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Scientists have tracked a bar-tailed godwit (barge rousse in French) over its migratory path from Alaska to Tasmania and concluded that the bird has flown a record breaking distance of 13,560 km uninterrupted over an 11day period. No rest, no food, no sleep. Like Charles Lindbergh, except over twice the distance and without the crowd at the end.


GaryWitt 8 Jan 29

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That's an average speed of 31mph. That's an awesome amount of energy, and must mean it is one of the most aerodynamically efficient birds in existence. Even so, a two pound bird must have burned half its weight to do that.


Birds are probably one of the most highly evolved complex animal species on the planet as are sharks. Humans are a relatively new species and our evolution was interrupted to some extent by culture. Culture could almost be called unnatural selection. The next step in our evolution would seem to be artificial intelligence. I dislike the term artificial somewhat but it's meaning is well understood. Signs of truncated evolution in humans are numerous I think this is one.

CARTA: The Genetics of Humanness: Ajiit Varki - Human-Specific Changes in Siglec Genes



The antithesis of Failure to Launch.

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