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I started out with nothing and I still have most of it.

The great tragedy of life is not that men perish, but that they cease to love. ~ Somerset Maugham

To do 3 dimensional chess mind games with me, you will need to study up on The Art of War by Sun Tzu, and throw some Nietzsche on there.

You will need to contemplate the root word of assassin, where it comes from, and Hassan-i Sabbah.

Knowing some Marcus Aurelius philosophy and Tacitus quotes. Consider Kahlil Gibran ~ 'Defeat' among other poems.

Immanuel Kant ~ Critique of Pure Reason. Baruch Spinoza. Maimonides ~ the Mishneh Torah and The Guide for the Perplexed.

Plato ~ The Republic. The Code of Hammurabi.

Miyamoto Musashi ~ The Book of Five Rings.

Gerald Schroeder. ~ Nikola Tesla & 3.6.9. ~

Carlos Castaneda.

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Seems Legit
Weltansicht comments on Jun 10, 2022:
according to Joy Behar ~ gun control legislation will change once blacks can get to own guns she said "Once Black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change. Trust me."
Time to Hold Big Pharma Accountable for Pushing Puberty Blockers on Children Off-Label [amac.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 10, 2022:
posted it to my FB, let's see how bad the shadow banning gets hmmmm
Pray Sheeple Awaken to Control Tyranny Let us PRAY the Sheeple awaken to the FACT the Leftist ...
Weltansicht comments on Jun 10, 2022:
hard to wake them up when they are comfortable in denial
Tony Heller: Stay In Your Lane “Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts” - ...
Weltansicht comments on Jun 10, 2022:
I read *Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman* and that statement quote reminds me of a recent meme
No shit Sherlock.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 10, 2022:
Their eyes are glazed over from eating too many doughnuts.
Here’s Dan Rather on Twitter today denigrating Fox News viewers — about half of America’s ...
Weltansicht comments on Jun 9, 2022:
I remember him yelling rudely at President Nixon over/about Vietnam, so we always said 'rather watch something else' and we did, like NBC...we liked Walter Cronkite though
See any funny Covid caution cultists lately?
Weltansicht comments on Jun 9, 2022:
No actually. Not even the WalMart shopper shockers lately. Guess they all went to the Ukraine to fight for the New World Order for the Soros severance package deals against the dastardly Russkies. On my recent Amtrak ride, only seen blue, purple and a chartreuse birthing meatbags, I assume that's what the 'its' were, wearing them. 2 of the porters on one crew wore the surgical face masks, but no one else and I walked through several cars full of people to get to the bar and back to my seat.
At the core of every tyrant is a Liberal
Weltansicht comments on Jun 9, 2022:
Also the definition of narcissists
Russia BANS All LGBT Propaganda as New Traditionalist World RISES [youtube.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 9, 2022:
I remember Putin telling the news interviewer that immigrant/migrants if they did not like the way Russia was concerning your religious beliefs or personal orientations, go back to where you came from or somewhere else, where they welcome and tolerate the different perspectives. I miss RT America, did not agree with it much, but at least I had their view on a subject/topic. It was like listening to shortwave radio and Radio Havanna, they told you everyday what the President of the USA was doing, whereas the MSM intermittently told you what they wanted you know. At least that's how it was during the Clinton & GW Bush days.
Hot of the press.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 9, 2022:
I am stealing a lot of your memes lol I do have the McDogfood clowns already though lol the workers meme reminded of this one ;-)
Don't forget.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 9, 2022:
I think my premium was 2.96 or 2.98 at least 2.9#something, as I do remember it being just under $3 when Obuma was in I thought we were paying $4something when Trump got in gas dropped a dollar overnight it seemed and the same when Biden got in but jumped up instead
When someone suggests that I “Remember January 6,” what I remember is gasoline at $2.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 9, 2022:
Yeah, January 6th, when the US still had some respect, and the president would get his phone calls answered when he called world leaders. When we still helped others in need and not have to seek help to have baby formula for our citizenry. When we took responsibility for our shortcomings and mistakes instead of blaming Covid19 related issues as a scapegoat for socialist economic failures. When MSM (Marxist State Media) was gloating over their accusations made against several different teenagers, who eventually got justice in courts of law and settlements for defamation by the MSM narrative. When one of the most heavily guarded U.S. government places on the Earth, opened its doors for any player to operate unhindered; and claims as a 'last resort' shot & killed an unarmed woman. Even now, the search engines all call the January 6th incident an "insurrection".
