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Disgruntled women chafe at the fact they weren’t born male calling it male ‘privilege’ {instead of just being thankful to have been born at all} which in reality is nothing more than ‘covetousness’ on their part – the tenth commandment to not do.

In fact all forms of Socialism are built upon nothing more than envy and the accompanying ‘covetousness’ that can come with it.

Are we really oppressed because we don’t have wings and can’t fly like creatures that can? We don’t hate creatures that fly simply because we weren’t ‘privileged’ to be born with wings – do we?

Is the worm oppressed because it can’t fly? Are fish oppressed because they can’t walk around on land?

Or could it be that all living creatures are ‘privileged’ for simply being alive?

Women tend to be Socialist for the simple reason that they’re both disgruntled in every aspect of life – and never ever satisfied.

Men do not oppress women by being satisfied in some fashion one way or the other. Envy does not oppression make!

How many times have you heard females complain about being admonished to “smile” – as if it were some sort of oppressive thing being done to them? Women are much more ‘privileged’ than men are in this world – because men have see to it they have been. And in so doing, men subconsciously know that women should be “smiling” instead of frowning all the time.

Women really need to learn that invasion of male spaces will in no way benefit them -- but they continue to invade them none-the-less.

Men have withstood enough misandry, and now that birth rates are below replacement levels and divorces have declined because marriages rates have declined, isn’t it time for you to consider MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) individualist philosophy of life for yourself? MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is a philosophy of individual peace and solitude – consider it for yourself.

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“Feminism Was Never About Equality - TFF 2.0”



  1. a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group:

"education is a right, not a privilege"

Similar: advantage, right, benefit, prerogative, entitlement, birthright, due, concession, freedom, liberty.

▪ something regarded as a special honor:

"I have the privilege of awarding you this scholarship"

Similar: honor, pleasure, source of pleasure/pride/satisfaction.

▪ (especially in a parliamentary context) the right to say or write something without the risk of incurring punishment or legal action for defamation:

"a breach of parliamentary privilege"

▪ the right of a lawyer or official to refuse to divulge confidential information.

▪ a grant to an individual, corporation, or place of special rights or immunities, especially in the form of a franchise or monopoly.

Similar: immunity, exemption, dispensation.


  1. grant a privilege or privileges to:


"English inheritance law privileged the eldest son"

▪ exempt (someone) from a liability or obligation to which others are subject.


Word Origin:
Middle English: via Old French from Latin privilegium ‘bill or law affecting an individual’, from privus ‘private’ + lex, leg- ‘law’.

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We need corrective labor camps for feminists.

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