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Want to get your thoughts on the coin Charity voting page. We were probably too ambitious with it and are considering turning it off and start writing checks. Since many of the dollar amounts are fairly small, I'd like to consider the amounts to be considered votes and for us to come up with the 2-3 charities that best reflect the distribution of votes.

Can you give me a list of candidate charities to donate to and I'll create a follow up post. You can see the amounts here: []

Admin 8 Apr 30

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Could we give to international charities? Many of us in here are not based in the US, and so it would feel a bit unfair to have it given only to US ones... Someone mentioned against human traficking... It could be about education and literacy (something relevant to this group, I think...)... Plus, I agree for transparency. Any thoughts?

I agree 100% human trafficking is a world wide issue and Thron is the best at education and prevetion as well as development of new technology to stop trafficking. That is why I suggested them, I have just reached out to them for information on a idea I have to help on educating teens and they have been extremly helpful after some pushing on my end understandable this is not a trust anyone game

McMillan cancer nurses, British legion lifeboats?,


To this point , the coins have been like playing a game of Monopoly . My only concern would be that my coins could end up supporting causes that I oppose .


Well, frankly, I was somewhat surprised by the "voting" for the various individuals to which I could give my "coins", what ever their worth. Since I pay no money to join this site I did wonder about the source of funds such money was derived. So I dutifully voted my support to the various individuals as provided by the owners of this site. Now you seem to be overwhelmed by the voting and want to change the rules. My question is why, if our "coins" have little to no value are we engaging is such an attempt to find a couple of charities in which to donate our coins when it doesn't cost us anything to begin with. Since I am not contributing my money, why have this charity voting thing? What is the point of it all?


to be confident that the money collected goes to someone who NEEDS the help I suggest you do not give it to any organization who formally "administrates" or manages donations. Find a good reliable person to search for a family in need - homeless, child in need of medical care, elderly person who needs a wheel chair or a hospital bed...etc and put the money directly in their hands. Or go buy the wheelchair / hospital bed, a truckload of warm coats during winter and hand them out directly to people who need them. I just do not trust in organized charities with big advertising budgets.

I agree. Too many untrustworthy agencies out there as well.

Just make sure wherever you hand them out, if yoi do, that you can't get arrested for it. Trust me

Nice to have, but too labour intensive for admin. They’re working hard enough already without having to undertake a heap of leg-work in order to donate.


Just send all the money to me and I'll see that it is distributed to ones in need. 😉

Make check payable to George's MGTOW Charity. I'll even be sure to chip in on that one😉

@SpikeTalon we can leave the MGTOW out of it. I don't consider myself a MGTOW but I do agree with alot of what they say.


I would wish to donate to the special cause - anti terrorist intelligence. There is a person that is working very hard risking everything for the better future of all of us in Canada and beyond - TOM QUIGGIN.

What forces he has against him we know seeing how our Western culture is crumbling. Supporting him we can help many we can help country, we can help ourselves!.

Please consider.

way up in canuckistan there is "the rebel media" that seems to be doing a fair job of reporting the abuses by the government...

agreed we should be able to support tom quiggin as well. I prefer to keep my money in Canada

@parsifal I am following Rebel and respect their investigative reporting work immensely. I suggested Tom Quiggin as he is an expert and his work goes much deeper (and higher) and he can well document that Canadian government should be held responsible for
supporting terrorism. That naturally affects US as well.If you didn’t yet take a look at any of his presentations or podcasts:
He needs our support!

@rodneyblue I got that, but I think that Tom Quiggin work has broader meaning than just to Canada and Canadians.
US doesn’t want to have terrorism breeding nest for a neighbour it is enough that they have to fight Hezbollah infused migration from the South.
Quite frankly, the universe doesn’t need it....

@MarSza yes but i am an anti continentalist old school for Canadian nationalist. 🙂 too much of our money ends up in american hands not by choice and the only CDN charity on here is the EDM boy and girls club, . that I am aware ofFar too often cross border / multinational charities tend to like taking our money but rarely use it here.

@rodneyblue I agree.What I’m trying to do to convince international crowd here on IDW to support our cause.
If we’re not going to get fixed in Canada we will become very dangerous to the world..

@MarSza oh ok i get it thanks for that. back to the garden.

@MarSza already are. i have several docs that indicate the threat of radicalized individuals in canada. the current policy, however, is more of a globalist agenda than security


St. Judes



Thorn/ fighting human trafficking mostly privately funded, and is a very trusted organization.

sounds good


This charity [] seems to be a non-partisan, non-profit organization that appears to align very closely with the purpose of IDW: "students can improve their ability to logically assess a problem in terms of civic virtue and debate their contentions respectfully" (from their description of their civic discussion program).

Edit - this charity shamelessly plagiarized from @Notestine 's post: "Please sign the Dreyfus Civics initiative here: []"


I donate yearly to the MCAS here in Yuma to help service members families. Our veterans are not paid enough to do the things they do. Their families get by on little to nothing.



Just some information research before you donate I worked at both goodwill and salvation army you don't know till you move up the best donations are actioned off in a high class private action and it is worst from there.

I wouldn't trust this woman's information after listening to her for a minute and a half. She suggests that the Salvation Army is a corporation with a high paid CEO? No, it is a church organization. The top-ranked officers receive modest salaries.

Along with that, she says she's going to put links to specific information in the video description. There is Not. One. Link. The only thing she has done in a minute and a half is malign to major charities.

Yes, Goodwill is a corporation, and the CEO may have a higher salary than I'd like to see for a "charity" – but it's a corporation that benefits a lot more disabled people than many corporations. As long as it doesn't receive government funding, I support the right of individuals to donate to it.

@Wordmage I worked for both goodwill and salvation army as I stated I know the inner workings a little better after doing so. When you first start researching charities it is not easy to get a clear picture and it's obvious this lady is just beginning to research. I support anyone to donate to who they wish. I can only suggest you research first.


I thought it is a good idea, I just didn't know what to do with my coin, or which organization to trust.


I haven't quite figured out the coins yet, except that I've been able to give a few away and receive a few. I've seen several mentions of mugs, but I haven't discovered yet where to acquire one.

As for charities, can you do something to ensure that the Clinton Foundation does not get on the list?

That's a must, also nothing linked to SOROS


So I tried to match up charities with the top 3 IDW members. Feel free to disagree but I figure this could be a starting point:
Sam Harris - The top or one of the top rated charities at GiveWell - []
Jordan Peterson - Boys and Girls Club Canada - Edmonton - []
Ben Shapiro - American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee - []

Find a charity that needs it,


I say it should be given to women self defense corse


Giving away lots of coin at once would be considered "making it hail".
Daniel Toshs' words.


It’s not fully understood. Sorry, but programs take time and lots of Ads to launch and become fully understood.


How about some of our free speech heroes who've been demonetized by YouTube


Nothing political/religious or woke, maybe something like disabled veterans or rape victims, something everyone can get behind, also research to make sure it'll go where its needed and not into a directors bonus


@Admin I wonder if OpenlySecular is accepting donations?


When is my coffee mug being shipped ?

2 days ago... takes about a week I think. Thanks!

@Admin Thank you ! I'm really looking forward to people asking me about it .

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