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Governor Kate Brown urges citizens to call the police on illegal Thanksgiving Dinners.

ramzpaul 8 Nov 25
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What is that aircraft on your profile???


Seems odd that strip clubs are allowed to be open in the same areas where churches are closed. I'm guessing a lap dance would pose a greater threat than sitting in church.

Satch Level 7 Nov 27, 2020

I'd like to see some videos of police busting through doors of people having dinner. Imagine if they had to drag people out of the house.


God! She's found her megalomania high. This is from 2 hours ago. I guess for Christmas, this single, working mama (me) is gonna lose employment because I will not take no damn vaccine:


And who is assigned to count heads at the Governor's Manson????

Serg97 Level 8 Nov 25, 2020

This just in: Oregon's 2 week freeze won't end in 2 weeks. Oregon has just been ordered stricter lockdown rules for the rest of the year.


I wouldn't mess with a woman who can cock a bird that big.

A1fredo Level 8 Nov 25, 2020

I'm lucky, my neighbours would claim to not know me rather than rat on me... And I them.


Not all sheriffs and district attorneys plan to enforce the unconstitutional law. Not everyone believes the Oregon constitution gives Brown the ability to make laws.

The Sheriff in my hometown put out a statement that ended in a sentence that basically said "If you civilly disobey, we will back you up, have a great weekend".

I live in Washington, but still, it was really cool to see.

@Malachite we need more officials to give us that kind of back up



Also Democrats: CALL THE POLICE!!!

Can we not all just make our own decisions?

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