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Rebel News: Canada’s only free speech prof Philip Slayton: Political correctness, Twitter mobs & the CBC! On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Philip Slayton joined me in studio to talk about this new book Nothing Left to Lose:...
warminster100 Canada June 5 Jun 5 00
LINK China marks 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protest with free speech crackdown - YouTube
WorldSigh Canada June 5 Jun 5 33
LINK Canada’s only free speech prof Philip Slayton: PC culture, Twitter mobs & the CBC - YouTube
WorldSigh Canada June 5 Jun 5 22 MARXIST/SOCIALISM INDOCTRINATED: How or even can you explain to the naive how Marxism MANIPULATES Racism & Sexism as a weapon. When you hear terms like Rabbit Hole it referring to Alice’s Rabbit Hole that leads to...
1914wizard FL June 5 Jun 5 44
The Virtues of Free Speech Free speech must include the right to offend. Granted, there are limitations upon free speech which do serve valuable and necessary functions — such as the prohibition against incitement to violence, or the prohibition...
Sherlock Australia June 4 Jun 4 44
Gimme a minute....
GeeMac Canada June 3 Jun 3 11
LINK Seven Thoughts on the Civil War the Other Side Wants So Badly | The American Spectator
dd54 HI June 2 Jun 2 11
Parkland victim's father attacks Smith & Wesson's free speech-
SpikeTalon PA June 1 Jun 1 11
If ANTIFA is designated a terrorist group, there are alot of possible charges coming-
SpikeTalon PA June 1 Jun 1 1111
BreakingTruth GunCrimes Rising in NewZealand post GunBan
YellowPill Canada June 1 Jun 1 33
Rioters burn homeless man's possessions as bystanders cheer-
SpikeTalon PA June 1 Jun 1 33
Just a reminder that in Order to have Free speech, Everyone needs to be allowed an opinion - and the right to be wrong has never been more needed. So Viva La respectful discourse
The_Q New Zealand May 28 May 28 55
TRUMP THREATENS TO SHUT TWITTER DOWN! This is so great! Trump will make them understand free speech! he has been silence for TOO LONG by the communist left!
bastion UK May 27 May 27 44
LINK The Frank Five 32 - PPC: Two Not For Profits? Two Boards? A Gold Plated Pension Plus A Wage? - YouTube
WorldSigh Canada May 26 May 26 22
I used to be a person who believed that there were limits on freedom of speech for the greater good. I used to truly and honestly believe that a certain level of censorship was necessary to prevent the rise of bigotry and intolerance. More and ...
liss CO May 26 May 26 88
Why doesn`t IDW put, MICHAEL MOORE`S documentary called, PLANET OF THE HUMANS on its site for people to watch, seeing Youtube took it down!! If IDW is free speech, which I believe it to be, then this is your chance to get Youtube watchers onto your ...
WisdomWarrior9 Australia May 26 May 26 44
So cool to see a bunch of you coming to hang out here! The lads who created Slug are really nice. I'm hoping it becomes a free-speech friendly version of Reddit or Facebook :-)
SydneyWatson DC May 25 May 25 88
You may have noticed that there looks to be a copy of at (or a copy of at - it's simply that we are transitioning away from the IDW brand and to the more, ehem, punchy one. We started this site to be an ...
Admin Online May 24 May 24 2020
What is hardly ever mentioned is the fact that it's the planet that shaped the evolution of mankind, not mankind shaped the planet! It was climate that allowed the human migration out of the African savannas all those thousands of years ago.
angelo Australia May 24 May 24 22
Free Speech. What a novel Idea. If only that existed in America.
Uberarchangel PA May 23 May 23 11
Make america metal again 👍👍
BeerMe420 NE May 23 May 23 11
I have created a new group for people identifying as Satanists, or anyone interested in discussing Satanism. Modern Satanism is a non-theistic, non-superstitious religious identity. Satanism does not believe in, nor worship, a literal Satan. Satan is...
JacksonNought PA May 23 May 23 00
You may have noticed that there looks to be a copy of at - it's simply that we are transitioning away from the IDW brand and to the more, ehem, punchy one. We started this site to be an adjunct community to the IDW but as ...
