat.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 28, 2022:
Removal of the patriotic for fear of becoming historically known as the 1st to be deposed by an American military junta? somewhat like the American servicemen who refused service under the United Nations peacekeepers orders.
"tHeY aRe SoCiAlISt!!"
Weltansicht comments on Apr 28, 2022:
They should look beyond their borders & history. The Philippine Islands & the Spanish Empire war, the Shah & Iran, Saddam & Iraq, Noreiga & Panama Canal, SE Asia countries & South Vietnam, and others. Classic textbook Roman Empire tactics. They can afford their largesse because of their nonchalance temerity, and outright arrogance that it will never happen to them again. Much like passing the buck, their national debt on to the next generation or just outright ignore it. Just get the leftist to pass debt forgiveness enactments. Those who would give up *essential* Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty or Safety. Their throne room has become a prison and freedom an illusion. Compliance to edicts, mandatory behaviour structuring, and rationing at the behest of the elites & privileged.
DeSantis signs law banning private election funding, creating office to investigate voter fraud...
Weltansicht comments on Apr 28, 2022:
my father-in-law passed away in Levy County Florida 4 years ago, a registered Republican that voted for Biden
Coming soon to Netflix!
Weltansicht comments on Apr 28, 2022:
a documentary about an African 'Coming to America' legally
BLM! BLM! BLM! sorry i’ve clearly lost track on what woke agenda we are pushing.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 28, 2022:
I have no idea what you are rrreeee-ing about lefty; but glad to see an admission of guilt of *woke agenda we are pushing.* Sounds like the usual desperate leftist projection & disingenuous statements of purported fact presentation of the cloak & dagger routine of tax the rich scheme once again. Strange your ilk made no mention of the 200% tax decrease of Twitter of the last few years. If you got dated posts to prove otherwise, I would love to share them. According to leftist socialist Communist News Network or Clown Nonsense Ninnies (CNN), Musk has US tax bill is greater than most, except Tesla, but that is all Green New Deal tax credits incentives & reinvestment of profit into business. I am sure you will be squealing like a little piggie when Twitter is functioning under new management too. Perfectly legal, but I don't hear any complaints about multi-billion dollar international companies paying little or no taxes, like McDonald's or Kraft Foods, State Farm, military industrial complex entities, all incorporated in Delaware with a closet as an office mailing address. Jack Dorsey included.
Christopher F.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 25, 2022:
Narcissists moving the goalposts (again) from CRT & Gender Ideology to SEL ~ Social Emotional Lies the purveyor of predators, sexual & malicious sadists, perhaps even forms of cannibalism of/by adrenochrome harvesting
The FUTURE Is MARINE LE PEN [] Too bad France has to put up Macron again.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 25, 2022:
c'est la vie d etat
Imagine actually thinking Putin would be upset by this in any way. Low grade virtue signaling. lol
Weltansicht comments on Apr 25, 2022:
We''ll do what our leaders say, we'll be dirty & stinky! take that you ruthless dictator!!!
Turn off Netflix—or better yet, don't turn it on in the first place.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 25, 2022:
white man is the villian ~ Donald Trump black man is the hero ~ Barak Obama gay guy is the voice of reason ~ a plethora of candidates woman has the balls ~ Michelle Obama dad is an idiot ~ C'mon man mom is the breadwinner ~ Hillary or Nancy children are sexualized ~ AOC fantasies & Hunter Biden laptop diary Netflix was great when it was a red box self-serve kiosk, when it went to streaming services it was downhill. Social engineering without any doubts, BlackRock Vanguard have their tentacles in that pie as well.
Word to the mother!
Weltansicht comments on Apr 24, 2022:
We did! We were millionaires until the Yankees & Carpetbaggers came. My ancestor was on a Spanish ship that got captured by the English pirate privateer Francis Drake, and was sold at Raleigh, N.C. to a Tsalagi woman. Started out with nothing, still have most of it. As for picking cotton, yes I have! and we still do pick here in areas of Arkansas to this day. No one owes me shit because I don't lend. But I understand the meme is for the mentally deranged infected by the pathogen of liberalism. ;-)
Can YOU Ever Trust Your Government?
Weltansicht comments on Apr 24, 2022:
I trust them to lie.
