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Today (Thursday) we review the trend of "blackwashing" American culture. Blackwashing is a casting practice in the film industry in which black actors are cast in White roles. Join us live Thursday at 2:00 P.M. CST.

ramzpaul 8 Sep 10
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Someone said they are remaking The Wonder Years. I'm sure that will be a shit show.


All the great shows being sabotaged in remakes or reboots.


Well, I have to admit that if they “Blackwashed” MY shows, programs and movies I’d be a bit put out, but the last ones I watched with any regularity were the Munsters, the Addams Family and Dukes of Hazard on occasion.
Okay well, maybe Gomer Pyle and the Andy Griffith Show ...?

While I had a regular TV and Cable was easy to pirate, I basically watched news and journalism shows ... it would be funny seeng them to “wash” those. (They were basically full of crap back then too ... just not so blatant)

Honestly, I bought a MacPlus when they were a couple thousand dollars... 128k RAM was an “upgrade” and a 20MB Harddrive was “HUGE” ... I can’t recall if my first modem was a 1200 bps or a 4800 ...

I gave away my TV about a year later.

And NEVER Looked Back


The golden girls... what will they be called now?
The bronze girls?

We are All for black shows... we loved the Cosby show (yes you did... don’t deny it). We all watched Fresh Prince.
Just come up with your own ideas and we will all watch it.

Ditto for woman washing male roles.

Hanno Level 7 Sep 10, 2020

Annie has been a little red headed black girl for ages.

FEWI Level 7 Sep 10, 2020

I loved the original Annie I hate how they ruined it.


Blackwashing can only be successful if the programs are watched..sorry I don't do crappy makeovers..

Dmwils Level 7 Sep 10, 2020

Do the opposite and all hell will break loose.

FEWI Level 7 Sep 10, 2020

who controls Hollywood? Its not the Arabs, its the (((KHAZARS)))

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