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The Butterfly War


Flagherty 6 Sep 21
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They'll just mess with the algorithms so "anit-racist" or "authoritative" content pops up in response. They already do the same thing with things like the "holocaust" or "COVID".

Did you read the full article? It's really quite a brilliant strategy of tying the tech companies up in their own woke legal quagmire.

@Flagherty Sorry. I didn't see the article. I just saw the meme. Reading it now.

@Flagherty Wow. This is a HUGE topic that I don't think a lot of people (without very technical/programming backgrounds) are aware of. I certainly wasn't (although I know more than the average normie about GamerGate - I always just assumed it was spontaneous, i.e., "gamers finally having enough of feminists' shit and fighting back" type of scenario. I certainly don't understand every aspect of what the technical solutions he's proposing are, but the Gen. Petreaus part made me start imagining some very concerning scenarios...