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Reparations for slavery

I'm curious what folks think about the Dem presidential candidates talking about the government paying reparations to, I assume, blacks in the US for slavery in our past. Is it just a ploy to reel back in black voters who are in Blexit mode? Why do none of them address modern-day slavery which exists in astonishing numbers worldwide, including in the US?

SJJensen 4 Mar 24

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I would agree to payment of reparations, but with conditions. It should come out of every living slave owner's estate, to be paid to every living person that was a slave. This amount should be equal to the wages earned, minus of course costs (food, clothing, shelter). I think that would be a fair and equitable agreement. I believe slavery ended in 1865 (end of civil war) - so of course no one under the age of 154 should be eligible for reimbursement.


My ancestors on my fathers side were Virginia plantation owners. John Pendleton's slaves actually stayed and fought the Union sending women and children away. When slavery ended John Pendleton gave land money and such. I can go to public records to prove compensation at the time.
Ideally, the way Dems handle everything else, no.
Blacks may be crushed to learn it was another black man who was the largest slave owner in NC. To add: Who in Africa profitted? No one intellectually discusses that on either side. Maybe they should be the ones to pay. I believe Muslims profitted.


Not paying them shit. Not going to enable their victimhood. It would solve nothing. No one today in the US is a slave, has ever been a slave. You don't deserve it, you were not victimized. If you are black and don't want reparations you got it right!

If there not happy just deport them back. Quickest way to stop most of them playing the race card.


As a citizen of the UK, I demand reparations from the Romans, the Normans and those pesky Vikings!

Absolute nonsense!

I refuse to pay up, pleb. And in an entirely non-hypocritical jump, I also demand reparations for the short time that Rome was ruled by the Etruscan Kings.

Then, in turn, I will demand from you reparations for my 10 gens back grandfather who was a slave from Ireland brought to America.

But hey, the Americans should pay for that too...

Further, my 6 gens back grandfather and grandmother were whites running an underground railroad point as minister and wife of a church in southern Indiana (literally within view of KY) - so please to be explaining again how those white folks owe you when they already paid...

As a Scot who is related to a Scot who fought as an Officer under William Wallace at Sterling ... and other places ... and who, about six months later was also Drawn and Quartered and Who’s Head Graced the Wall in London ...

Do I get in that “reparations” line as well?
I mean ... I think I’ve still got echoes of his PTSD to this day ... !!!

(no intent to make light of other people’s PTSD)


Unless Democrats have 40 acres of land and a muie for me they can step off ...
Reparations are a pathetic attempt to buy votes from blacks. I was never a slave ...not even to the Democrat Plantation. And how are these " reparations " to be determined ? Does everyone in America get a DNA test ? Do they use the " paper bag test " Is anyone foolish enough to actually think this is real ? How much would that add to a 23 trillion National debt ? And lastly ...How much would I get ? $50 ? And is that taxable? Democrats are losing black support in droves and will do anything or say anything to keep the black vote.
Like Democrats .... Reparations are for chumps.
IMHO .....


No !! The first slave owner in America was a black man , the largest slave owner was a black lady !!! That's diverse if you ask me !! Repuration talk is only to get the vote and support of the blacks , and most are smarter than to buy that crap !!


The democrats have an interesting history (not going into it here) that has left little doubt that this is just another way to get the 'black vote'. Sadly, though, that has been a one-sided relationship that has since the mid-60s affirmative action program seen the rise of modern 'plantations' in the inner core of every major city in the U.S...

Virtually every one of the largest 20 cities in the country are controlled by democrats. Blacks are held by the combined lure of welfare, food stamps, and subsidized housing. Who would you vote for - the hand that feeds you or the one that wants you to work and be responsible for your own success or failure?

How to keep them obedient to their white masters? Offer more, dangle another carrot, give another incentive. And they fall for it every time. Black culture is one of being perpetual victims beholden to the democrats who hold them as tightly chained as the democrats of 170 years ago.

Couldn't agree more.


If we give reparations, why not go back over a thousand years when the Romans invaded and occupied England? Why not give some to those from Poland and Ireland when they tried to get jobs in this country in the late 1800's & early 1900's? The question, is, when will it end?