WaPo: Black Americans May Need to Flee US Due to ‘Crazy White People’
Weltansicht comments on Jun 9, 2022:
reminds me of something I seen the other day
Reject June-Pride & Embrace God’s Way SUMMARY: The month of June is highly propagandized as an ...
Weltansicht comments on Jun 9, 2022:
Seems strange of the diametric opposites cohesion.
Tired of Sloppy Joe Biden and his crappy White House visitors.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 9, 2022:
who dat? one of Hunter's crack girlfriends?
Gas Prices Are So High....
Weltansicht comments on Jun 9, 2022:
definitely not an American peddling that bicycle, they would have a heart attack from exertion
The Vanishing Permanent Democrat Majority [amac.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 8, 2022:
Those figures are also being reflected in 1st gun owner/buyers and of the same traditional democratic demographics of blacks, Hispanics & women. Langley Outdoors academy has several videos on this
Get Woke its the real thing
Weltansicht comments on Jun 8, 2022:
brought to you by, co-sponsored and underwritten by Vanguard BlackRock
Literal information war.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 8, 2022:
Blockworks has some videos on it: and
America is so scewed up that it appears we need to wait for the usless and corropt GOP to figure out...
Weltansicht comments on Jun 7, 2022:
The drag show at the bar was clearly in violation of several drinking establishment laws & ordinances concerning minors in a 'Need to be 21' facility. Isn't that one of the leftist talking points about gun control, being 21? Same also applies to movie theaters when people went to those, like 'R' & 'X' movies....hypocrisy and complacency to hypocrisy or being afraid to speak up because you will get banned censored and/or labeled a racist spewing 'hate speech' is all enabling rhetoric of a solipsism protection mechanism that attempts to defy confrontational truths. Not to mention all the child abuse laws being broken, state & federal. Such as The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974 and updated 2010; or the trafficking Victims Protection Act or Justice For Victims of trafficking Act 2015. With all the economic problems and the clear path to America becoming the next Venezuela (that no one in MSM Marxist State Media seems to mention) via socialism, it seems strangely ironic that the protect the children comes from those who want the 'right' to kill them. Protect the children from guns yet empower them to become the violent foot soldiers of Marxist takeover. Protect the children with censorship and indoctrination to CRT but don't tell your parents what we are teaching your kids, despite the PTA Parent Teacher Association guidelines. So, that leads me to the next questions; are the schools that have these problems still in the PTA, that is now the PTO? Or have they been dissolved by vote and proxy, to be replaced by what? The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 became the Every Child Succeeds Act of 2014. To my knowledge the funding ended 2020-2021 school year.
The Depressing State of Britain []
Weltansicht comments on Jun 7, 2022:
that depression reminded me something from FB at the end of May and Huffpost blatant misinformation attempt then they have a high kill rate from the mandatory vaxx & the withdrawal psychosis from the EU I use to get BBC but that is gone quietly, I may be just shadow banned from it, but was gone when they took out RT America Thanks so very much for posting !!
Spoken with Malice aforethought.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 7, 2022:
True Malice
WAKE UP! Your America Has Nearly Vanished SUMMARY: I’ve been appalled for quite some time the ...
Weltansicht comments on Jun 7, 2022:
They also have a weird combination of diametrical opposites with the gay agenda alphabet soup meatbags and the followers of Islam, never hear them on diatribes against one another, seems they have adopted a truce of enemy of my enemy is my political ally, until each other's secret agenda has been accomplished. They will turn on each other, indeed, have turned on each other on several occasions.
Do not forget what happened 78 years ago today in France!
Weltansicht comments on Jun 6, 2022:
I made a meme last year and got in trouble on FB for posting it. It was sad that I could not be specific about the atrocities committed & by whom, but I remember. I can remember and not forget of who & what it was against. I thanked them all for their service and sacrifices, their blessings given to us, have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. I still fly my American flag because of them.
Do you agree?
