Breaking ‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and Catherine Austin Fitts: How Wall Street Cashes in on Lockdowns
YellowPill Canada Nov 27 Nov 27 00
So Matt HanCOCK spends £50k of taxpayers ordering take away in a restaurant that has a secret menu that requires a password 🧐🧐🧐 ... Restaurant is called Bong Bongs.... remarkably like Comet ping pong 🍕 🍕 🍕...
ieuan UK Nov 26 Nov 26 00
Hello! I've been hunting for an area for artwork since I've joined! Am glad to have found this group =D Here's a quick doodle I made a while ago, to remind myself to get a snack when I'm sounding "hangry" lol xD
MoonTAGG Nov 26 Nov 26 00
The tsunami of brazen, unhinged enraged lies from most of the media and many on the left, genuinely seems like a deadly serious mental illness. It terrifies me more than physical violence does.
noyade UK Nov 25 Nov 25 33
I am having trouble understanding the American political system. They have a Constitution. Each incoming president swears an oath on the Bible to honour and protect that Constitution. Now, we see a man that has said publicly BEFORE he is given the ...
Radar Canada Nov 24 Nov 24 1313
Journalism largely consists in saying “Lord Jones is dead” to people who never knew Lord Jones was alive. —G. K. Chesterton (1874–1936)
Krunoslav Croatia Nov 23 Nov 23 00
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-11-23 THE HIGHEST TITLE “ the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that ...
warminster100 Canada Nov 23 Nov 23 00
The noose is tightening on Joe Biden. BidenCrimeFamilyExposed
jakuboj Nov 22 Nov 22 11
What a surprise.
guru Australia Nov 21 Nov 21 00
ajhilder WA Nov 21 Nov 21 00
Establishment elites and MSM think Parler is a "threat to democracy" because libertarians and conservatives get to freely post-
SpikeTalon PA Nov 20 Nov 20 77
Twitter says that tweets that broke this rule before today will need to be deleted, but those won’t result in any account suspensions because the rules were not in place at that time. However, any tweets published from now on ...
Godless FL Nov 20 Nov 20 00
(admin) Just banned from Facebook for quoting Mussolini on what he defined Fascism to be. Posted it so It can be pointed out that FaceBook Fits the Definition of Fascism. This is what I posted: “Fascism should more appropriately be called ...
ajhilder WA Nov 19 Nov 19 44
EP. 2332B - PATRIOTS TAKE CONTROL OF SPECIAL OPERATIONS, CERTAIN FAIL-SAFES INITIATED The patriots are in control, the elections are going exactly how they planned it, it must be shown to the people. If it was presented outright the ...
ajhilder WA Nov 18 Nov 18 11
Lefties went full retard. Never go full retard. Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Declares Racism a Countywide Public Health Crisis Feckless Supervisors intend to establish a ‘Sacramento County Racial Equity Policy Cabinet’ By Katy ...
Krunoslav Croatia Nov 18 Nov 18 22
I have hope!
1patriot Canada Nov 18 Nov 18 33
Bill Maher rips Dems for believing 'silence is violence' and looting is not-
SpikeTalon PA Nov 17 Nov 17 33
The Drinker Recommends... Fight Club One of my favorite reviewers and one of the last movies with meat on the bones. Frickin HATE the political manipulation in Hollywood movies in the recent decades. A bit political, but I'll post plenty of less ...
RoxyGellar AR Nov 16 Nov 16 11
Another spineless company. What a surprise. Where a single unverified tweet can have them suspend and delete people's accounts. Guilt by Partial Association: Airbnb Cancels Trump Supporter’s Account, Citing ‘Hate ’ Ties BY TYLER O'NEIL NOV...
Krunoslav Croatia Nov 16 Nov 16 11
What if we find out The Media not only knew about Dominion and Smartmatic the entire time, but worked in concert with them in how they timed the calling of States for each candidate in order to give the software programmers time to reconfigure the ...
RMSPT TX Nov 16 Nov 16 00
Christopher Bedford: The media are covering up left-wing violence because they agree with the mission-
SpikeTalon PA Nov 16 Nov 16 22
Whitmer kidnapping plotter wanted to hang Trump- Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was the target of a kidnapping plot. This is something we now know, and while I don’t particularly care for Whitmer, I’m glad the people ...
