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The Superintendent of a nearby school district in New Jersey sent the following email. It went out to all parents with students in the school district.

Even though this is a public email, I have redacted the township name [XXXX] and the name of the Superintendent [YYYY]. I'm not sure why.

The first thing that I thought of was that these people believe the United States is in a state of sin and can only be redeemed by first destroying what now exists and then building from the ground up. The second thing I thought of was that they want to indoctrinate the children in order to create a new citizenry more to their liking. The third thing I thought of was that the anti-white left is gaining much ground in this latest battle.

I am curious to hear what the people here think about it.

Dear [XXXX] Community,

On behalf of the faculty, staff and administration of the [XXXX] Township School District, I wanted to reach out and address the feelings of pain and anxiety that many of us in the [XXXX] community are feeling at this time. As we watch national and local events unfold through the news and social media, it is a stark reality that we are living through a pandemic of both a virus and racism. Racism, and the very real feelings of unrest, are at the forefront of public consciousness. Regardless of political affiliation or race, we must have empathy and not stand for any type of inequality or injustice. We have heard the outcry from students, present and past, community members and staff. We thank you for sharing your insights, ideas and experiences. We appreciate you and your desire to make [XXXX] School District a better place.

At the heart of the educators in this community, there is love. Love of this community, this district, and all the students with whom we have the privilege of working with on a daily basis. We realize we are at a pivotal point in our country’s history. We need to understand this moment and we need to define our role as educators in dealing with racial injustice. We have an obligation to support our students, our community and each other. While we don’t have all the answers, we will commit to being the agents of change to create a community of empathy, equity and inclusion. We commit to:

  • Rejecting the racial and ethnic injustice that is present in our culture.
  • Providing education about the bias and prejudice that permeates our culture.
  • Instructional practices that equip all children to be able to disrupt and dismantle injustices and inequality.
  • Listening and learning from each other, fostering open dialogue between all, and building long lasting, supportive relationships with one another.
  • Empowering students to voice their experiences and concerns in a safe environment.
  • Speaking out against systemic racism in all of its forms.
  • Encouraging all students to reach the greatest opportunities that our schools can provide.

Change is not something that happens overnight; we believe that together we can move our district and community forward. Over the past few weeks, the district has taken the following initial steps to move forward with these issues:

  • We have listened to community members at a community forum and BOE meeting.
  • We have established a District Culture for Change Committee.
  • Administrators received training on the topic of racial injustice.
  • Two Black Parent Groups (K-6 and 7-) are being formed to foster communication and growth.
  • [XXXX] High School staff are forming an Empathy, Equity and Inclusion committee.
  • [XXXX] High School principal has formed a Teachers of Color that will meet regularly.
  • Principals have addressed their staff on the issue of racial injustice and civil unrest.
  • Administrators have met with students to hear concerns and suggestions.
  • Supervisors have begun to review and analyze curricula as they relate to race and injustice.

As a [XXXX] family, we know many of you are hurting. We are a resilient community, and we will continue to work together to create change and grow our understanding and acceptance of all who are part of our community.

With love, respect, and compassion, we are here for you.

[YYYY], Superintendent, on behalf of the [XXXX] School District Staff and Administration.

Choppy 5 June 26
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I used to work at a University and they are all about hating whites. They had a place in my building called the Multicultural center. It catered to almost exclusively to blacks. All the literature. There was nothing multi about it. Those places are all about race and hating our people.

Don't you get it? Most of us are "color blind." Leftists have you talking "blacks" and "whites," making you a racist, which maybe you weren't last week.


This is red pilling many White Americans.

God, I hope you are correct!

It is working. I’ve seen 3 normies close to me flip this month! Can we please turn it up to 11? They’ll never listen to us, but let a Communist mob tear up town and they come around real quick!


You should share the full version with some simapthic media


Let’s end racism by creating race specific parent groups.
Even better, let’s create race specific classes or even schools.
Wow, we can even have a race specific areas where we can give even race specific injustice beating privileges.
We can keep the white privileged apart from the poor oppressed and have special apart areas.
We can call these inequality busting justice areas Apart Havens Equally Inclusive Districts... or just Apartheid in short.

Hanno Level 7 June 26, 2020

This Superintendant has drunk a whole gallon of Kool-Aid. If he were a disciple if Jim Jones, he would already be sitting on Hale-Bop Comet, reborn in the universe. At least he might expect so on the way.

“Racism” exists in all societies at some level as cultural condemnation, and only the Left is convinced that it can be legislated out of human behavior. It can’t.

But it IS a very nifty tool for destroying any government that is in the way of their socialist utopia. Socialists today are also convinced that THEY are the ones in history who can finally make it work, and the 100 million human corpses littering previous attempts will have been worth it.

Anyone see the delusion?

DON’T JUST KNEE-JERK AGREE WHEN SOMEONE ASSERTS ITS ALL ABOUT RACISM. If you do agree like that, you have just been unwittingly enrolled in the “revolution.”


Thanks for sharing this. The racism is very real but it's anti-white racism and hate that I see. Blacks are being put on pedestals and that is not equality for all.

Naomimi Level 7 June 26, 2020
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