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You can't be Christian and MAGA at the same time.

This is why.

Christians are proven pedophiles, just like Democrats are proven pedophiles


Hence if you're a Christian you can't be MAGA.

It doesn't mean MAGA won't use Christians the same way we use Democrats when it suits us.

But you cannot profess to be a Christian pedophile and MAGA PATRIOT at the same time...

... one must be a lie. 😉

KrunosIav 6 Aug 6

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What a stupid idiotic thing to say!

Where is the lie? You can't find one because you and I both know that Christianity is infected with pedophilia and the Christian church does nothing about it. We both know that the DNC is infected with pedophilia and the Democrats do nothing about it.

So because MAGA hates pedophilia and the institutions that support them, MAGA does not support Democrats or Christians.

So if you claim to be MAGA you have one question to ask yourself: do I support pedophiles or do I not?
If you don't, then you can't be Christian or democrat


You are one sick puppy, to think like that!!!!!!!!!!

Im not wrong.
Christians are as proven pedos as thw worst Democrat

@newbiemaga i standby my privious statement!!!!!

I'm guessing you support either christan pedophiles or democratic pedophiles.

Probably both.

@NewbieMAGA You are the one obsessed with pedophiles, are you having issues??????? Do you have a history in this area???????

Obsessed with wiping them off the face of the Earth wherever I find them, be it the Christian church or the Democratic convention.

Anyone who supports Christians or democrats must by default be pedophiles themselves.

@NewbieMAGA I repeat my question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We both know that Democrats pedophiles are all over the news.

Hence, we both know that supporting democrats is supporting pedophiles.

@Serg97 Possibly the saying, "It takes one to know one," fits NewbieMAGA:.

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