Weltansicht comments on Jun 6, 2022:
Yes, cannon fodder, or human resources, either euphemism for exploitation, like useful idiots. Wonder how long it will be before they are deemed expendable post-fetuses by the overlords.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 6, 2022:
sadly reminds me of last year demostupidity
'We Gave Up Our Guns And It Turned Out Fine For Us,' Says Australian Man Who Couldn't Leave His ...
Weltansicht comments on Jun 6, 2022:
He will be doing real fine and 'be real happy' when they throw him under the globalist marxist bus & take 'his' house too!
When do get rid of these charlatans?
Weltansicht comments on Jun 6, 2022:
reminds me of the posters of a hundred years or so ago....
Here We Go, There’s a Devil Loose, and the Devil Is a Lie: NFL’s First Transgender Cheerleader ...
Weltansicht comments on Jun 6, 2022:
No. They don't *Have to See a Man Dancing as a Cheerleader* in that sense of the cheerleader word usage. They, the children, may not want to watch the football game anymore because they too are tired being virtue signaled and have quit watching things like that, that involve such '*trans-literal*' drama projection, like the last movie of *Harry Potter*, for example. There's always been male cheerleaders assisting the ladies, and I remember seeing some where the guy was holding the gal above his head on his hand and she was balanced in his hand on her crotch, so......sounds like an attempt at demoralizing resistance under the cover of a anti-religious hitpiece, using the shame blame projection that YOU are a failure to all that you believe in, even *the nation* and *Now Our Children Have to See....* very narcissistic victimization of people and then blaming them for it. It takes balls to be a male cheerleader, both figuratively and literally. Being a male cheerleader requires incredible strength, endurance, and most notably the guts to defy the patriarchy by partaking in something seen as 'emasculating.'
Display that virtue signal if you know what's good for you!
Weltansicht comments on Jun 5, 2022:
go woke go broke like the rest of the American Business Roundtable protege companies
Iconic Canadian artist Christopher Pratt, whose work echoed the isolation and loneliness of Alex ...
Weltansicht comments on Jun 5, 2022:
we need a sad face emoji here
Can You Drive a Car on Moonshine? | MythBusters (4:45) []
Weltansicht comments on Jun 5, 2022:
the ethanol will clean the crud build up in the fuel lines and that was why it chugged a bit on the first 2 cars; ultimately ethanol will get the sludge out of your tank if used long enough BUT will also clog your fuel filter and eat your gaskets for the older cars and clog your fuel pump for a needed replacement, I know, I have several older vehicles and will not use it, as they have/had it blended in fuels of today's gas pump stations, it will, maybe by design, take out the older classic cars, which is why I use premium. I have also looked into using gasifers for vehicles and generators, as I am surrounded by forest woods.
Anyone get this feeling?
Weltansicht comments on Jun 4, 2022:
Oh yes! had this meme around January or February 2021
Now that ruins my childhood. 😆
Weltansicht comments on Jun 4, 2022:
AAACCCKKKK!!!!! reminds me of Mr. Whipple
Hot of the press.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 4, 2022:
~~ the *Right* of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed ~~ does not require the permission of any robed clowns or antiAmerican politic hucking shysters they may argue disingenuously about who said "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." but to take a quote out of context of one of those people "What difference, at this point, does it make?" At this point ~ PLENTY!!!! The *Right* of the people to be secure. Especially when the ass clowns of the Donkey Cavity Party and their Socialist Marxists surrogate entourages are all for defunding the police, and fully espouse dereliction of duty upholding the existing laws.
Ketanji Brown Jackson seen applauding New Zealand's 'assault' weapons ban at Harvard commencement
Weltansicht comments on Jun 4, 2022:
She has obvious dissociative identity disorder and a personality crisis of Affirmative Action entitlement and cultural appropriation. We may have to exercise our 9th Amendment rights to define what 'good Behaviour' is, consider she/it could not or would not identify what a woman is (despite having 2 daughters reportedly), during apparent subterfuge answering to a simply question. It is also very interesting to watch/read the leftist narrative of the MSM *Marxist State Media* walk a tightrope over the 1st Black woman to hold the office and trying to keep it all non-gender inclusive by official government sources.
