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I would encourage everyone to ditch YouTube, everything google Facebook, and any other communist app. Let's build rumble and put your support to free speech. No more supporting companies who want to steal your liberty and freedom. Who censor truth and push lies.

Kheare 7 Sep 25

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I want to and sometimes use clients - mainly and I learned about Cloud Tube/[] (whats with the lgbt? idk!) today.
But, invidious makes you use reddit to comment and i consider reddit part of BigTech and reddit censors hideously. For tech-related videos/tutorials, though, I learn a lot by asking questions - and I try to answer others when they ask questions. I think not having the ability to comment or to read comments is a real sacrifice.
Does anyone know of an alternative client or a way around this?
I really want to leave YT/Google.


To sensor truth and pass lies, so this must be in regards to the democrats and republicans, you are right, we do need to completely sensor politicians, and our sitting government, because it is based on lieing, manipulating, and intimidation from our elections to facts about homelessness.
So anyone on here supporting any of these parties, right, left, liberals, etc. Should be sensored for spreading the propaganda spewed from all thesources.
Just saying..... How do you suggest we address this problem? Curious


Sensorship is sensorship no matter who deals it out, you are still saying it is ok for you to sensor them, but them not you. This is the paradox of life

No I didn't say censor them. I am not calling to silence them or demand they be shut down. Using another platform and advocating people not use it. Is way different than silencing. Which is what they do.


I agree that those of us who know what they are doing, complain about it and continue to support these platforms are part of the problem. By using these platforms we are putting more money and power I to the hands of those who purposely harm us.

However, I don’t think simply shifting all our business to a single platform is the solution. The current near monopoly held by these tech giants is what led to the problem and gave them the power to harm their customers.

Supporting their competitors and discontinuing support for these criminal tech giants is only the start. The support for their competitors should not just shift the power from one stovepipe to another. There needs to be support for multiple competitors. That’s how capitalism works. If somebody provides a product at a reasonable cost, lacking external, illegal pressures, it will thrive and take market share away from those whose cost (money or freedoms) is too high. Support more than one alternative competitor.


By doing that you are also sensoring social media, why is it ok for you to sensor them but them not to sensor you? Will you go after this site next if you don't like what i post? Might as well ditch google all together, other wise your not being efficient. Just saying🙄

This sounds like a serious question/concern. If it is, please consider the fact that taking your business to somebody that doesn’t harm their customers rather than supporting those who do, isn’t censorship, it’s common sense and a wise business decision. Censorship is when you intentionally block another’s right to speak. Others can speak all they want, but I don’t need to listen nor do I need to support their free speech with my business. If you’ve lived in a capitalist system (a system that allows demand for a product to determine the value of that product) then you might recognize the value of this supply and demand tactic that returns the power to the customer. Until they stop harming the customers, they lose market share and are thereby punished for the harm they do.

No refusing to use a platform is different than saying I don't want them to speak. Which is what they do to many. I would never want to censor anyone or shut anyone down. That's the difference.


Then you will have to support channels on Rumble as they are not selling us as the product.

Being on any social media platform that you use google to obtain, is already allowing them to sell your information to third parties. Do you really think tha being on this sight that the government in one way or another is keeping tabs on what you are doing? When you use certain words, while posting there are red flags that alert the government that you may be up to no good. And platforms like google get paid to alert the right agencies if you are talking about stuff that may interest them. Another words you are being sold as a produxt

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