Everything the democrats/liberals say is a ploy. They don't think "Here is a real problem, how can we solve it?" They start with "Let's find an outcome that suits us, and then try to manipulate a problem to fit."


Why is it that no one talks about white slaves...? If reparations for slavery is just, that should include white slaves as well as black slaves. But it doesn't fit the left-wing narrative, I guess. lol

Fascinating! And victimhood - I hate it, too. Thanks ever so much for sharing your personal story. X


Reparations are being paid. It's called welfare - which, in essence, is slavery - self-inflicted.

It ain’t self inflicted. It’s inflicted from above, from dodgy self serving govts living the high life while maintaining their whoring to big corporations owned by the elite.


Reparations for any slave held to pick cotton before 1863 in the southern states of the United States, that is still ALIVE.


And only those who were slave-holders pay.


Ask Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson; he will say there has never been such thing as slavery. lol
On a serious note, victimhood sells and I can't stand it!


Absolutely not. Hasn't the Democratic party done enough to keep blacks dependent on them? Just like immigration policy, health care, and lowering the voting's all about votes.

That's what I was originally asking...this talk is all for votes, right? Yes!


That's a very interesting question. Personally I have been on a genealogy search recently. I was told that one of my great-great-grandfather's was run out of St Louis during the civil war because he was a slave holder. I later found out that he was business partners and friends for over 30 years with one of the foremost abolitionists at the time. To the point that his partner financially supported Dred Scott and encouraged him to sue for his freedom. So, no slaveholders there. He did own slaves in 1830, but there is no mention of them in the 1840 census. I often said that since one of my great-grandfathers was a slaveholder, and the other was a staunch unionist, the people asking for reparations could have my half-assed apology anytime they wished. As a matter of fact they could kiss it. By the way I just checked around my house and the outbuilding, and I find no slaves. Curious


Politicians & pundits are suggesting now that, 140-400 years after the fact, people who had nothing to do with enslaving anyone and who, in fact, may be descended from those who fought to free slaves, should pay reparations for someone else's sins. That is both illogical and unjust. At the same time, they are ignoring the ongoing slave trade in Islamic countries. Every culture throughout history has had slavery, but Christian/European culture was the first to seek to eradicate slavery. This country was the first to fight a war on behalf of slaves. IMO this is a political football that is being kicked around expressly to create resentment and divisiveness for political purposes.
If people are serious about seeking reparations to atone for the sins of past generations, then they should start much farther back, and I should be remunerated for the Roman enslavement & oppression of my Celtic forebears. Modern Italians owe me 40 acres and a mule."

Totally agree with you and if this is indeed a bandwagon white folks can get on, I want my reparations as well


I do believe it is a ploy to get the black voters back. It’s interesting that they want to address a social injustice that has been illegal for over 150 years but they turn a blind eye to the human trafficking and slavery that is happening right now through illegal border crossings.


All people have been sold and enslaved though out history this is a fact. Many by their own people. So the reperation payments will never end or cover everyone. ( it's silly to think it will IT'S A VOTE GRAB)
The reality is there are over 5 million slaves today more at any point in history why doesn't the pary of = everything work on the slavery today? This does effect minorities more then other's.
Would this not make better sense and a better voter base if they are not supporting the slave industry?

@Politico I'm not justifing anything. I'm from a very mixed family. My father worked the farm sold to his family from a black slave owner. He had a 5th grade education. I was raised middle class because my father worked 3 job's and sold Avon so my mother could raise us kid's.
I don't see how slavery of the past effects people more then slavery of today, when 8000 thous. Childen in America go missing a year most are minorities, every 40 seconds a child goes missing.
We must get past I'M A VICTIM OS SLAVERY no your not I'm nobody alive today is expect the slaves today! Your only a victim if you believe you are.

@Politico you do understand that the damage of slavery was done by people doing unto eachother what was legal at the time, brothers unto sisters mothers unto children ect. The descendents today how are they paying did they get whipped starved overworked owed used abued raped? No the are free to live to make choices and the biggest chioce many need to make is stay a slave to the government. Or not. By excepting payment from the government your staying a victim a slave to the government a payment to be a loyal subject.

@Politico people are feeling the weight of their daily choices. Not slavery. Not unjust persecution.