My FB post 5 years ago.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 4, 2022:
I remember that and ASSorted memes on it lol From Trump, Hillary, & climate change being Greta's fault HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA
Biden's build back better may work, but not in the way you might think.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 3, 2022:
I kinda remember a small town bank in Germany that no one heard of before, going broke and caused a cascade failure of the entire system. I remember Jim Kramer talking about it on CNBC in 2007 or 2008....moral of the story is that the global interface is a house of cards, based upon debt slavery, built upon a volatile quicksand of marketization. Basically, robbing the future to pay for the present, no equity build up because it is all refinanced. Biden didn't do it, he's the fall guy to get blamed. The real culprits are the Business Roundtable and their authoritarian voice on effective 'human resource' management through their self prescribed 'Principles of Corporate Governance.'
Well This Is Fcking Terrifying - YouTube
Weltansicht comments on Jun 3, 2022:
Alibaba ~ Jack Ma???? thought he was missing and his village was looking for him, and him missing his 13th booster brought his entire village to shame and lowered the collective score and now they receive less rations from the CCP and sell more of their girl babies to the sex trade tong
A disarmed America would be ripe for the Reset. No ifs and buts about it.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 3, 2022:
I don't think disarming will happen, the globalists moved too soon from greed for absolute power. I think that if everywhere else falls to communism/globalism and America is left standing, freedom loving peoples will be coming here in droves. Its not like the current open border crisis is going to stop them, is it? We also just received a shipment of 400 million rounds from Russia, despite the MSM (Marxist State Media) says Russia is losing war in Ukraine and running out of logistic supplies; completely regardless of anyone's stance of the gay support for anti-gay Ukraine or villainous Russia that allegedly has no right to invade to protect itself over a piece of real estate that has had Treaty of Paris accommodations since the 1800s to resolve the issues at play with the globalists agendas.
Obesity, the easy, drug free way to transition your children
Weltansicht comments on Jun 3, 2022:
reminds me of those kids that had DARE school buttons/badges that said they were drug free ~ yet they were all on Ritalin
Weltansicht comments on Jun 3, 2022:
The traveling officer from jurisdiction to jurisdiction happened a lot when I lived in illinois. I can think of all sorts of evil that undercover officers did in the performance of their duty with impunity, as well the ones in uniform on or off duty, and in civilian clothes off duty. Something like half the people on death row were there by deliberate dereliction of police performances. (and I mean performances with heavy pun sarcasm) *within the limits of the laws all other citizens are required to obey* can easily be proven when you are driving down the highway doing the speed limit and get passed by a police car and looks at you and then pulls you over; or just getting passed at a high rate of speed and its not with emergency flashing lights on
The tolerance of an abusive parent...
Weltansicht comments on Jun 3, 2022:
hmmmmm sounds a lot like describing my neighbors to a tee, only missing 'love mom or kids & apple pie or pecan pie', marijuana & moonshine ~~~ and usually we say 'redneck inbred cannibal hillbillies' RICH people and Californians are the new yankee carpet baggers HAHAHAHHAHHAAAAAAA
I knew it!
Weltansicht comments on Jun 3, 2022:
AACCCKKKK!!! Makes me think of the response of Animal House at the picture of a loser lol
We need connected parenting
Weltansicht comments on Jun 2, 2022:
you get 'food' for their gods
What happened outside Robb Elementary School?[]
Weltansicht comments on Jun 2, 2022:
seems to be a lot of different versions about it from the MSM (Marxist State Media) ~~ somewhat like Epstein cameras going dysfunctional.......and no cell phone footage.....just the previews by the perpetrator on social media.......hmmmmm for 'heightened' maximum psyche damage?
If you bluff, you run the risk of being raised.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 2, 2022:
I thought it was over with Sloppy Daniels & Trump. But it has been non-stop all along from Hillary/Russian collusion to Stacey Abrams to Affirmative Action appointee Ketanji Brown Jackson saying she can't define a woman because she's not a biologist; to the constant diatribes of racism and other political hacks like petulant Nina Jankowicz. Not to mention Rachel Levine and a whole slough of other trans-males to she-males. Or Fauci, Gates, Epstein, on & on....
The Revolver knows a good nickname for our illustrious president when it sees one!
Weltansicht comments on Jun 2, 2022:
at least it was not Breaking Wind
VAŽNO Mislav Kolakušić: BlackRock i Vanguard - korporacije koje upravljaju zapadnim svijetom...
Weltansicht comments on Jun 2, 2022:
Thanks for sharing and posting
Donald Trump, Queen Elizabeth, and Vladimir Putin all die and go to Hell.