SpikeTalon PA Nov 16 Nov 16 11
One of my paintings.
guru Australia Nov 15 Nov 15 11
LINK Republican Warmongers Support Biden Presidency and Biden Supports War – Tony Odarg – The White Gentleman
TonyOdarg IN Nov 15 Nov 15 11
LINK Will any Democrat leader anywhere condemn this?
turnerjolene48 NC Nov 14 Nov 14 33
"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." -Robert Louis Stevenson
guru Australia Nov 14 Nov 14 11
'Boy, did we screw up!' Hmm. Charles Koch is now apologizing for his almost one-sided support of Republicans. ($2.8m to Republicans, 221,000 to democrats.) He admits that it has helped fuel the divisiveness in America. According to The Hill "he...
Pand0ro WI Nov 13 Nov 13 33
Utah man charged for shooting at Trump supporters- Orem, Utah isn’t the kind of place you expect politically-motivated violence, yet it wasn’t that long ago when just that took place. A man allegedly took shots at Trump ...
SpikeTalon PA Nov 11 Nov 11 22
Idealistic Individualism and Its Effect on Your LIfe
AndrewInVail AZ Nov 11 Nov 11 00
StopTheStealCaravan is the March on DC to Save America
RealAlexJones TX Nov 10 Nov 10 00
Does "Segregation" (I. E. White Flight From Black Neighborhoods) Cause Black Gun Violence—Or Does Black Violence Cause White Flight?
VDARE CT Nov 9 Nov 9 22
Where do you get The Hunter game? I think it's made in China.
guru Australia Nov 9 Nov 9 22
Start stocking up on Toilet Paper, Bottled water, canned goods etc. If Biden gets in Office there is going to be tons of excrement going around. Say good bye to your individual freedom be prepared to be in a cast system where some are more ...
emptycupful NJ Nov 5 Nov 5 00
Trump Supporters Question Record Turnout in Wisconsin
RealAlexJones TX Nov 4 Nov 4 11
The gloves are coming off... About time.
cRaZyTMG Canada Nov 4 Nov 4 00
ViralTruth Canadians MustKnow Trudeau: Limit Free Speech To Curtail (Islamic) Violence this is Tolerance of Intolerance Adapt to Imported Values not Foundational WesternValues
YellowPill Canada Nov 3 Nov 3 22
lawrenceblair OR Nov 2 Nov 2 11
If you had a mail-in ballot, absentee ballot, or early voting, make sure to verify that your ballot was counted. This way if there were any problems, you still have tomorrow to vote.
TheMiddleWay OH Nov 2 Nov 2 11
Washington, DC is preparing for (more) violence.
pbuck0145 Canada Nov 2 Nov 2 22
Media's warning of Election Day violence is one sided-
SpikeTalon PA Nov 2 Nov 2 11
Fusion over fission.
maxmaccc Monaco Oct 31 Oct 31 00
What questions do you have for @CopWithAttitude who is a black police officer living in NYC. Voting, crime, riots. Ask away!
ariellescarcella NY Oct 28 Oct 28 44
Louder With Crowder... Tech. Censorship:
DinsdaleWalden Canada Oct 28 Oct 28 33
(admin) Big Tech makes their own laws as you sign your rights away to use their services. Legislation needed to curb their control. Note "Peacefully To Assemble" does not include rioting, destruction and violence. Federal Marshalls and courts and ...
ajhilder WA Oct 28 Oct 28 00
(admin) I remember standing with hand over heart reciting The Pledge Of Allegiance every morning in school. Needs to come back and what is being taught now needs to be corrected because of a resurgence of Communist propaganda ...
ajhilder WA Oct 27 Oct 27 00
Parents of man killed by illegal immigrant kicked out of Kamala Harris' office-
SpikeTalon PA Oct 27 Oct 27 33
Peter Salemi Live-The Canadian Patriot War of 1837 & What's happening today! Political Commentator on Canadian and world news and events
1patriot Canada Oct 24 Oct 24 11
Public freak out continue
RemiDallaire Canada Oct 23 Oct 23 11
LINK Twitter’s New Retweet Function Is Meant to Add Friction aka Interfere in the 2020 Election – Tony Odarg – The White Gentleman
TonyOdarg IN Oct 22 Oct 22 00
One can only hope for the best (best meaning no violent protesting regardless of Election results). Americans brace for inevitable post Election violence- In a little less than two weeks, we’ll be done voting. At least for ...