Canada, University of Waterloo: science professor job opening limited to only women, trans, ...
Weltansicht comments on Apr 24, 2022:
I am sure the transmutant non-human resistance will vouch for the applicants trapped in the temporal existence.
Just looking at the last few days worth of posts.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 24, 2022:
In that analysis, it would seem they are creating their own break away society. Leaving the rest of us as serfs, exploitable human resources, and slaves. In their own condescending way, they are already telling you to sit down shut up, do as you're told, the laws apply to you but not to us because WE are in charge. Sort of like the agents Johnson n Johnson in the movie Die Hard.
Amazon shopaholism
Weltansicht comments on Apr 24, 2022:
that be me!!
And the problem here is . . . ?
Weltansicht comments on Apr 24, 2022:
You would think someone who was detained in an internment camp based on his ancestry nationality would have some comprehension of the woke agenda derision. If by migrants he means illegal aliens, then it is just delusion complacency and completely scofflaw. Horrific laws are already 'targeting' innocent people by abortion, such as partial birth abortions. The L (Let's) G (Go) B (Brandon) Transhuman Queers+ identity and the educated workforce are voting with their feet, leaving California and moving to Florida & Texas. He-she-it is a complete ultracrepidarian curmudgeon.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 23, 2022:
She blames cow farts for climate change. I guess the vast herds of bison/buffalo didn't fart either. She wants student loan forgiveness so she can get out of her debt. She is a condescending excessively fussy anal retentive individual. Doesn't mean I want to date her or have sex with her either.
Kind of further demonstrates the argument that things have been on a downward slide as the peak ...
Weltansicht comments on Apr 23, 2022:
Brought to you by the same bureaucrats that can not answer how many people are out of work truthfully. Can not or will not tell you how many lost jobs due to economic policies, how many jobs lost to illegal aliens, how much cost effectiveness has been created by stagnation and/or forced lockdown situations. Can not project or will not process the fundamentals of labor lost & cost benefits lost by process of elimination the work force pool, i.e. abortion statistics.
They intend on controlling the internet; they may even shut it down if they deem it necessary.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 23, 2022:
Her usual specious content. True the major platforms have amplified disinfo & extremism (like trans liberal pedophilia) with no accountability. But name one liberal socialist entity that has been de-platformed censored/banned ostracized.... Bolster global democracy before it's too late. Tells me they are losing their perceptions of narcissistic ultimatum control. They have lied so much to everyone, that they believed their own lies. Just like the statistics about what people do or will do. CNN+ for example. Disney go woke go broke. They are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Consider chickens are reptilian.
Democrats' ideology
Weltansicht comments on Apr 22, 2022:
I think when you mixed the soda pops into one it was called a suicide
American Federation of Teachers union boss Randi Weingarten: Parental rights bills are "the way in ...
Weltansicht comments on Apr 22, 2022:
I guess Randi he-she-it never heard of the PTA, or the "intended to facilitate parental participation in a school" They started the hatred, and the war, and the misinformation, and the propaganda. Did they not tell the students NOT to tell your parents what we discussed? They focus on their cultural political agenda but are complete ultracrepidarians when it comes to basic education of reading, writing, math skills, problem solving and socialization in the normative sense.
Pinball Prepping - The Government is Full of Sinners but the People aren't Saints (13:47) On a ...
Weltansicht comments on Apr 22, 2022:
At the moment they are trying to get the backyard chicken farmer with the avian flu *crisis* and proclaiming the infallible right to exterminate your flock. It is just an extension of when they were trying to get microchipping mandatory on all your birds, even the freshly hatched. But it was cost prohibitive for the corporate farms, so they were exempt, only had to do 1 in 1,000 or 10,000. Home DIY veterinarian medicine is also under assault and becoming outlawed. And I am not taking about the horse wormer, that's being left alone after the severe mocking of the left on that idiocy. There is not enough vets to handle the work load, they will run them all into the ground with bureaucratic mandatory laws for prescriptions. Penicillin for the fish tanks and other things is becoming controlled substances. A medicine for pink eye in livestock will be outlawed next year. It just made it to the organic status use list and that's why they are coming for it. Back when Obama was ruining everything, I could tell you some stuff on Muscovy ducks and the USDA. They also were trying to get a handle on goat herds, especially milking ones. Another one was quail, but they fell apart in that attempt because of sheer ignorance, the same for the attempted muscovy ducks regulating fiasco. They seem to sit in their offices, trying to think up ways to tell people how to live, that are not practical, not sustainable, and completely offended when you explain it doesn't work and they will prosecute for failing to abide by their *regulations* When they start talking about food shortages, it is not because they are psychic or have just developed vision of the future, it is planning indoctrination subjugation.