Weltansicht comments on Jun 2, 2022:
Its had me wondering...
Weltansicht comments on Jun 1, 2022:
looks like she/it was getting ready to inhale the guy in the hooded jacket; the she/male in the back standing/smiling is just a waiting with its spouse for that pachygerm to finish swimming through the colored folks in the way
This is Why The Devil Hates The Jews | Tom Hughes with Olivier Melnick (29:17) Is God chastising...
Weltansicht comments on May 30, 2022: rabbi went off on a tangent from canadian prepper & a thousand days left.... let me get back to you on this's been a very long day amongst other problems in my personal realm...... but off hand, all I can tell you about is the Devil's Bris....
Are you willing to fight the fight that actually matters?[]
Weltansicht comments on May 30, 2022:
I remember ANTIFA saying "heads up rural America, you're next" and were they ever surprised by the diversity resistance they met in Hardy Arkansas & Eminence Missouri..... So....YES !!!! and many of my friends are too! We will fight to protect ours from the 'coming for your children' onslaught and the 'there's nothing you can do' mantra.....dream on moonpies dream on....
Republicans are being called the party of dead children because of the 2nd Amendment.
Weltansicht comments on May 30, 2022:
The liberal socialist democratic marxist only operates from 5 basic tenets to get what they want: Emotionalism, shaming, projection, labeling, and attempts at shock & flabbergasting you; all along with gaslighting, specious reasoning & fallacies, sanctimoniousness, plausible truth manipulation ALL with intentions of trying to get you to question your own reality.
Three Volleys and Taps for Memorial Day [youtube.
Weltansicht comments on May 30, 2022:
The public discourse on mass shootings has fallen into a predictable narratives.
Weltansicht comments on May 30, 2022:
Give it time. You have to cull the herd and they are doing that themselves willingly. They preach Darwin & theory of evolution via CRT ~ but in predictable course of events, they ignore, as usual, the other dynamics as in natural selection.
If the police have no duty to protect citizens, what exactly is their function?
Weltansicht comments on May 30, 2022:
Somewhat a Sword of Damocles. I was thinking of the "To Protect and Serve" slogan before I went to comments. Given all the corrupt crooked police convictions and protected criminal enterprises know and the unknown, it is extremely hard on the honest ones especially when having the guidelines of the fraternity of police organizations and some having to look the other way. It would seem "To Protect *you from yourself* and Serve *you warrants for your arrest* can be attributed to get tough crime bills including Clinton's Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act ~ 2 years after Rodney King ~ which by the way, the US Senate version was by Joe Biden. Bill Clinton was going to put a policeman on every corner. The feds paid for it for a few years, then after Bubba Bill was re-elected it was left to the local governments to raise taxes to pay for them. According to the Wiki entry: "During the 1992 presidential campaign, Bill Clinton sought to reposition the Democratic Party, which had previously been attacked as "soft on crime," as an advocate for "get-tough" policing strategies as well as investing in community policing. Federal funding for additional police and community policing were both priorities of the Democratic Leadership Council, of which Clinton was a member. In an announcement that the New York Times described as "a page from the Republican playbook," Clinton said on July 23,1992: "We cannot take our country back until we take our neighborhoods back. Four years ago this crime issue was used to divide America. I want to use it to unite America. I want to be tough on crime and good for civil rights. You can't have civil justice without order and safety." Lots of places have various testing procedures for police hiring, including basic fundamentals like reading, writing, agility tests, and so on. Many have psychological tests and extensive interviews and evaluations. An attack on one is an attack on all. If one is bad, THEY ALL have the potential to be just as bad. Seems to me that the Democrats are back to their old shenanigans of lax on crime enforcement to achieve a power vacuum and totalitarian control of all, while complaining vociferously about that control. Plenty of dismissed charges against violent perpetrators of Antifa, BLM, CHAZ, all around the country courtrooms.....scofflaws and enabling miscreant reprehensible behavior is another indicator, not to mention the southern border. If you allow people entry by breaking your own laws, what makes you think they will be law abiding on your other laws?