Admin Online May 22 May 22 77
True North: The stark difference between Trudeau's and Trump's response to the WHO! There's no question the World Health Organization failed in its initial handling of the coronavirus. They put their allegiance to the Communist Chinese ...
warminster100 Canada May 21 May 21 00
LINK Jaffari center Athan/ Nakba 72 catastrophe anniversary. Praying for corona vaccine & free Palestine - YouTube
RoscoNovaro Canada May 21 May 21 00
Hey Sydney from the Hunter Valley, NSW
SpeakYourMind Australia May 21 May 21 11
Thank you Sydney! I usually detest social media but I'm going to try this one out if you say it's pro-free speech
PancakeLizard FL May 21 May 21 00
It seems odd to need to gain points for differing levels. This will take some getting used to. Also as an aside, after trying to post I now have to choose a group? Are we just going to be pigeonholing ourselves and then being monitored for what ...
kungpowkitty FL May 21 May 21 33
Declassified Susan Rice email confirms Michael Flynn was personally targeted in oval office meeting...
SpikeTalon PA May 19 May 19 44
Stalkers & robbers, handguns & long guns, more self defense gun stories...
SpikeTalon PA May 18 May 18 00
The Quiggin Report EP1 - FreeSpeech Not Islamist Speech
BJDichter Falkland Islands May 18 May 18 00
I'm very concerned about free speech and political correctness and just about anything Orwellian in nature. To that end, I'm happy that IDW allows there to be an Alex Jones group here. At the same time it doesn't stop me from expressing my opinion ...
r0bb1e Canada May 16 May 16 22
The Trudeau government is using its emergency powers to curb free speech, specifically, to criminalize “misinformation” around Covid-19. Lethbridge Conservative MP Rachel Harder says Canadians should be worried..
GeeMac Canada May 15 May 15 22
Turdeau's tyrannical censorship continues!. Elections Canada is investigating pro-lifers! The Commissioner of Canada Elections is investigating RightNow, a pro-life political action group, for its activities during last year’s federal...
warminster100 Canada May 14 May 14 11
it's logical
1patriot Canada May 14 May 14 11
2000 Former Justice Department staffers call on AG Barr to RESIGN. Aw, shucks. Guess it’s all over now. I wonder, do 97% of all scientists concur? Hmmm; “former” staffers. Care to guess what Administration they served in? ...
Edgework TX May 12 May 12 44
If you are interested in learning more about electrical this is a good source even if you know nothing.
KeVince WA May 11 May 11 00
Hope they have 1,000 show up tomorrow!! COVID-1984: Florida woman arrested after she sat in the sand at Miami Beach and refused to leave! A woman who was protesting closures put in place amid the COVID-1984 outbreak was arrested on ...
warminster100 Canada May 11 May 11 00
So, there's a video that has recently gone viral featuring virologist and ex-research scientist, Dr. Judy Mikovits, called "Plandemic, Part 1"—the first of a two part series, I believe—that YouTube keeps deleting for violating their community ...
Mazzylu CA May 11 May 11 55
I’m tired of these people. I no longer care what they think or say. There is nothing to be gained by refuting lies grounded in venom and bile. There is no profit to be made investing time, energy and ideas in a debate that is rigged from the start....
Edgework TX May 10 May 10 88
Hi Arielle, Found you over here, you need to fix your link in YouTube to include the section that says group. Love ya, keep up the good work.
allgoodguy CA May 9 May 9 11
Will artificial intelligence bring a final end to free speech?
pbuck0145 Canada May 7 May 7 55
'Police Hero Speaks Out'
OneGodlessWoman Canada May 7 May 7 55
easy targets
BikerPetehall70 UK May 6 May 6 22
I really think you should watch this and you will be amazes at its content This well worth Listening to all about this Covirus Plandemic Part 1 (Dr. Judy Mikovits) Dear gatekeepers of truth and free speech, before ...
ieuan UK May 6 May 6 00
Please donate and sign the petition to keep free speech free. Rebel News: BREAKING: Trudeau banned our reporters from his pandemic press conferences — so we’re suing him!
warminster100 Canada May 6 May 6 11
Free speech my ass. Not here
SocialDarwin CA May 5 May 5 44
Airplane hack exposes weaknesses of alert and avoidance systems-
SpikeTalon PA May 5 May 5 00
Whether or not I agree with Joe Rogan's politics or his views I believe the world is a much better place for the podcasts he does. No one else has the audience to be able to get (outside of mainstream media outlets that are still in place but ...
char1emagne Canada May 3 May 3 22
Congratulations to JoogleVAX4U for winning the $100 prize for joining the RAMZPAUL group. I will be running another such contest for May. All you have to do to be eligible, is to join the RAMZPAUL group and post! Good luck! And thank you for ...
ramzpaul OK May 3 May 3 22
Sooner rather than later we can be certain.
