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" . . . The attack that shook the foundations of American democracy."

"Jan. 6 rioters are raking in thousands in donations. Now the US is coming after their haul"

If the USA is that fragile maybe the patriot cohort needs to step in and oust the many traitors filling all levels of governance along with the horde of vile traitors filling corporate board rooms and then send to labor camps the evil tyrannical elite class that is striving to force their putrid New World Order upon the USA aand all Western countries to prepare for the one-world government that will be controlled by a super-rich hereditary elite class.

That Jan 6, 2021 protest was far from an 'insurrection'. BAH!!!! Any reporter or media outlet using that term is an operative of the tyrant elites who own the vast majority of USA propaganda and indoctrination dispensing systems.

Tyranny has risen. The Founder's writings tell us what must be done. Prepare and plan properly, patriots. Muster our best and brightest to be our cohort of New Founders. Remember, the battle best won is the battle that never occurs. Always use every peaceful method possible. Only if ALL peaceful methods fail do we send our vast patriot army into an unwanted battle that is forced upon us.


Quasar 7 May 29

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So much needless upset over a rowdy tourist group!

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