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Can someone please explain this to me:

China and muslims:

Islam is more than a religion, its a political ideology and all encompassing way of life.

Muslims from the middle east and western asia are much stricter adherents to their religion.

Muslims are not from China.

Islam is not compatible with chinese culture.

Islam is not compatible with the CCP.

Muslims not being from china and their historic record implies they are invading china.

China's hostile and unwelcoming behaviour back up the assertion that islam is invading.

Nobody is forcing muslims to go to china.

Uyghurs are genetically from the region in and around turkey

Uyghurs are not indigenous to the region. They are not chinese.

Islam has a record of invading countries and political sytems.

Given that these statements are true why does China not have the right to defend itself from outside insurgency? I am the first to criticize the ccp for the oppression of their citizens, hong kong, and taiwan; but I refuse to criticize them for defending themselves from islam. Is there something im missing? I don't see how they are genociding muslims when muslims have no right or reason to be there.

DJexs 3 July 22
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My understanding is that they are genetically mixed (I think also related to Central Asia) and have been in that part of China for hundreds, maybe thousands of years - probably as long or longer than Europeans have been in the Americas. It is the CCP that is more recent historically and genocidal even against its own people. The CCP hates all religion because the state is supposed to be the religion. Genocide and re-education camps are the tools of the leftists/socialists/communists so coming to a country near you. The seeds are here already.

emmdee2 Level 5 July 25, 2020

Muslims move en masse to cultures tolerant of them and breed like rabbits until they number enough to riot, rape and slaughter the original population into submission. This is their strategy every time. No mercy for the pedophile worshippers or they will destroy us.

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