Is the Monkeypox vaccine safe?[]
Weltansicht comments on May 30, 2022:
Criminal organizations with criminal histories of perjury obfuscation suppression of clinical trial results and's safe
Cartoon writers for a children show gets it, children actually understand this []
Weltansicht comments on May 29, 2022:
no wonder my kids turned out to be great kids ~ pika pika
Weltansicht comments on May 28, 2022:
I wonder if I can be a genius and steal part of the sign for Arkansas HAHAHAHAAAAA
Weltansicht comments on May 28, 2022:
I thought, publicly that both Prez & VP including family were housed at the White House, since when Carter was president, the Cold War tensions AND Iran mujahadeen fears were the reasoning explanation that I remember.
It's all I want...
Weltansicht comments on May 28, 2022:
a proctologist lost his camera
We wanted back to normal
Weltansicht comments on May 28, 2022:
maybe there never really was normal
On the cops taking their time as kids were being shot at in Uvalde.
Weltansicht comments on May 27, 2022:
Considering its been 10 years since the Sandy Hook incident, and all those prepatory laws of security & safety for the children including making schools everywhere 'gun-free zones'....where was the security, the doors locked, any guards, what efforts were ever made in the last few years following other school shootings for protection & safety? Perhaps the school board and bureaucrats need to be charged as accessories & accomplices to murder
Australian eSafety commissioner Julie Inman Grant tells the World Economic Forum we need a ...
Weltansicht comments on May 24, 2022:
my 'freedom of spreech' and freedom to be free from online violence "and you know" includes verbal assaults from politicians and in America we have the right to say *NO* and do not recognize your sovereignty of your Forum or assumed sanctimony insolence & hegemony
Bored of the supposed monkeypox crisis already?
Weltansicht comments on May 24, 2022:
not me. monkey porn is free. idiot trolls to vanquish. the bar is open. hearing protection from the fingernail on the chalkboard RREEEEEEEE inserted. life is good.
He's asking the question. Anybody wants to hazard an answer?
Weltansicht comments on May 23, 2022:
Depends what area of the world you are looking at. In America, I would say the Business Roundtable. I seem to recall somewhere there was a map that the globalists had governance of the world broken down into various economic sectors, maybe it was 6. Like there were 3 types of globalization in the processes. The EU obviously is another. I think the African Union that Libya/Khadafi was trying to organize was anathema to the WTO. I think Saddam Hussein/Iraq was going to do the same with the Arab World and a cultural hegemony. He was built up by the West (USA) to be a thorn in the side of Iran, and became the 4th largest military in the world at that time, and all combat hardened from the long war with Iran.
How to Make and Use Fruit Powders | Dehydrating Blueberries | The Purposeful Pantry []
Weltansicht comments on May 23, 2022:
very cool !!! thank you very much !!!! I will add to my very heavily shadow banned & censored viewing list
Weird how she mentioned Jews first.
Weltansicht comments on May 23, 2022:
in that same spiel rant, she said to defund Israel about the killing of a journalist [if Shakespeare was around today it may very well be journalist instead of all lawyers ;-) ] so...its all right to kill innocent babies & defenseless life BUT its not o.k. to kill a US-*Palestinian* (which explains her comforting herself body language) According to Reporters Without Borders, 35 journalists have been killed in Israel since 2000. The *Doha Centre for Media Freedom* has documented 110 professional or citizen journalists who have died during the Syrian Civil War. The *Syrian Journalists' Association* has documented 153 journalists killed since the uprising and throughout the civil war. I wonder if she would like to share some of that outrage from her previous posts about it. Otherwise, she is just a melodramatic drama queen; a condescending, sanctimonious ultracrepidarian and a throttlebottom ~ inept and futile person in public office.
Pelosi barred from receiving Holy Communion over abortion support (3:31) []
Weltansicht comments on May 22, 2022:
Que sera sera. Maybe the Pope warned her and she didn't listen.
Rudy Giuliani was applauded by fellow New Yorkers today when he went after a heckler as he marched ...
Weltansicht comments on May 22, 2022:
New York courts have been getting *increasingly* anti-Israel on all levels, mostly by self hating Jewish socialist democrats. I got nothing against legitimate prosecution against Mafia types like Meyer Lansky or Russian or Ukrainian crime bosses. Lansky is also the only Jew I have ever heard being denied the Right of Return to Israel & citizenship.
How religious are you???
Weltansicht comments on May 22, 2022:
Morris the Cat fan club?