SpikeTalon PA Oct 21 Oct 21 11
There is Truthful COVID Science & Lying Science In the process of sharing other COVID Despotism insights I ran into a OAN post about some Coat Doctors assembling on the steps of the Supreme Court to share actual science on COVID pertaining to...
JohnHouk OK Oct 20 Oct 20 00
People in the Dark Shadows PEOPLE IN THE DARK SHADOWS There's at least one big boom in here, and depending on whether or not you're familiar with the swamp, this whole report might blow your mind. A week ago Trump mentioned that the...
ajhilder WA Oct 20 Oct 20 00
Intro to Justin Smith COVID Despotism & Questionable Gates-Involved Vaccine Justin Smith submitted two persuasive articles on Dem-Marxist COVID despotism and Bill Gates’ involvement with faulty Globalist scientists/doctors forcing their ...
JohnHouk OK Oct 19 Oct 19 00
Daily in Christ by Neil T. Anderson The Peace of God “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, do I give to you.” (John :27) Peace on earth--that's what everybody wants. But nobody can guarantee external ...
warminster100 Canada Oct 18 Oct 18 11
Domestic violence and gun control claims do not match reality-
SpikeTalon PA Oct 17 Oct 17 00
LINK Trump shares fake story from satire website to criticize Twitter | TheHill
TheMiddleWay OH Oct 16 Oct 16 00
(admin) Facebook is trying to ban this one. BREAKING: Whistleblower Drops HARD Evidence, Biden, Obama, Hillary EXECUTED Seal Team 6, Audio Proof, Anna Khait joins Gary Franchi to breakdown her bombshell tweet that is going viral across ...
ajhilder WA Oct 14 Oct 14 00
America, get ready for riots and violence in the streets on election day and weeks and months afterwards!!!!
farmerguy56 PA Oct 14 Oct 14 22
America, get ready for riots and violence in the streets on election day and weeks and months afterwards!!!!
farmerguy56 PA Oct 14 Oct 14 22
America, get ready for riots and violence in the streets on election day and for weeks and months afterwards!!!
farmerguy56 PA Oct 14 Oct 14 00 FEMINISM IS COMMUNISM: Female sexual dimorphism is no male oppression of them – it’s nature, end of story. Marxist/feminism’s use of female sexual dimorphism to teach that men & women not being the same is proof ...
1914wizard FL Oct 11 Oct 11 11
ElectionCountdown LIVE! US Military Readies For Election Day Violence - Will the UN step in? Tune in & share:
RealAlexJones TX Oct 9 Oct 9 22
Expose BillGates
YellowPill Canada Oct 7 Oct 7 00 A TRULY BRILLIANT DISCOURSE BY ERIN PIZZEY: I cannot speak highly enough about this speech by Erin Pizzey. As is always her proclivity she speaks strongly about inter-generational domestic (or otherwise) violence. ...
1914wizard FL Oct 7 Oct 7 00
BLM ANTIFA Violence Is A Conspiracy Says Michelle O
Andyman MD Oct 7 Oct 7 11
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-10-06 CURRENCY THAT COUNTS. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21) Someone once ...
warminster100 Canada Oct 6 Oct 6 11
People only see what they are prepared to see. If you look for what is good and what you can be grateful for you will find it everywhere.
Dvanwilly35 TX Oct 5 Oct 5 11
1. Sing to the Lord Jehovah’s name, And in His strength rejoice; When His salvation is our theme, Exalted be our voice. 2. With thanks approach His awful sight, And psalms of honor sing: The Lord ’s...
lawrenceblair OR Oct 5 Oct 5 00
Breeding the next generation of little Lenins; Worrying percentage of college students support violence to stop campus speech; worst colleges for free speech named….
TheRightNews Canada Oct 4 Oct 4 55
People in the Dark Shadows. There's at least one big boom in here, and depending on whether or not you're familiar with the swamp, this whole report might blow your mind. A week ago Trump mentioned that the violence in the US is being ...
ajhilder WA Oct 4 Oct 4 11
Why is the bible sometimes so hard to understand, especially when it comes to the end times? Key points to understand: 1. The bible was written both to reveal truth and to conceal truth. Among other things, it was written to be confusing. 2. ...
eschatologyguy Philippines Oct 3 Oct 3 11
MAKING SENSE OF THE MADNESS John Michael Chambers - Executive Producer . Host John broadcasts live daily Monday-Friday at 7:00 PM EST. John Michael Chambers is publisher, author, speaker and news commentator and does not advocate any ...
ajhilder WA Oct 2 Oct 2 00
I Don’t really care if America falls. It’s just an experiment in cultural evolution. I mean maybe it would be good if we segregated into 2 or 3 countries (maybe CA lefties, the south traditional Bible Thumpers, and the rest of the intelligent ...
