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Hi Ramzpaul,

I submitted this letter to my local representatives (State and Federal) but none answered. I submitted this as a letter to the editor to my local newspaper, but never heard back.

What do you think?

I have written letters to all of my representatives in state and Federal governments, but my concerns have either been dismissed, ignored, or answered by pre-written letters only tangently related to what I wrote indicating likely no human ever read what I wrote. I write here to express my concerns publicly, so that I, and those like me, are heard.

We write to you today to encourage you to repeal liability protection for vaccine manufacturers and the Food & Drug Administration, specifically 42 U.S. Code ยง 300aaโ€“22, and the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act. These evil laws clearly violate the rights of US citizens. Nothing says profit over people, or that the system is rigged against the little guy like these laws. Moreover, the sovereign immunity that protects the FDA should also be repealed. The FDA should be held responsible for their decisions, just like any average citizen would.

We are just simple citizens who do not have the money or resources to pay for our legal protection, nor lobbyists to alter the legal code to assert our interests over others, as these powerful companies and government agencies do. While we have no confidence in the effectiveness, or even interest of any branch of government in protecting us, we write to you today begging for your representation and protection.

Defenders of these appalling acts speciously defend them as ensuring scientific progress. I can imagine nothing more abhorrent than destroying equality under law as a condition of scientific or medical advancement. Destroying the concept of equality under law, which is already weak in the US, is too high of a price to pay. Undeniably, these laws create a new, de facto nobility of people who are higher on the legal totem pole than others. By allowing these laws to contaminate the US legal code, the concept of equal protection, which was supposed to have been codified in the 14th amendment, is a memory and a dream, rather than a reality.

Indeed, if you wish to encourage people to take any of the COVID19 vaccines, repealing these grotesque laws will help to assure all citizens that the government, and the pharmaceutical companies have their best interests in mind. By removing the right to be protected by courts and law, this law clearly implies that the government and justice system is at best completely indifferent about citizens' rights, and at worst, outright hostile to their rights. These laws clearly imply that neither the FDA nor the pharmaceutical companies are doing adequate safety checks of their products, despite their public assurances and FDA authorizations, as they have no incentive to. Indeed, if these manufacturers are so confident in their products, why seek liability protection in the first place, as they have done with many foreign governments as well? If the FDA is so confident in their approvals, why aren't they liable?

The vaccine injury program run by the US government essentially never pays for injuries. The average citizen cannot pay for legal representation that is required.

Confidence in law and government is destroyed when the common citizen is literally written out of protection of law, but is still subject to punishments and responsibilities of the law. This is especially true when people can be both forced to take a vaccine by employers or schools, and are out of options if they're injured by the vaccine. "We the people" have literally no voice in the government or the legal system. Indeed, is "we the people" little more than a cliche now?

hhg7 3 May 3
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