@Politico On a quick emotional basis reparations sound like a fair idea. When looked at logically it is not workable. Money will not fix the problem. Billions of dollars have already been spent in welfare programs and affirmative action. Still lots of complaints. When Affirmative Action was declared the answer to the problem I asked my mother why Negros (correct term at the time) were given more rights than other people from the government. I was told that they were not as smart or capable as other people and needed the extra help. This confused me. There was a Negro girl in my math class who kicked my butt on grades. Less intelligent? Less capable? Nonsense. However after 40 years of being treated by their government as less intelligent and capable it is not surprising that many Black people now feel that they can do nothing without a government program to help them.

@Politico people are effected by their financing decisions. You can give someone any amount of money to start with and depending on how the choose to spend that money will pave the path of their own future. The faster they're taught that, the faster they start prospering financially.

And the legal system in the US is being manipulated by morons who don't know what the law was written for. To allow the living of our lives according to the social compact as it is outlined in our constitution. Thus why we have so many stupid courts. To interpret the parameter of those systems, rather than pushing useless rulings that do more harm and set a worse precident for not breaking the law in the first place.

@Politico what your not understanding is one enough will never be enough. Not by the people but by those calling for it. Because it's still a form of enslavement. And 2 what your missing is people today have never owned slaves so it's not the government paying it's the people all people even the black community paying themselves. 3 there is a hidden truth about slavery in this country that many don't know.
All slave ship's where owned by rich jews ( zionist) not Europeans. They say those who own the gold hold the power rule the world.
Read white corgo. The untold history of white slavery in America the Zionists enslaved everyone.
So to expect thise to pay for what was done by a few is unacceptable. Do i like the fact slavery is a part of American history no do i except it yes. These men women and children built this country and i owe them graduate thanks and respect ect. Not there descends as well I'm owed nothing for my being a decent of slavery.
The giving admittance into college because of minority standing does not help, as well as job placement it hurts because lack of education hurts no matter what. If you don't move up because you earn it you only hurt yourself and society it's dumbing down the population for a reason.
I am not book smart by any means, but i see what is going on

@SpaceWillie2000 you should find this interesting i think.

@Politico i live in Detroit and if what your saying is true. Then I'm less liking to get hired. The a black person based on my race as well right? Because in my area im a minority so all management who would hire would so a "WHITE NAME" as you say and not hire me. Without looking at my experience or education?

@Politico you are avoiding fact that i have stated. Like white people have been enslaved as well. And that I'm a minority in my community does the white name apply to me? And more.
As far studies goes go if thay don't include all aspects of each individuals life thay are not based on facts. Foe example

  1. hire date
  2. day's taken off
  3. holidays earned payed or not
  4. raises per hire date
  5. grievances for poor work ect. Leading to action taken
    And more so a study proves nothing except some are still willing to believe they are victims of the people around more then themselves keeping themselves down with the help of false narrative
    It's said that women get payed less. This also is not true. For the same reasons.

@Politico as far as the infomation i sent you i thought you would find it interesting to look into because it can be proven that Zionists control the federal reserve control the gold control the world as the Rothchilds have said. So i just thought you would find it reseachable and intresting is all

@Politico Not a single original thought in all that..

People learn how to handle money by watching people handle money. At home, their friends, their associates. Education gives you the numbers wisdom but experience and examples are what teach people the why. Look at AOC, with her economics degree, and she didn't know that there's a difference between revenue, and tax revenue. Numbers smart. Why stupid.

There's plenty of poor white folk too, suffering under the same kind of oppression by the same sources. Where's reparations for every trailer park in America? For every ghetto for that matter, no matter the color?

The rich aren't rich because they're stupid. They figure out the system, and count on nobody closing loopholes that can be used, by every citizen, to better their business.

@SpaceWillie2000 i am a poor American and i do with what i have. My husband hurt his back and i was in a car accident. We both suffer with many physical problems. But we ske in the best we can with the money we work for. I earn at home and he earns with his brother. And such is life for many some by no choice others by choice known or not.

@Gerri4321 I'll look in to it. Promise!