I guess we better ban all the letters of the alphabet now. lol
Weltansicht comments on Apr 22, 2022:
I thought Johnny/Joanny couldn't read because it was racist & white supremacist oppression along with math & writing
Pretty concerning.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 22, 2022:
didn't that ships waiting to unload happen last year to the US ports? like 100 to 200 ships at various ports?
"Obama poses as a nice guy.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 21, 2022:
when he was the junior senator in illinois, he was considered a muslim and it was on talk radio, that said it didn't matter, what was focused and surprising was that he got around the iron grip of the Daley Machine and was in the shadows of the political corruption of the governors of the State. Even his vacated seat was sold by Blagojevich. He did nothing of anything that could be brought forth as an accomplishment or stated any goals for achievement.
If this is accurate, it does make you wonder.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 21, 2022:
reminds me of the 'if the media will lie....' guess its just another Snopes background fact check deflection of the "It's not uncommon for reporters to call upon dramatic skill..."
When prepper friends come over for dinner they bring colorful gifts.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 21, 2022:
yummy :yum:
Democrat Rhode Island State Senator Pushes For Double Taxation Of Unvaccinated Individuals
Weltansicht comments on Apr 20, 2022:
I think the IRS needs to audit Bell for all the logistical paperwork nightmare he is attempting, and give him all his updated boosters when he walks in to the habeaus corpus of the summons to the auditor's office.
You know who Adolf was, but have you heard of D'Adolf?
Weltansicht comments on Apr 19, 2022:
Arnold Horshack's older brother?
Jen Psaki going home after another day's work
Weltansicht comments on Apr 19, 2022:
with frequent flyer miles somehow I thought she would have an industrial sized broom
Is Bruce Jenner the father of his children or the mother of his children?
Weltansicht comments on Apr 19, 2022:
what's the birth certificates say? father? can't be the mother because he didn't lay the eggs or hatch the lizards to my knowledge
...pop quiz! What is the official religion of America?
Weltansicht comments on Apr 18, 2022:
Freedom. Belief in unbelief seems to be ruling the roost at the moment. 'In God We Trust' is on all the money.....
Photographer born in 1843 talks about the Wild West -- Interviewed in 1941 -- American Homesteaders.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 18, 2022:
He took the photos of the tetons & Yellowstone - Cotler's Hell or something like that back then as it was known...his one picture of the tetons, at Jenny Lake at Lookout Point (I think was the name) showed it right after a massive forest fire....and it was like, well, damn you Forest Service for letting Yellowstone burn up to/ near Old Faithful, when they wanted to see what happened to the environment....maybe he took the first photos of the seqouias too, don't remember for sure.... thanks for posting it :-) I am going to make my kids watch it with me this evening on Roku ;-)
Woke Disney Admits DEFEAT as Patriot BACKLASH Surges [youtube.
Weltansicht comments on Apr 18, 2022:
I am sure it is just a coincidence....
Biden's Signs Anti-lynching Bill [] When was the last time a lynching happened?
Weltansicht comments on Apr 15, 2022:
not meaning to troll you, but the image that popped into my mind was Saddam Hussein
"CNN is glorifying child soldiers fighting the Russians. Is this normal?
Weltansicht comments on Apr 14, 2022:
well if true on the Ukrainian kids....those missing in action will end up in the trafficking victim commodities gang as for Nicaragua...well I guess that reporter has no idea of Daniel Ortega sandinistas/contras or Noriega/Panama or El Salavador's civil war....
Why am I getting govt/MSM vibes out of this?
Weltansicht comments on Apr 14, 2022:
Because the AFLAC duck had to resort to crime being a white duck


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