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Advertisements are everywhere and they're obnoxious. They're also a sign of the failure of capitalism.
Ads used to be funny and entertaining but now they are insulting because they advertise garbage that people can't afford and don't want.
People don't make enough money to buy everything in the ads and often people don't make enough money to buy ad free subscriptions to services.
That's highly insulting when the wealthy can afford no harassing ads and the poor need to watch ads for products they can't afford.
The wealthy won't buy the product because I don't see the ad and the poor won't buy the product because they can't afford it but still these insulting ads are put in front of everyone constantly.
People need better jobs and more money. People need community and instead people are getting ads for things they don't need, don't want, and can't afford.
People are more destitute now than at any other time in history. Including the great depression.
At the same time there are billionaires who have so much money they could give everyone in the world one dollar and still have billions left over. Bill gates had 90 billion dollars the last time I checked. If there are 8 billion people in the world bill gates can give eveyone a dollar and still have 82 billion dollars left. Bill gates can give everyone in the world 2 dollars and still have 74 billion dollars left. He doesn't need that money. You are trying to pay rent and get enough to eat while also paying your phone bill and those prices keep going up for NO GOOD REASON other than that people like Bill gates want more of your hard earned money.
Bill gates doesn't need more money. You need more money.
These ads are an insult to the poor from the wealthy.
The ads say "you can't afford this because you're poor and you can't buy and ad free version of this service but I'm going to make you watch this ad for junk you don't need anyway".
I go back and watch old media from the 1940s because there was a niave ignorance of what capitalism would become.
I actually enjoy watching black and white Advertisements because it's pleasant and depicts a world of prosperity where the ad simply makes you aware of a high quality product that's worth your money instead of an obnoxious ad implying that you have to buy worthless junk to prove you somehow support human rights when that company that makes the product uses sweat shops. Companies like nike.

Do you agree that ads have become insulting and unhelpful?

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Oprichniki 5 Oct 10

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I do not mind ads. Ads tend to be brief and honest about what they're selling. I have not seen others of this person's posts so I cannot necessarily agree with the other responder. The only thing that really infuriates me are poorly thought out comments on discussion forums (which I don't see this post as being). In my experience, the best opportunity for personal growth comes through discussing one's views. That doesn't work if people write crappy posts that clutter up discussion forums so no one can see those posts.

That said, I will thank the creator of this comment I'm responding to for, in my opinion, not writing a post that destroys the world a little more. This one seems to be much more thought out than the mindless venting I so often see. I just have different priorities and view ads as no more than a minor irritation, and that every once in a great while (maybe 1 in 10,000 times) inform me of some useful service.


As to the question, no more so than your posts so far.

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