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LINK In Latest Flailing Attempt To Slow Soaring Energy Costs, Biden Invokes Defense Production Act To Push Green Agenda

Solar and fuel cell names are going to continue to be on watchlists this week one day after President Biden prioritized the two sources of energy as part of a manufacturing push in the U.S.

On Monday, Biden invoked the Defense Production Act, targeting the country's solar production capacity and fuel cell production, among other forms of green energy.

It's the latest "drop in the ocean" response to a massive, looming energy cost crisis that has resulted from out of control money printing and geopolitical volatility.

sqeptiq 9 June 7

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What could possibly go wrong, Creepy Uncle Joe?


This buffoon caused the energy crisis by invoking the "Green Agenda," and to solve it he doubles down. Insanity at its finest!


One major problem, the “green” agenda is a major cause of the rising energy costs.

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