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I thought it was a good debate.
Good performance on both sides.
Your thoughts?

Do you think tonight's debate was good or bad?

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TheMiddleWay 8 Oct 22

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I think Trump did well and Biden stumbled several times.


Liberal-tarians are Republicans that like to smoke dope.


Better moderated than the first one.
But they were missing Jo Jorgensen. She is on the ballot in all 50 states. []

@TheMiddleWay I guess each forum sets their criteria.
The "Committee for American Debate" would like to host a debate which includes her.
I am hoping she gets over 5% of the vote from people who don't like the dominant parties or candidates.
All my life people I know have been voting for "the lesser o two evils" and we seem to have gotten a lot of corruption.


@TheMiddleWay Trump is an odd wildcard. He is something else; accepted by some republicans.

Libertarians vary widely, but they do seem to share the idea to reducing the federal government to its constitutional role, getting the government out of the bedroom, long list.
The Republicans do not in action show that they follow the values they claim and neither to the Democrats. Seems like all they want to do is grow the power of the state. No freedom.
I left the USA and now can live how I want. It does make me sad though because there were some great aspects of the USA, in addition to problems of course.
I don't agree with everything in the libertarian platform, but I like it better than corruption and centralization of power.

@TheMiddleWay Yeah. They aren't perfect. But trust me libertarians vary widely.
My views are definitely not even close to "Republican lite". Almost all my friends will be voting or Biden, and I lost some of them by saying I would not be. They say if I don't vote for Biden, then I am voting for Trump, which is bullshit. My vote counts more if it isn't for a main party because it is clear I am saying "no" to them. Yes I do care. No, I will not vote for evil.
I do like that Trump is shaking things up. My friends who have been complicit in the system are at least paying some attention. They haven't really cared before because they are fat and happy. I do hope all the extremists leave guns out of this. A US civil war would not be pretty and I don't think anyone would win.
I haven't voted or a Republican or Democrat for president ever. I disagree with the entire existence of the anti-American state which has evolved. I would not let my disagreement on a couple issues keep me from voting libertarian. When I go into town, I do wear a mask, mainly to keep people away from me. But I only go into town every three weeks or so.
The truth is, that I likely won't be able to vote. I live in Mexico and my ballot hasn't arrived. My friend's did and helped her pay $25 to express mail it to the USA.
Anyway, thanks for the civil thoughts. I will read any response you have, but can't spend a lot of time writing on politics. Gotta go check on my new chickens! Yay!


A lot easier for spontaneous translators on a broadcast elsewhere in the world than the last one. Lol


Oh, yeas, nice, controlled and pablum....

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