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"The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge: In Our Own Words"

"The story of Ruby Ridge in 1992, as told by Randy Weaver and his daughter Sara."

At the Amazon Website here is one of the reviews showing the anger within patriots created by a tyrant-infested federal government and the horrors of the hired thug lackeys loyal to pay and pension who will willingly murder innocent US citizen patriots:

"Should be required reading for all Americans
Reviewed in the United States on September 3, 2009
Verified Purchase
I first saw this book in 1998, and stayed up until 4:00 in the morning reading it in one sitting (I was horrified and could not put it down)! Since then, I gave 25 copies to members of a senior seminar "Miscarriages of Justice" class at the University of Washington. It's that important, including reading the last half which is primarily a record of U.S. Senate hearings about what occurred at Ruby Ridge. When the feds attack an American family, a 14-year old Son is murdered by being shot in the back (by federal agents, presumably a U.S. Marshal), and an unarmed Mother is shot in the head and killed by an FBI "sharpshooter, then every one in the world needs to know about it (understatment of the millennium!). This book should be taught in history classes throughout the United States and should be required reading for all."

Here is the link to the Webpage where the review exists. The Web has a multitude of sites offering facts, data and ample opinions about the Ruby Ridge murders.

Patriots must know the horrors that happen when tyrants become immersed within governance. Warnings of the dangers tyranny poses to We, the People, must be spread far and wide.

When tyrannical elites own the corporations that operate the USA's propaganda and indoctrination systems It is a must that the common folks lacking the wealth and power of the moneyed elites thus unable to challenge the lies and indoctrination filling the USA airwaves, entertainment industries, the advertising systems (ads are full of indoctrination/propaganda) and even the US education systems due to immense influence upon government and its bureaucracies allowed by elite wealth and the outflow of indoctrinated Woke pro-New World Order buffoons filling teacher and administration positions.

USA patriots must use our limited reach to counter the enormous evil cast upon us by the forces that seek to eventually enslave the USA and other Western counties and, eventually, a hereditary elite class will control the one-world government that makes the vast majority of humanity as serfs, peons and even slaves of our elite overlords and their huge army of well-paid minions, cohorts and lackeys that will have the power, means and permission to use any method they believe required to control you and me and the entirety of humanity.

A New Dark Age awaits the common folks while those elites and those directly serving their masters will be living a New Gilded Age reminiscent of the first Dark Age seen in Europe in 500 CE to 1500 CE. I fear that a New World Order victory is assured unless the patriot warrior class musters its forces and effectively confronts and defeats evil tyrants and their forces. Peaceful means are always best and every possible peaceful effort must be tried to oust the tyrants strangling us, our cultures and societies and entire countries. Violence must always be a very last choice brought on by desperation. But it must not be discounted.



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Don’t forget that Bill Barr was involved in that siege that started because of government entrapment.

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