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Does anyone know much about upright deep freezers? We have a 21 cu ft freezer and just yesterday it started to beep (warming beep). We can't see anything wrong with it, so cleared the beep and pushed the Fast Freeze option to make sure all is well. It starting beeping again today. Any suggestions or things we should check?

The f'er is pretty much full and we don't want to loose all we've invested in filling it.

toronto_Georgia 8 Nov 13

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check freezer make sure it has ciculation, also switch on door couldbe stuck in open position .good luck,

Will do. Thanks.


Thank you both @eschatologyguy and @Weltansicht so much for the advice. Much appreciated.


I had a Haier brand upright freezer once. Did the same thing. You might need to buy a new one. Mine never got fixed despite two trips to the shop. The more "technologically advanced" a thing is, the more things that could go wrong with it. But don't let me stop you from having it fixed. Your ref tech there might know more. Had to throw away 11 lbs of bacon and other stuff when that happened.

I found the old-style chest type freezer more durable. And they keep the cold in longer (even in a power outage). Meantime, you might need to "fast freeze" it as often as needed.

We are looking into a new one. Sadly the size we need is not available anywhere around us. The darn thing is 21.3 cu ft is PACKED full and I mean full of meets we've been collecting for the last 7 or 8 months, quite a bit every week. We cannot afford to loose that. We're currently checking into replacing it or buying and having it shipped quite a distance. Roughly a grand or so before we are done, but the meats are well over that price. We bought it used 7 years ago. From what I'm reading its probably more than served its time.

@toronto_Georgia If you get a new one and get the one you have fixed, keep both. Just make sure you turn on the one you keep fallow for an hour or so at least once a month. If you don't, they go bad just by not being used.

@toronto_Georgia Just in case it dies, you might see if there are cold storage locker rentals in your area. A meat cutting shop would know.

@DMcCreery1956 Interesting idea. I'll look into it. My prime concern there is that neither my husband nor myself are jabbed, living in Upstate NY in real rural, that could quickly become a serious issue as to access.

@toronto_Georgia We have two facilities like that over here. You should have at least one over there.

@toronto_Georgia Sorry, I keep forgetting that everyone isn't back to the old normal.

@DMcCreery1956 We have a lot of Covid cases over here but we can travel so long as we social distance and mask up. My fave is the Batman mask. I can breath easier 😁


Walk-In Cold Storage Trailers And Containers | Rent, Finance ...

On average, you can rent a Walk-In Cold Storage Trailers and Container for $324/day, $829/week, $2304/month

Best value for us is just to outright buy a new one. Certainly good to know back up would be available.

@toronto_Georgia Trailer? Over here they're just huge cold-storage warehouses and they charge you by the kilo. I think it's a minimum of 100kgs. I think it's high time for you and your hubby to learn and practice canning meats.

@eschatologyguy Nah, we like our steak in original form LOL. Canning supplies are also getting harder to obtain. Buying a new freezer, this time we'll put it in a different area so we can back it up easily with a generator. Where the old one is is too far for generator back up. I can a lot of food and have a pressure cooker, but what I've seen of meat canning, we'll pass thank you.

@toronto_Georgia if you get at least 500W of usable power from your hydro, you'd be able to run your freezer and lights.

@eschatologyguy We listened to City Preppers video on how to calculate for each thing in our home and copied his chart and are preparing our own version of it. Pellet stove for heat has electric control requirements, there is also water pump from well, uv purifier, hot water heater (believe me cold showers at 10 below would not be pleasant), freezer, fridge, propane stove with only oven that is electric, TV and DVR, 2 computers and coffee maker. Some would only be used in alternate amounts and times. We're figuring 2 generators, one large and one smaller to run water issues. Knowing all these figures will help us plan for purchases. For some reason I suspect we could be looking at weeks this time.

Lights we're not worried about. Various forms of candles will certainly cover that.

@toronto_Georgia Wow. Butchers use to rent on-site meat lockers for practically nothing.

@toronto_Georgia You have a thorough plan. Regarding powering the well, freezer, and refrigerator, my husband has a kill-switch to bypass the grid and send power from the big generator in his shop to the house and well house without accidentally feeding juice into the grid. It keeps the noise away from us, too. In the event that an outage lasts longer than our stored fuel, I bought a hand-operated pump that slips down the casing beside the electric pump. In the desert, loss of water is my real fear.

By the way, ice chests saved our food this summer when I had to unpack our 20 year old freezer and defrost it during 107° heat. Hope your new freezer arrives quickly.

@DMcCreery1956 The new one is supposed to arrive tomorrow 🙂

As we will be using two generators, by-passing the grid won't be an issue. Storing enough gas might well become our worry.

Water is generally not an issue because we have two year round streams on the property, one quite close to the house. Winter, and freezing pipes is the biggest issue with not powering movement.

@toronto_Georgia You are blessed to have reliable water.

@DMcCreery1956 You two sound like you've had it all worked out for some time. That's wonderful. KUDOS to you both.

@toronto_Georgia There is always more that can be done, plus fine-tuning. We constantly watch videos, read articles and books, listen, and realize how unprepared we are still. You have a good location, which we lack.

@DMcCreery1956 We do the same regarding constant research and also have a long way to go. Planning and research are never a loss, and getting fully ready and prepared is a challenge to all of us. At least we are trying and maintaining hope for the future. Lying on our backs and staring at the stars just doesn't seem to be in our DNA.


Hey @toronto_Georgia we use to fix all our stuff []

possibly check the drain pan, full of water or its clogged ~ maybe 🤔

@Weltansicht will check both out. Thanks.

@toronto_Georgia good luck, I wish you the best on it 🙂

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