17 43 is a proud "executive producer" of Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager's free speech film "No Safe Spaces". We sponsored the film over a year ago when we heard it will focus on how colleges are indoctrinating young people to be hyper-sensitive to anything that challenges their far-Left dogma.

Some of the people featured in the film: Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Tim Allen, Van Jones, and Bret Weinstein.

[] - In limited release now... wide release after November 23rd (depending on scheduling).

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Exactly what is needed, I’m fed up with my comments being constantly censored and taken off social media platforms like MSN and such because they don’t agree with my opinion, freedom of speech is the backbone of a free democratic western society and right now the left wing commies are taking massive liberties, thank god for Brexit, Farage, Trump and the massive Labour defeat, the worm has turned...


Is there any way I can just buy this to watch online?
I saw a YouTube link, but when it came up, you had to go to a link in the comments, from there a new page opened, and asked for my credit card info. I backed out of it then, only because I wasn't sure my funds would be going to the right people.
Thanks, looking forward to this film


Colleges and Universities have been taking billions (unreported to the fed) from China, Russia and who knows what other countries, in order to indoctrinate Americans into communist/socialists views and so on. They have been found out and guess we will see what comes down the road.


This movie as good as it is may be a little out of date because GONE ARE;
Campus anti-free speech riots
Nationwide ANTIFA
Weekly statue riots
Race riots
School walkouts
MILLIONS of Trump haters protesting
Road blockades to Trump rallies
Daily flag burnings
Iraq War
Oil wars
Kids in cages
Trump hats, lawn signs, billboards & bumper stickers are "normal" now not an outrage.

It's winter. Expect all that nasty behaviour to recommence in the spring.

@mrzog Kinda like climate change "belief" 😟


drunk now so will leave this til morning


Good! I hope this will make more and more people aware of the problem.


Thank you for supporting this IDW Community. In a world of under thinking and over thinking, Adam Carolla is just right. He has a very concise, hands on approach to life that everyone could benefit by knowing. I listen to his podcast every day. I look forward to seeing Carolla and Prager play off of each other. Great minds think alike.


Can I donate my IDW coins to this?

Thanks for the thought but we're funding it for you already 🙂 More news soon.


Really hope to see it within the UK but i fear that may be a struggle. If i find a way to watch it then i definately will. All the best with it!

Man, if it reach Odeon Cinema in Crewe, I'll buy you a beer!

@LukeGP Haha sounds good mate!


Many thanks to the for stepping up to support this important project!


Outstanding IDW.Community -- thank you for funding that important message. I am really eager to see it.


I hope to see it, But suspect it will be banned in NZ where everything is "Hate Speech"


I wonder how easy this will be to find where I live. Otherwise, I may have to acquire by eye patch.


And our thought leaders step up, can't wait to share the good news!


Is this movie going to come to Canada? There are many who would support this.

Yes, once it goes on full release.


Awesome to hear!

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