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And I don’t actually see it in her future either. However we should be thankful for what progress she’s made to date.

You’ll notice how she skirts the physical damage done to men opting to concentrate on women’s health only. But we should be thankful for the limited number of scales that have fallen from her eyes and wish her well in her personal eye opening trek she appears to have set out on.

Remember gentlemen, trust is like strong wine: its after affects can be devastating.

PS1. These hard core feminists will always insist that “women most affected” in everything, because they live for victim status. None-the-less it’s a good speech she should be applauded for because a little progress is better than no progress at all.

PS2. Or is she just trying to get ahead on the victim curve?

PS3. All women are born disability victim status searching. The safety net for women has always been – so where’s men’s safety net? A young man whines he’s quickly told to get up and off to work. Women need to be treated in exactly the same way men – equally!

PS4. Feminist Socialism is all about others supporting them instead of they being responsible for themselves like men have forever been expected to be.

PS5. So she’s a bit more feminist (aka socialist) than she’s communist – right?

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“An Evening with Dr. Naomi Wolf”

1914wizard 8 Nov 21
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She has a ways to go.


yeah I have read a lot of her crap & specious reasoning over on Substack, for a few years, and she reminds of 'means well,but...'

I view her as no different from all the other acolytes of progessivisim, socialism, feminazism...

a good example of these people doing psychological damage control, to keep their psyches intact, instead of having to look into the mirror and acknowledge what a schmuck you were, being deceived and/or brainwashed, like into a cult ~ would be like Michael Rappaport and Mayim Bialek and other notorious liberals of the Party hook, line, and sinker.

Basically, moronic ping pong balls in the arena of influence peddling.

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