FrozenSoul NC Oct 2 Oct 2 22
"Men often oppose a thing merely because they have no agency in planning it, or because it may have been planned by those who they dislike." Alexander Hamilton
Elijahnp UK Oct 1 Oct 1 11
National Guard called up by the Ohio Governor for tonight's debate- The long shadow of the violent demonstrations we have seen throughout 2020 now reach into the host city of the first Presidential Debate venue in Cleveland, Ohio. ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 29 Sep 29 11
Anyone else sick and tired of this twit? David Hogg apologizes for denouncing violence, saying his message only applies to ' white people'...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 29 Sep 29 33
Semi-auto rifle defense in Waukegan, Illinois: two killed in home invasion-
SpikeTalon PA Sep 29 Sep 29 00
Lisa MAGA Patriot More Hypocrisy From The War Mongering Hateful Left Oregon’s Dem Gov. Finally Declares ‘State of Emergency’ in Portland, but It’s the Most Hypocritical Move Ever Posted at 1:30 pm on September 26, 2020 by Nick Arama It’s...
ajhilder WA Sep 28 Sep 28 00
Educational Anti-Whiteism Series No. 13: Universities bring a guest on campus that says violence should used against white people. "Frequent guest at leading universities says that ‘violence is the only way’ to support BLM" “White ...
Miner NC Sep 28 Sep 28 00
Question... What do you all think about this ad from GA Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene? Apparently there was some outrage recently over her ad with some claiming it incited violence. Upon close examination of the ad, I could find no direct threat ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 27 Sep 27 99
Slug... Hoy hice 4 publicaciones y solo me dieron 5 puntos. Espere la actualizacion y nada... Me deben 15 puntos. Sin puntos... NO HAY JUEGO...
Nov2020 Peru Sep 23 Sep 23 11
NO candidate for the Supreme Court put forth by Trump will be in ANY way acceptable to the Democrats or the Left. There is NOTHING that can be said to change their minds. No amount of admirable traits or judicial experience and excellence will be...
tracycoyle CA Sep 23 Sep 23 55
Dems admit Portland is a problem they cannot solve- The nightly violence from the far Left in Portland, Oregon has become campaign fodder for Republicans from Donald Trump on down, and in a new piece at Politico Magazine, ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 23 Sep 23 11
. "Color Revolution is the term used to describe a series of remarkably effective CIA-led regime change operations using techniques developed by the RAND Corporation, “democracy” NGOs and other groups since the 1980’s. They ...
ajhilder WA Sep 23 Sep 23 22
YellowPill Canada Sep 22 Sep 22 00
Attempts to influence Congress by threats of violence are actionable under the law.
tracycoyle CA Sep 22 Sep 22 22
Tucker: The left’s extreme reaction to Ginsburg’s death. Tucker Carlson shows how the left is threatening violence over Trump's Supreme Court nomination.
ajhilder WA Sep 21 Sep 21 11
Equality Without Anarchy Equality without anarchy; can it exist? Think about something; even if you’re too young to remember (as I am), undoubtedly you can at least imagine this. The last time that a race-related issue was raised and people ...
MostlyInMyHead GA Sep 20 Sep 20 11
THE VOICE OF BUSINESS BETWEEN CANADA & THE ARAB WORLD Lots stuff happening as the world has been shut down well business are bought and sold world wide and no politicians are watching.... Welcome To The Canada Arab Business Council
1patriot Canada Sep 19 Sep 19 00
Another cockamamie anti 2A group... Mayors Against Illegal Guns still embracing extremist violence-
SpikeTalon PA Sep 18 Sep 18 00
Facebook Blocks Tucker Carlson Interview with Chinese Whistle Blower
RealAlexJones TX Sep 16 Sep 16 00
Study: up to ninety-five percent of 2020 US riots are linked to Black Lives Matter- Contrary to corporate media narratives, up to 95 percent of this summer’s riots are linked to Black Lives Matter activism, according to data...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 16 Sep 16 77