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Can someone please explain this to me:

China and muslims:

Islam is more than a religion, its a political ideology and all encompassing way of life.

Muslims from the middle east and western asia are much stricter adherents to their religion.

Muslims are not from China.

Islam is not compatible with chinese culture.

Islam is not compatible with the CCP.

Muslims not being from china and their historic record implies they are invading china.

China's hostile and unwelcoming behaviour back up the assertion that islam is invading.

Nobody is forcing muslims to go to china.

Uyghurs are genetically from the region in and around turkey

Uyghurs are not indigenous to the region. They are not chinese.

Islam has a record of invading countries and political sytems.

Given that these statements are true why does China not have the right to defend itself from outside insurgency? I am the first to criticize the ccp for the oppression of their citizens, hong kong, and taiwan; but I refuse to criticize them for defending themselves from islam. Is there something im missing? I don't see how they are genociding muslims when muslims have no right or reason to be there.

DJexs 3 July 22
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My understanding is that they are genetically mixed (I think also related to Central Asia) and have been in that part of China for hundreds, maybe thousands of years - probably as long or longer than Europeans have been in the Americas. It is the CCP that is more recent historically and genocidal even against its own people. The CCP hates all religion because the state is supposed to be the religion. Genocide and re-education camps are the tools of the leftists/socialists/communists so coming to a country near you. The seeds are here already.

emmdee2 Level 5 July 25, 2020

I think your misunderstanding is " uyghurs are genetically from a region in and around turkey", No they are not, their ancestors over a thousand years ago were a nomadic tribe in the area of North West Mongolia, Western china and Southern Siberian Russia. Note, When Wikipedia or Google calls a people Turkic its referring to language not location. They probably joined and helped genghis khan and the mongol invasions, then later founded thier own kingdom the uyghur khaganate. This is when they probably converted to Islam. Sure some of their history is debatable but not their ancestral homeland. They historically have lived in what is now part of Mongolia and western China for a long long time.

"Many contemporary Western scholars, however, do not consider the modern Uyghurs to be of direct linear descent from the old Uyghur Khaganate of Mongolia. Rather, they consider them to be descendants of a number of peoples, one of them the ancient Uyghurs."

I'm not trying to be a dick but modern uyghurs look whiter than me and are not asian in appearance at all. They are genetically from the middle east, not from Mongolia. There may have been mongolians that mixed in with them, but they are clearly a people of caucasian descent.

@DJexs yes I know but I disagree with those historians, and personally believe the uyghurs of today are at least indirectly decended from the khaganate era uyghur peaples but i aslo believe that even a thousand years ago those uyghurs were not a homogeneous society but a mix of different people groups. Tribes and ethnicities that came together. I understand there is no proof.

@DJexs they might be lighter or whiter skinned, but you can clearly see the eyes have asian in the mix as well. This can be from hundreds or thousands of years of mixing and they have not "invaded" this area of China and it is more like China's borders absorbed them at some point.

@emmdee2 just because someone has narrow eyes doesn't make them asian. That's incredibly rascist and not true scientifically. GENETIC STUDIES HAVE BEEN DONE AND THEY ARE NOT CHINESE. THEY ARE NOT FROM CHINA. How do you not understand simple science? How do you get islam into China without it invading?

@DJexs Have you heard of Chinese Dynasties? Look at the change in the border between the two dynasties and the Qing is the one just prior to modern days. China enveloped the area that is now NW China within that last several hundred or so years. They have since lost Mongolia but China moved INTO where the Uyghurs live and the Uyghurs were already Muslim when that happened. To be clear....the Uyghurs lived in that part of what is China BEFORE the Chinese took it over. The Chinese invaded the Uyghurs, not the Uyghurs invaded the Chinese. Genetically Chinese people live n what was that smaller area of prior Dynasties. Uyghurs ARE ASIAN ... Central Asian.

@emmdee2 I agree, thats what chinese history shows.

@emmdee2 before the 10th century not a single person in what is now the uyghurs regions was Muslim. Why doesn't China have the same right to conquest as you are giving islam? If muslims have the right to that land why doesnt china? Islam doesnt peacfully convert an area.

Also some scholars claim that uyghurs didnt enter that region until the 10th century and they point to Tarim mummies as evidence. Which suggest that the people of the Xinjiang where not uyghurs until the 10th century which is the same time islam shows up in the region. Professor Victor Henry Mair sinologist.

So modern science suggest through genetics and archeology that the region Muslim uyghurs now populate was originally controlled by Tocharians. So why do uyghurs have the right to conquest to that region but China does not?

@DJexs I would not blame the Chinese nor the Uyghurs for what happened hundreds or thousands of years ago and likely there are people mixed together similar to what happened in Spain under the Moors. All of Europe and Asia there are blends from one country to the next.

There is no excuse for genocide and China would gladly visit the same on us someday.



Muslims move en masse to cultures tolerant of them and breed like rabbits until they number enough to riot, rape and slaughter the original population into submission. This is their strategy every time. No mercy for the pedophile worshippers or they will destroy us.

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