@Politico Your argument did seem emotional to me. Matter of interpretation I suspect. One fact is abundantly clear and that is the fact that the US has many millions of very successful dark skinned people. Most people have a handicap of some sort. (I am dyslexic) Most of us figure out a way around the handicap. The bottom line of the reparations argument is that forcing people who had nothing to do with slavery to pay money to other people who have actually never been enslaved is a pretty silly idea.

@Farmergramma i may come across emotional in my debating true. Well first I'm a lady and second we are know to be emotional for a reason . so if i come across that way it's a normal response i would think. I to have a disability ( epilepsy) it has never stopped me from being the thing's i wanted in life. But I'm a simple person and in being so I'm easily pleased.
The idea of reperations is a real (in my opinion) political ploy for a few resons. Long term votes, new voter's, and to keep people held hostage by the system, as well as dumbing down. So i guess your right this is emotional for me when generation's are at stake of loseing freedom they don't know is slipping away.

@Politico, you can't create something today which removes what occurred in the past. Taking down statues which depict southern civil war generals doesn't get rid of what happened in the past. Once you start going down that road of getting rid of everything that depicts life in the past, you ignore that it was history, whether you agree with it or not. What's next . . .burning books in the town square?


I oppose reparations but I would be amused to see the dollar amounts the advocates have in mind for punishing these imagined transgressions against modern day blacks.


It's hard to understand any mentality where you are held accountable for the actions of your ancestors, I mean where does one draw the line? All that should matter is who are your friends and enemies in the present, and not the past. Everyone is born as a blank tablet and should have the opportunity to make their own decisions without a legal framework to punish future sons and daughters for their grandparents sins. Its absolutely abhorrent.


Yes! I agree-- there are probably more people in slavery now than in any other time. Last I read, it was about 27 million. I read Francis Bok's story of his enslavement in Sudan in the 80s and 90s. Unbelievable in this day and age.


When they produce someone living that was enslaved by me personally (which is impossible as I have never personally owned slaves), I will gladly pay reparations regardless of race, creed, or national origin. Otherwise, I work hard for my money, and I am responsible for my choices not those of my forefathers.


I do believe it is a ploy to get votes from those who do not want to take responsibility of their current situation in life. It is easier to lure the child with candy than to lure them with the knowledge to make the candy, due to the outcome while being short lived, it is now, and not in the future. Will they do politically what they say? What has history shown us? Probably not and I am sure there will be another shinny object tied to a string to troll them to something new. Or I could be wrong and it may lead to the undoing of woven fabric that holds our society together, that at this point may be stretched so tight to the point that one sharp edge may cause a tear, and not be able to be mended easily.

A question now comes to mind on how would they possibly implement this and validate it? So would you tax and I assume that would be the way it would go, by looking at how other forms of welfare are supported. So who do we tax? Just white people? So how do you decide who is a white person? By the way maybe someone is white, however doesn't identify as white. Do we figure through geniology who has owned slaves in their heritage? What if that heritage leads to a black family today? Are they taxed then, and at what proportion? Do we tax everyone across the board no matter what? So i guess for some it is a tax , and others an investment? I do not know or can not see a way that anyone can logically sell the idea of reparations to the public for a small proportion of people where the only problem they are having is taking responsibility for their own life, creating a vision of what they want, making a game plan to get it, and putting aside the things in their life that are limiting the manifestation of that vision. Or maybe I am also just an angry white


All of the actions and shouting points of the Democratic party are aimed at dividing us as a people, this Country was built on the backs of many different immigrants, some were slaves, of many origins and colors, at this time we need to stress that we the descendants of those immigrants and native peoples, are Americans first, and do all we can to rekindle the torch of Liberty and Freedom for all of us.
The Democratic party (and much of the Republican party) have been bought and paid for by world banking elite who through the U.N. is moving forward with enslavement of the world and mass murder (Research Agenda 21-2030) our so called representatives for the most part have signed on to these agendas, the one world government (Socialist/Communist) has to destroy the U.S.A. and it's founding principals for they're agendas to move forward.


I have Mormon ancestors who were run completely off of their land in Missouri in accordance with an extermination order signed by the governor of Missouri, in 1838. Not as bad as slavery admittedly, but I couldn't imagine a scenario where I would roll into northwest Missouri demanding some of that land back. Or wanting a stipend from the estate of Governor Boggs.

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