Richard Medhurst @richimedhurst BREAKING: A colonel in Iran's IRGC, Hassan Sayad Khodayari has ...
Weltansicht comments on May 22, 2022:
I think Mr. Medhurst is Syrian. I think he tries for journalistic integrity, but....he has to be very careful, where he is at.
Map of gay marriage and a map of monkeypox outbreak (in red)
Weltansicht comments on May 22, 2022:
Monkey see, monkey do.....maybe they haven't learned they are *evolved* ~ trust the science
Every morning, the Devil wakes up looking to make trouble.
Weltansicht comments on May 22, 2022:
I wonder if they realize there is a wall around Heaven, and a gate? Where illegal immigration IS frowned upon with 'deadly' force. LOL
Stay focused…
Weltansicht comments on May 22, 2022:
In America, they voted to send $40 billion to Ukraine and 2 hours later voted not to spend $48 billion on US small businesses impacted by COVID mandate restrictions
Looks like propaganda machine might go apeshit again, just in time for WHO for world government take...
Weltansicht comments on May 19, 2022:
poor Marlin Perkins & Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom will never get rebooted now
A blow to the leftist BDS movement from the world’s fourth largest economy.
Weltansicht comments on May 18, 2022:
maybe I will get to drink another Heineken someday....lots of products I have boycotted since BDS 2005 yet all those boycotters use israeli technology with impunity & nonchalance
Joe Biden’s Truth Czar quits post after non-stop assault on the Orwellian-like Ministry of Truth.
Weltansicht comments on May 18, 2022:
I had seen it on Mark Dice FB post but was not sure if it was a satire. Thank you for posting and sharing.
Jordan Peterson took a beating on social media this week after declaring that an overweight model on...
Weltansicht comments on May 18, 2022:
Well, to each his own. She looks a lot more healthier than the anorexic walking skeletons that they were shaming everyone with for years, AND causing identity crisis consciousness in impressionable young women who could not achieve their portrayed standards, with some killing themselves by starvation & other forms of suicide. Maybe it was a reverse form of population control, looking at in hindsight and what I know about the manipulators here & now.
When you find out your mom is so useless she can't even do an abortion right.
Weltansicht comments on May 16, 2022:
explains the generation that will rise up and put their parents to death with no guilt
Smile. 😆
Weltansicht comments on May 16, 2022:
I am a guessing he got arrested and will be a 'celly' to Mustafa with a jailhouse wedding ceremony & vows
Seems legit 😎
Weltansicht comments on May 16, 2022:
the usual 'do as I say'
They say Afghanistan is the graveyard of Empires.
Weltansicht comments on May 16, 2022:
Maybe Afghanistan was the end of Alexander the Great's empire too.
Democrat Congressman Reveals Everything | End Times Productions (6:30) This democrat ...
Weltansicht comments on May 15, 2022:
I remember. He got whacked when he was aboard the Korean flight that got shot down by the Soviet Union. There was someone else 'contraversial' aboard that plane too, but I don't remember off hand.
Weltansicht comments on May 15, 2022:
I've dealt with misinformed morons like she/it before. Let's take Vietnam for starters. The same goes for China ect. She/it is obviously anti-white racist bigot and she/it is being the exploiter. @human_leech seems quite appropriate. Thus you can see why I am still banned on Twatter.
Why Russia Isn't Shooting Down US Aircraft Helping Ukraine | Covert Cabal (9:57) []
Weltansicht comments on May 14, 2022:
are there any US military planes above that war zone?
you still don`t need Netflix []
Weltansicht comments on May 14, 2022:
when they raised their rates on subscription and limited their selection, well......their woke agenda was 2nd class lol
17,000 Anti-Fearmongering Scientists Say, ‘ENOUGH!’ IMAGINE! 17,000 Physicians and Medical ...
Weltansicht comments on May 14, 2022:
Sucharit Bkahdi is a good one too! If Dr. Malone DID NOT INVENT mRNA gene splicing, who did? Because Fact-cuckers would be broadcasting that FACT.
Don`t go to the movies []
Weltansicht comments on May 14, 2022:
hmmm dunno....I am not a box office viewer anymore.....the last time I was in a movie theater was in Merritt Island and it was Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Male feminists are the sorriest creatures.
