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What does Liberty look like in a photograph? Like this. An Italian photographer got the "bug" to photograph Americans with their gun collections, because, apparently, we are an anomaly in the world. Then he published his photographs, and while most are striking, many are outstanding and in a class by themselves

I've seen some posts from "liberals" and anti-gunners who characterize this collection of photographs as illustrative of how horrible & horrifying America is — and gun owning Americans are. I take precisely the opposite view: this is a thing of beauty, showing Americans who are prepared not only to defend their own rights but (in most cases) the rights of others..

Some of the photos go beyond "outstanding" to inspiring. Among his subjects, the photographer photographed black men and women who don't just own "a gun," but a collection. This is in a country where blacks were once owned as slaves and prohibited by law from owning guns. If anyone ever tries to trip you up in a discussion of equality/inequality, this should probably be one of the first points that gets highlighted: the eligibility to own a gun isn't determined by skin color, sex, age, or creed. Under the Constitution, all American citizens are guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms. Guard the Second Amendment, because it's the one that guards all the others.

This article from Guns (dot com) has a small sample of the photographs, but you can find more with a little googling, or in Facebook posts made by those who try to claim that inanimate objects cause violence.

"New Book about American Gun Owners"
By Ben Phillippi • 5/27/2021

"All of the people that I photographed are actually really cool, and really good people," he said. "I was dealing with normal people who had a passion for guns. That’s what I saw, so that’s what I photographed."
If Galimberti had to choose one photo from his book as his favorite, it would be the photo he took of Black Rambo by his pool holding two flamethrowers surrounded by his guns, family, and friends. It's a pretty great photo.
Galimberti promised all the people that he photographed in his book that his work would never be used pro or against guns. "I sort of want to be in the middle and say this is what I saw. I took a portrait of this phenomenon that you have in the U.S.," he said. The book also includes information about the Second Amendment and statistics about gun ownership in the U.S. The project also gave Galimberti a chance to shoot some guns.
... "I have to say, it was fun," he said.


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I like their carpets and wall decors.


My husband was a gun collector and an avid hunter and marksman. Most of his were memories… his first gift from his dad as a teenager, first kill of a deer, his first duck hunt, etc etc. They were all passed on to his surviving sons when he left this earth. They are as important to them as it was to him.


Some of those pictures will scare the bejeebers out of the likes of Nancy Pelosi and AOC!


Those photos serve as a warning to would-be attackers.

Obviously that doesn't work as intended


If at the core of your soul you are a STEM person (i.e., you like gadgets) when you take apart a gadget, a complex one, you are awestruck at how the little parts interact. Go buy a cheap real watch (not some electronic crappola, one with gears and mainspring) and take it apart. Mind, you will never get it back together -- hence, the "cheap" bit. But, look at how the parts interact.
Do the same with a car, it is amazingly complex -- even without all of the environmental crappola stuck on by politicos 'cause their relatives invested in those companies.
A gun is the same, but, unlike a car, does not require a garage. Remember, those parts interact faster than you can see -- and they don't blow up.
Many folk who collect things like this do so because they are amazed by the ingenuity of gadgets like that. They are jealous that they cannot do the same. So, they collect and admire.
Guns have the added advantage of protecting you when the coppers can't/won't show up when needed.

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