NonAgrssvMight Canada May 3 May 3 22
"Oxygen is a great healer of diseases." When Oxygen is used in a correct way, it can cure all kinds of diseases including Corona-Viruses. Dr. Sears sent me the report below on a therapy called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). He has a photo ...
SidUSA MS May 3 May 3 00
Let's examine, without naming names, the 'inclusivity' where LGBTQ and arts folk meet (bit of a longpost). I'm part of a specific-niche arts community, and I'd say majority of its members are in some way LGBTQ, poly, and/or kink-identified. This is...
LunaWings Australia May 1 May 1 22
How sad is it that Russia has become only source of free speech left on the planet.
cRaZyTMG Canada Apr 30 Apr 30 33
Do you sometimes get the impression that the enemies of free speech are on both sides of the house? Here’s a sneaky bipartisan bill that doesn’t mention abolishing end-to-end encryption, but that will still have that precise effect: ...
henrydz FL Apr 30 Apr 30 66
Katie Hopkins. "Free Speech and the Coronavirus Lockdown."
mccarthy ID Apr 29 Apr 29 00
Some Governors are getting serious about the cost of Coronavirus lockdowns. Some aren't...
SpikeTalon PA Apr 29 Apr 29 00
How about a quick return to American History of the Power Struggle between freedom and oppression? The text to be quoted next is a return to Conceived in Liberty by Murray Rothbard. The message is self-evident to some, to others the message has to ...
Josf-Kelley CA Apr 29 Apr 29 00
Congrats for joining this free speech social site!
gergsremmal AZ Apr 29 Apr 29 00
What if Europe never converted to Christianity?
SocialDarwin CA Apr 28 Apr 28 44
Gun Laws
labelleha_95 Canada Apr 27 Apr 27 33
Well.....I have a feeling that this will be happening more and more... Is your freezer full ? mine is.
RemiDallaire Canada Apr 25 Apr 25 00
Violation of Free Speech
Aaharwood Canada Apr 25 Apr 25 22
Constitution of the Web Life = timestamp, Netizen Birthday Liberty = Free speech Pursuit of Happiness = creating and consuming media of choice without ads, censorship, propaganda. Life is only precious if it can be lost. Liberty is only ...
SupraLibrix ME Apr 24 Apr 24 55 "Bill Gates Compares Coronavirus to WW2. Says It Is 1st Modern Pandemic." 75 million people died in WW2, or 3.3 percent of world population. Thats 250 million people today. What s up with this guy?
mccarthy ID Apr 24 Apr 24 11
Blaze: Nanny state bureaucrats stymied! Kids motocross on the sand covered skate park in Venice! Then they shoveled it out and skate board on it. OUTSTANDING!
timon_phocas CO Apr 21 Apr 21 33
Calculated Offenses
timon_phocas CO Apr 20 Apr 20 00
Does anyone know if Canada, constitutionally, has freedom of the press?
2FollowHim Canada Apr 19 Apr 19 66
The God that I doubt seems ever so much greater to me than the god that most atheists don't believe exists. Every time I expose myself to atheists I find stuff like magic sky guy and spaghetti monsters. I never find the God that exists outside of ...
govols TN Apr 19 Apr 19 33
Declining Med School Standards In a Time of Pandemic
Rosary_Trace GA Apr 18 Apr 18 11
Jordan Peterson. "Toxic Masculinity. 12 Rules For Life Lecture."
mccarthy ID Apr 18 Apr 18 00
Have a look and get some signatures if u agree!
Header Canada Apr 17 Apr 17 33
UK. Katie Hopkins. "Comrades. New Rules Are Being Imposed Under Lockdown."
mccarthy ID Apr 17 Apr 17 33
THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG. The Democrat’s white knight just got stained with a lot of blood, and it’s his own constituents leading the charge. As more and more reports surface of the positive results produced by Hydroxychlorquine, the ...
Edgework TX Apr 12 Apr 12 33
Dear Members, in respect of free speech, please ref. pg. 127 (the latter an index for social transition, not, God forbid, a blueprint for a utopia, which – in part jocular, and nihilistically flippant – is open to ...