Weltansicht comments on May 14, 2022:
I am still trying to process & comprehend the misogynistic transhumanists transfluids all for womyn & womxn rights YET denying it all, embracing 'the birthing meatbag' concepts and the cognitive dissonance & de-humanizing radicalizations of themselves, the social justice weirdos & namby-bambies. An example would be the sport event competitions, its just biologically a man telling the woman that he/she/it can do it better than the actual female, and when it becomes scientifically medically possible, they will tell the feminazi that the he/she/it can give birth better too.
Weltansicht comments on May 14, 2022:
Decades ago, at the University of illinois - Champaign Urbana campus, the Chinese students said that they were afraid to speak freely because the eyes of the Party were there. Same goes for the Palestinians & Fatah, lots of gas station businesses, food marts....all money laundering and intelligence operatives, just passing back home news clippings and observations (back then).
Yeah, I won’t miss Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki, but her angry dust ups with Peter Doocy were ...
Weltansicht comments on May 14, 2022:
Thank you for sharing/posting. I don't keep track of the drama to much. At least it was professional courteousness, and somewhat reminiscent of pre-Trump days, when for example Obama got voted in, there was not this mass 'he's not the president' spiel beyond the birth certificate Kenya thing. Good for them, if they can melt some ice cubes at the end of the day and laugh at each other's escapades and unmitigated gall. Kind of like lawyers, they may hate each other in court but they are still in the same sociable politeness circles. Unlike the progenitors of 'woke' progressives who are walking dead asleep while virtue signaling their hypocrisy.
Hunter!? You awake??!!
Weltansicht comments on May 13, 2022:
uh Joe....they were playing the hokey pokey
Weltansicht comments on May 13, 2022:
so true so true
Woke PROTESTS At PELOSI’S HOUSE As Leftist CIVIL WAR Erupts [youtube.
Weltansicht comments on May 11, 2022:
It was fine when it was in your neighborhood, but wasn't fine when in the comprehensive collective's cul de sac. I am afraid that we who have learned from history, will have to sit back and let the educated idiots learn and re-live it. :-(
What do we know about COVID so far?
Weltansicht comments on May 11, 2022:
all I can think of is Bourla explaining why he was not vaccinated, yet addressing vaccine hesitancy and telling everyone 'to trust science'.....there were 2 or 3 red flags right there for me
The Finnish president is very clear here.
Weltansicht comments on May 11, 2022:
Not sure if I am a Russian aggression supporter but if I am it is because they are aggressively standing against the New World Order and the entire transhumanism agenda being promulgated. Not to mention all the human trafficking, body parts harvesting, money laundering, and G-D knows what else. For all I know it is a fifth column; I can't tell because my RT America news channel has been terminated by the left, or the very fascist anti-fascists. Who ceded Finland to Russia in the war of 1809? And before that, back to the Vikings? As for answering your question, I would love to, but I feel the voices of the past should get to speak first. Such as the US running over the Philippine Islands after helping them become a free republic from the Spanish Empire. If that is too far back, how about Prussia. Or the US Manifest Destiny and halving Mexico. Or more recent stuff, like Iraq and weapons of mass destruction, a former ally that was built up to being the 4th most powerful military at the time, to be a thorn in the side of Iran; and the casualities of human waves....don't forget, who tried to give the iraqi people a flag of blue & white after it was 'liberated', whose idea was that? What about Libya, going on their own with a gold standard economy and trying to create a pan-african union? Or Central America? I am not a communist, but I can understand them. i also understand the islamic motive against the world trade center and not wanting to be globalized. When the world trade organization met in seattle years ago, the protesters against it were labeled by the MSM as anti-globalization forces. I feel for the Finns & their right to sovereignty. I feel for the innocent of the Ukraine as well. But all those leaders from time immemorial till now should have followed through with just one peace treaty brokered honestly. Its been going on before the Treaty of Paris 1856.
Analysis? Hi rez: [] []
Weltansicht comments on May 11, 2022:
the apogee of an extinction level event before the cardiac arrest and it goes flatline
Double Standards is M.O. of the western nations and their globalist handlers.
Weltansicht comments on May 11, 2022:
yes, if there were some bio-labs on those little French held islands between Newfoundland & Nova Scotia, the West would be screaming this is intolerable, an outrage, insolence, provocateur of war.


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