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What's the best state to be in when we go full civil war? I'm currently in southern CA so anywhere is probably better, but some criteria are:

  1. Lots of whites without self guilt
  2. Good 2A protections
  3. Relatively low population density
ZapRowsdower 4 June 1
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I think Eastern Ontario. Quite rural, decent climate with real seasons and lots of opportunity to start a self sustaining operation. Liberal or Conservative governments are basically six of one and half a dozen of the other.


A funny line from an article I read about Antifa.
In my view, the most predictable revelation from the Irish Antifa Project was the extent of historical and cultural ignorance among the profiled activists. None of the intellectually and professionally mediocre individuals exposed by The Burkean appeared capable of articulating what Fascism was, or is alleged to be today. Fascism instead seems to have been adopted by these non-entities as a vague catch-all for anything touching upon capitalism, conservatism, religion, or tradition.


I live in Arkansas and the Northern part is nice. Not so much the rest of the State. There are some rural parts that aren't bad. Our governor hasn't been terrible on Covid but has cucked some on these riots. Parts of Georgia are really beautiful. Also, The Carolinas.



  1. Very White
  2. Everyone has guns
  3. No one lives there

Bonus -

  1. No State Income tax

Idaho, some parts of Utah, Arkansas seems pretty good. Tennessee and Kentucky. Northwest Arkansas is a particularly good place. You should check that out.


Northern Missouri?

I would go for a mild climate with a low cost of living and reasonable real estate prices. Most places that fit your objectives are not going to have many jobs so hopefully you can work over the internet.

Alaska Wyoming, North Dakota fit your list but too cold and isolated in my opinion.

wolfhnd Level 8 June 1, 2020
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