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A Tale of Two Police Shootings. []

ramzpaul 8 Apr 13
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Stop resisting, stop dying, simple.

Apparently that piece of wisdom is beyond some people's comprehension.

I actually agree. And I'm considered liberal on this site. On the other hand, the police seem to not have a lot of options beyond "if they resist, repeat orders, then shoot." It seems to me they should develop more options and more techniques and strategies for apprehending suspects.

@TyKC Such as?

@AdrianRainbow Well it is not difficult to disable a car, even if you have to shoot out the tires and there are other ways. Once the suspect knows escape is futile, then hopefully they will see the light. It would force them into a no win situation. If they tried to escape on foot, at the very worse, you could tranquilize them. If you can taser someone, you can tranquilize them. It's better than shooting them. The police need to learn more de-escalation techniques rather than the escalation techniques they now use. Police in other countries apprehend suspects all the time and they carry no firearms.

@TyKC LOL, are you fucking shrooming dude?
It is actually very difficult to disable a car, to the point that the Israeli's actually developed a .50cal hand gun, the Desert Eagle, for shooting through the engine block at patrol crossings.
And anyway, the guy had already been pulled over, did you miss that part.
These guys are fucking career criminals who don't want to go to jail, they generally co-operate until they realize they're busted, and then they fight/reach, many of them are whacked off their gourd on opiates and/or amphetamines, and the police would once again carry the can if they 'tranquilized' them, and the perp OD'ed. That's how the situation gets 'escalated', by the perp' resisting, not by the police.
These cops are confronted with death every time they make a stop, and are responsible for not only the safe return of themselves to their families after work, but also their colleagues.
Tasers are unreliable, and even more unreliable when the perp' is jacked up on fentanyl.
Plus, they are no longer classified as 'non-lethal' because some many have actually died when tased.

Bedsides, WTF are you so concerned about the safety of career criminals, which they almost invariably are, over the safety of law enforcement.
48 officers were murdered in 2019 in the US, in the line of duty.

@AdrianRainbow People who get pulled over for a traffic violation are not career criminals. Nor can a cop make that assumption when apprehending a suspect. There is always the danger of someone pulling a gun and shooting. That's part of being a cop. I'm talking about situations where deadly force in unnecessary but used anyway. Cops risk being shot at, but they are not confronted with death every time they make a stop. The incidents seen on TV are in the vast minority. They make headlines. How many people get pulled over or stopped in a day, thousands. In fact, the probability you get murdered just walking around streets of America is several times higher than if you are a police officer. Stats below:


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