Ernest-Anderson UK Apr 12 Apr 12 00
There are enemies of free speech/expression from both political extremes... Jerry Falwell Jr has a free speech problem-
SpikeTalon PA Apr 10 Apr 10 00
Atheism is personally useful but socially entropic.
SupraLibrix ME Apr 10 Apr 10 22
POLL In the UK, a Labour-supporting woman said on FB that "Boris Johnson completely deserves to be in intensive care with COVID-19" (she surely hates him), and as a result, she was removed from the Labour Party and she has now been sacked by her employer,...
Naomi UK Apr 10 Apr 10 88
Meme War Idea Make the subject subhuman so that the Left can laugh, too. In an ideological world, you can't physically punish your opponent. The Liberal thought maintains the moral high ground. Rhetorically they do. They will until proven ...
SupraLibrix ME Apr 8 Apr 8 22
When free speech was expensive, newspapers mattered.
SupraLibrix ME Apr 8 Apr 8 00
Free speech doesn't exist at IDW. He who has the ability to censor defines freedom. The government censors, facebook censors, google censors, IDW censors. Censorship is essential to develop a culture. If you want a good culture, you ...
SupraLibrix ME Apr 7 Apr 7 00
Free Speech has no value. Quality speech does. What is quality?
SupraLibrix ME Apr 7 Apr 7 33
Sky News Australia. "Katie Hopkins Interview."
mccarthy ID Apr 7 Apr 7 11
The 5 C's of the Trusted Net I want to create civilization on the internet, I have some ideas about how to do that. It has to be extralegal. Within the law, but unbounded by it, any law will be a subset of this. It has to happen, the sooner ...
SupraLibrix ME Apr 7 Apr 7 00
How to Deal with Fake News. If you have a trusted web... A self-described news organization caught in a blantant lie (Covington Kid type of stuff) will lose their timestamp. A self-described opinionist caught in a blantant lie (Covington Kid...
SupraLibrix ME Apr 6 Apr 6 11
When does Trump Arrest George $oros? Josh Bernstein Show: SOROS CONNECTED TO WUHAN FACTORY: Funded research on infectious. 5 topics in 7 minutes. GeorgeSoros is very connected to the Coronavirus & Covid19 His financial fingerprints ...
warminster100 Canada Apr 5 Apr 5 22
April Fools
Edgework TX Apr 3 Apr 3 11
I'm exploring a new theory I've developed with a Buddhist psychologist. It's a sort of digital Buddhism to bring a civilization that includes free speech to the web. I would love to have criticism and feedback.
SupraLibrix ME Apr 1 Apr 1 00
Seems Legit
2peros CA Mar 31 Mar 31 11
Free Speech is worthless speech. How do you define quality?
SupraLibrix ME Mar 31 Mar 31 11
Hello and Is the Left Trying to Kill Us? Hello, I'm new and figured I'd start with someone controversial since this is a free speech zone. I came over for Arielle to be supportive of her because she is what's left of "my people." I guess my ...
ThomasinaPaine VA Mar 30 Mar 30 88
when you live out in the middle of nowhere and don't want to go drive 30 miles into town on a spare to have a tire changed
KeVince WA Mar 29 Mar 29 00
LINK A 35 Minute Interview on Political Islam - YouTube
WorldSigh Canada Mar 29 Mar 29 11
I've seen this in more places than Kansas City
JimbobNE NE Mar 29 Mar 29 00
Has Trudeau become popular now? Is destroying the Canadian economy great?
2FollowHim Canada Mar 28 Mar 28 22
Corona Alluh Akbar
RemiDallaire Canada Mar 27 Mar 27 22
It seems like th "old guard" has decided on the next leader of the CPC! So much for the input of members! Derek Sloan: Candidate foir Lweadership of CPC Have you heard the news? The CPC’s Leadership Election Organizing Committee ...
warminster100 Canada Mar 27 Mar 27 00
Trudeau is trying to destroy Canada by bankrupting small independent businesses! When their employees EI runs out there will be no jobs for them because the businesses have closed for good! confine the elderly and others with weakened immune ...
warminster100 Canada Mar 26 Mar 26 11
How many lives will be lost in a post lockdown depression? Interesting question; the UK has had austerity measures in place since 2012 due to the aftermath of the 2008 recession, which may well turn out to be a minor event compared to an actual ...
CalvinM UK Mar 26 Mar 26 11
Comedy is back ???
RemiDallaire Canada Mar 25 Mar 25 00