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With a DOJ like this this, who needs defense lawyers?

Biden's DOJ recommends lesser sentence for arsonist who killed a man because he lit the blaze for Black Lives Matter

"Mr. Lee was terribly misguided, and his actions had tragic, unthinkable consequences. But he appears to have believed that he was, in Dr. King’s eloquent words, engaging in 'the language of the unheard.'"

While sentencing guidelines indicated that Lee should be incarcerated for over 200 months, a memo from the US Attorney's office for the District of Minnesota at the time of sentencing recommended a lesser sentence. The US Attorney stated that while "Mr. Lee committed a crime that cost a man his life," HIS MOTIVES for setting the blaze should be taken into consideration at sentencing.
"Mr. Lee’s motive for setting the fire is a foremost issue," the US Attorney's office wrote….


Garsco 8 Jan 26

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"That's okay, Judge, the defendant was doing the bidding of the state."


We should all be afraid of the Democrats.

There's only one person on the Earth that I'm afraid of, and he's typing this.

@FuzzyMarineVet Are you a Marine?

@ScottforKing I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on 10 August, 1975 and entered Boot Camp on 30 June, 1976. I have seen the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean and set over the South China Sea. I toured the world on Uncle Sam's dime and saw the parts that tourists never see. I fired expert with the M 16A1 four times and was discharged in 1979. Were it not for a change in weight standards I would have stayed in so long as I were allowed. It was the greatest time of my life, and I thank you and all Americans for letting me serve.

@FuzzyMarineVet Then I understand just how dangerous a man you can be. But I realize just how much more dangerous a weak man can be. I would rather spend time with you.

@ScottforKing I welcome your company if you are disciplined enough to not resort to unnecessary violence.

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