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Apparently, this is the new trend. Tina Peters is refusing to concede after losing her efforts to secure the GOP nomination for secretary of state in Colorado. "She says the numbers are flipped and the results are fraudulent." She got 26% of the vote compared to the winner's 44%.


TyKC 7 June 29

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Let me see, Colorado is the destination for the California leftists who fled the state in the 1980s and '90s tuning the state of Colorado blue. Then the voting machine and vote counting debacles of California turn up in Colorado. Is there any way for an accurate vote count in that state going forward? I have no idea who really won that primary, and I never will.

This has nothing to do with Leftists. It is Right Wing Republicans running against each other.

The only way to know we got an accurate vote count was for Tina powers to win. She did not win, thus we know for a fact it wasn't an accurate vote count.

You can use the same logic everywhere Trump won, accurate, and Trump lost, inaccurate.

@JacksonNought It's the RINO who may give the Democrats a run for their money vs the populist whom the Democrats have been propping up via donations. Don't ever think that the Democrats don't meddle in Republican primaries.

@JacksonNought, @NewbieMAGA I live in North Carolina where Trump carried the state. I still doubt the vote count was accurate because the people who voted in person should have outnumbered the mail-in ballots, but it was about equal. Were it not for the deployed military voters casting their ballots for Trump in such numbers that it was impossible to throw away enough of them to give the state to Buy-den it could have gone the other way.

@FuzzyMarineVet perhaps all the Republican representatives who won in 2020 should resign as we can't be sure they really won?

@JacksonNought I agree, and all the Democrats along with them. There are only two problems in American politics, Democrat and Republicans. I'll gladly give up McConnell and McCarthy for you dropping Schumer and Pelosi.

@FuzzyMarineVet and consider there is those that check Republican on their voter registration, but are devout Democrats. They only claim to be Republican or conservative on paperwork to skew poll results and other related subversive activities. We used to call these scumbags paper Republicans.

@HerrDarkAgain Of course, GOP voters would never do such a thing.

@TyKC Republicans have the disadvantage of punishing their fellow Republicans who do unethical things. Unlike someone else we know who rewards them.

@TyKC they don't have to

@FuzzyMarineVet So, let me get this straight. The Democrats reward republicans for doing unethical things? Who's the "someone else?"

@TyKC Yes, just as they reward their fellow Democrats for acting against accepted ethics in pursuit of power.

@FuzzyMarineVet Like what?

@TyKC Off the top of my head, Kamala Harris opened a fundraiser to bail out people arrested for rioting while running for the Democrat presidential nomination and they made her the VP candidate. It may be legal, but fundraising to bail out people arrested for burning and looting her constituents businesses is not in any sense ethical..

@FuzzyMarineVet First of all, you are convicting people before they are tried. There is nothing unethical about providing bail or even council for people who can't afford those things. The Trump Campaign provided funds to defend the Jan 6th rioters. They've provided funds to pay for lawyers for people who testified before the Jan 6th Committee. The only problem is that they are using funds fraudulently obtained by telling people the money would be used to pay for election reform in the U.S. Now that's unethical.

@TyKC I didn't say it was illegal, so trials and convictions are a straw argument that is utterly irrelevant to the question. I did say it is unethical, and that's where you are party blind.

@FuzzyMarineVet Who said anything about trials and convictions? You simply said that it is unethical to provide bail or council to people who supposedly looted and rioted. But that is their constitutional right just like anybody else. People pay for accused person's bail and council all the time. There is nothing ethically wrong with that.

@TyKC You did, "First of all, you are convicting people before they are tried."

@FuzzyMarineVet I said that was your view. I didn't say anything about actual trials and convictions. Your view is that it is unethical for anyone arrested to have their bail or council paid for by others. This denies them basic rights that all people are supposed to have. By denying them that right, you are presuming guilt and because of that guilt no ethical person should pay their bail or council.

@TyKC Another straw man argument. My view is that it is unethical for a political candidate to actively support people on video attacking her constituents.

@FuzzyMarineVet She isn't supporting them attacking her constituents. She's supporting their Constitutional rights.

@TyKC Yeah, right.

@FuzzyMarineVet So, I assume you think it's unethical for Trump to pay for lawyers and bail for the Jan 6 rioters and those speaking to the Jan 6th committee.

@TyKC None of those people that are serving pretrial detention for the Jan 6 riot burned down businesses nor looted businesses owned by Trump's constituents. So far only one person who broke a window has been arrested and tried. He got time and a fine. Trump did not pay for his lawyer nor his bail. Can you name anyone who was bailed out by Trump or an organization sponsored by Trump? No you cannot. Another straw man.

@FuzzyMarineVet []

@FuzzyMarineVet This has nothing to do with the crimes the BLM protestors are supposedly accused of, or the crimes that the Jan 6th protestors are accused of. The issue here is whether or not it is unethical to pay legal fees for those people. It's not. People do that all the time. Trump is paying for the lawyers of those involved in the Jan 6th. planning. That's not illegal or unethical. Granted, there could be skullduggery if the lawyers involved do not comply with the oath they took when they became lawyers. But beyond that, there is nothing unethical about it.

@TyKC Can you find a more reliable source than NYT?

@TyKC You mean your issue, which is not the one I raised, is the the ethics of giving each accused a fair trial. The issue I raised, which you consistently refuse to address, is the ethics of providing material support to terrorist who destroy your constituents' property. Hence, your arguments are a total straw man since they dodge the issue I raised.

@FuzzyMarineVet Yes, what would you prefer? The source in this case is irrelevant. Trump and his organization could deny it. They Haven't.

@FuzzyMarineVet They are not terrorist who destroy property until they are convicted. You can't expect a politician or anyone else to prejudge the outcome of a trial. And you continue to dodge the issue I raised, which is prejudging people before they are tried. You've presumed guilt. The only way that paying someone's bail would be unethical is by a presumption of guilt. That's not the way our legal system or even our ethical values work. You are proposing ethical norms that are Unamerican.


Not a good trend. IMHO Trump should have conceded and then investigated the voter fraud. He would have come off as a better man instead of a toddler having a temper tantrum. I voted for Don because I could not vote for Joe in good conscious. Don's policies where for the most part sound. His behavior on the other hand was not that of a gentleman statesman but that of a spoiled rich kid.

He likes to Rochambeau the Democrats, it drives them crazy, and they kept falling for it.


This is getting out of hand.

What do you mean? If a federal election was stolen, why not this one?

Besides, Trump telling us to look out for this kind of fraud and he's the one we should be listening to and when we find it, such as when we lost, we have to fight it


Yeaup. All y'all who keep supporting trump can go to hell for the shit youput my country in !!!!!

Fun Fact, Black unemployment was at a historical low during Trump's presidency. The more you know!

I'm long retired. Dont give a shit bout Black unemploymnet!!!.

People with trump flags using the American flag to attack polic at the capitl; that I care about!!!!

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