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How do you feel about Trump's Covid vaccine?

I'm nervous about it. I hope the human trials go horribly because, if they don't, I'm worried that they'll make the vaccine mandatory worldwide. Then maybe the vaccine will have a delayed effect that kills a bunch of people. The cure could be a billion times worse than the disease.

We don't need a vaccine for this weak-ass disease. If the vaccine is safe then I hope that it will be optional and that employers will not be allowed to enforce or know if you've had the vaccine. I hope that this is a global policy. I don't want anyone on Earth forced or coerced into taking this vaccine.

Do you want to take the Covid vaccine if human trials deem it is safe?

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tenslein 6 Nov 15
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They won't make if mandatory, but if you don't have the vaccine you will be limited into things like health insurance/ travel etc....
If your not familiar with Dave Cullen (Computing Forever) he has done some excellent work exposing the evil pandemic.

What kind of limited travel? I don't wanna have to get a vaccine to fly on a plane. Fuck that. Not for this weak ass disease.

Forcing you to get a vaccine to travel internationally is essentially forcing you to get a vaccine. It's too big of an inconvenience and limitation on my life to limit me to America.