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Man One Ups Tesla By Inventing An Electric System That Charges Itself
The Facts😕angulani (Maxwell) Chikumbutso has invented an electric system that runs off a battery. The unique thing is the battery charges itself with electromagnetic radiation that’s present naturally in the environment. It can run forever.
Reflect On:Why do these technologies never see the light of day? Why are they usually ridiculed and brushed off as fake? What would the implications be if this technology was released to the world?

1patriot 9 Nov 20

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If there were electromagnetic radiation in the natural environment sufficient to power a battery in reasonable time and power we would all be fried alive.

It is the same concept as saying you could send electricity through the air as electromagnetic waves and electric wires are a money making scam.

We ridicule there’s technologies because they are not real.

No one is stopping this guy to release his “technology”.

You should rather ask why is he not publishing his technology and the “science” behind it?

Anything to good to be true always is.

“ It is the same concept as saying you could send electricity through the air as electromagnetic waves and electric wires are a money making scam.”

That was one of the first examples I thought of. It was announced several years ago and … exactly nobody I ever heard of picked it up, tried it, and praised its “wonderfulness”.
I’ve been looking at Tesla’s work for decades and other similar but … it always fails in practice.


We already have it… it is called a microwave oven.

We can create electromagnetic waves very easily and efficiently.

However to catch these waves again, we need a receptor that would be made of a material matching the waves frequency. That would heat up the receptor and then you can use steam etc to generate electricity again.

The issue is 1. The tremendous loss in transfer and then the electricity generation process at the receptor.
2. The waves will interact with everything in its way on the way from the sender to the receptor.

Radiowaves we use to communicate contains minute amounts of energy, hence we can use small batteries to power hand held devices.

However you cannot use that energy in any feasible manner other than communication.

Microwave Ovens is a pretty radically different concept of what we were discussing.
Not exactly off topic or incorrect but … not exactly an applicable example.

well now he's moved to California and his company names is Saith Hold Inc. who knows it might still be bull shit


Before y’all get too excited you might want to check out Season 2 of the WSJ podcast Bad Bets, which details the rise and fall of former Nicola CEO Trevor Milton.

can you post it here?

@1patriot Tried. Can’t. Sorry. It’s available through Apple Podcasts, or directly from WSJ.

@GaryWitt wall street Journal is rothschild owned through the associated press....


I dunno but I’ve been “Charmed” by this idea my whole life.
In Sixth Grade I even “invented” something “perpetual” myself.
Then I learned about the Unfortunate Laws of Physics.

This guy claims to be able to use as “Fuel” the electro magnetism around us to “Charge” the system.
I’ve seen lots of gadgets over the years based on electromagnetism being put forward but never achieving even moderately widespread use.
The closest thing I’ve personally seen that maybe uses this concept are those cell phone charging bases that charge your phone without actually being plugged in … and I’m not sure how well they actually work … but, I’d note that the base itself must be plugged in to work. Further I haven’t seen any data on the efficiency of this mode of transfer …

well he's got a helicopter, a stationary generator and an auto []
and he's using lithium batteries that you would use in an auto....

Sorry. Maybe its absolutely true and believe me, I’d be thrilled to see it be true.

When I was 7 I was given one of those gizmos that looked like a clear light bulb with little squares on a spindle … black on one side and white on the other … which rotated endlessly when exposed to light … ever since then I have been fascinated by the concept.

I’ve been looking at that idea … and dozens of ideas and claims about this and ideas that are similar but NONE of them panned out.
I’ve studied Tesla since the 60s …
I’ve even tried building some of the designs that have come to light over the years but … they never worked “quite” the way they were supposed to.

In my mind I can only attribute it to being “Weak Energy” … you might even be able to concentrate it for a short period but its insufficient to continue beyond a certain point.

i typed his name and got this video!

perpetual motors are nothing new. The old adage of " there's no such thing as free lunch" goes without a saying!

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