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This knife was one of many in my grandfather's large collection.

My grandfather fought in the Battle of the Bulge, received a Purple Heart, and was married to my grandmother for almost 70 years. He was a hard working, smart, capable, honest, God fearing family man. Despite this, he is now supposed to represent everything wrong with this country.

Meanwhile, a hologram of an ex-con drug addict is projected over statues honoring men like my grandfather, profaning their sacrifices and belittling their achievements in favor of affirmative action via historical revision. The sheer magnitude of ingratitude and ignorance is mind boggling.

If you are White, you are going to have to reconcile the difficult fact that anyone who is anti-White (the majority of whom are other Whites) is your enemy. That doesn't mean you wish anyone harm, it means acknowledging the harsh reality that they mean you (and your family) harm.

Never apologize for caring about God, family and country, because in the end, those are the only things that really matter.

SpootLepedus 5 Aug 5
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My father was also in the Bulge, he never really talked about the war that much but he did say he was dug in (the artillary barrage was a bitch and they were nearly out of ammo when the and his fox hole mate poked their heads out of the snow at the sound of tanks and got to wave at Patton, who waved back, now I don't know what percentage of bullshit that was but he came home with 2 ivory handled Lugers and a sword cane, and no the Lugers are not for sale, the sword cane is with my son


#ItsOkayToBeWhite 👌


It's a good thing the west fought to preserve the power of Jewish banks and international communism. The Germans were certainly the bigger threat with their burning books about encouraging pedophilia and genital mutilation.

Hey, that's the #GreatestGeneration you're disparaging!


We are letting this happen PC

B1967 Level 7 Aug 6, 2020
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