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I envision bouts of violence as parents and patriots are forced to engage in guerilla war with a corrupt, perverted legal system and an educational system swarming with Woke New World Order-promoting perverts.


Quasar 7 Dec 10

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The problem is only cursorily the trans people.

Parents and guardians take children to this stuff. There's your problem.


Drag shows are hilarious. So long as they stay away from kids they are OK.
Step over that line, tho, and pedo laws need to kick in. That they have not is an indication that the legal system has been corrupted. Like Durbin, are they also on the Epstein list?


MAGA, slaughter a trans, today.

A feckless Canadian trying to incite non-commie trash into violence. How much is the FBI paying you? Or, do you get your funding directly from Castro's little bastid?

@bobbo666 That's good.

@Terence57 Mind, part of my reaction is I'm growing tired of folks obviously calling for action/violence, but not leading. It is sorta like an NPC who refuses to even listen.
Another point tho is what I mentioned in a response to another post -- about how the elites/commie trash are spying on everything in order to persecute later. Building a case to send you to camp. So, in one sense my comment is building my case when brought to terms: "Lookie, I advocated against violence, even against what was possibly a troll or bot."
Which is more important? Uhh, let's save that for after the trial. 🙂

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