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I know "colored people" is racist, but "people of color" is not. Similarly "disabled people" is offensive, but "people with disabilities" is not. What will be the next phrase to be reformed like this?

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LargoEmbargo 6 July 6
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anything relating to the inferior that holds truth...
read Harrison Bergeron


Asians => Bloody hell .... Which ? Chinese or Indian (North Indian or Tamil) or Korean or Japanese. Vietnamese Borneo or Philippine. Exactly what the hell are you taking about when you say Asian. In Britain Pakistani Islamic Child rape gangs are called Asians ? (ARE THEY ?) THIS IS a minefield and a half ...


I don't know and I don't care.


Its easy to observe the media news cycle ,slowly starting the narrative festering in the minds of young people & those who refuse to grow up.
. Everything Is racist. White's are to blame. White supremist , Nazi Trump supporters are , -- fill in action deemed offensive that suits here. ----
The last straw for me personally was the proud owner of that beautiful Jag . Involved in a legitimate accident on a Seattle highway. Is facing felony vehicular manslaughter.. ,🀑🌎 WTF...


All whites must be killed=> Kill all whites.


George Carlin talked about the softening of language through adding syllables.


White People and Jews will interchangeably be = The bane of Civilization.

iThink Level 8 July 6, 2020

Whites = kulaks

Better analogy than mine!


Trans people --> people that are transitioning.

However a more fun one,
LGBTQ --> sexual degenerates (I'm really holding out we will this revolution...)


white people ==> Helots

Choppy Level 5 July 6, 2020

Any language that steers anyone to judge by group is antithetical to justice.

I actually disagree here. Judging by group can be a safety measure. But also, we can judge a person to be illegally in the country (an illegal) and it is a completely just term. I'm sure there are other examples, as well.

@Statuesketch. An INDIVIDUAL may be an illegal alien, and should suffer justice for it according to our law. There may be many INDIVIDUAL cases like that. Our law does not dispense justice by group, and smart people make that distinction as well.

@TimTuolomne you said "anyone to judge by group", not the law to judge by group. Of course we handle people as humans and individuals, however classifications of groups is how we exist and proceed with life. If you're arguing that the law should not judge by group, then we are in agreement.

@Statuesketch. I have no issue with those who choose differently. Its a free country. But are they β€œjust”? I don’t think so. I only make judgments grudgingly, and only of individuals, when I am forced to make an evaluation.


"Crackah" ==> Saltine Sapiens

Triumph Level 6 July 6, 2020

@JVIP-WTPNN Like burning and looting? Inner city wars as in Chicago where 85 people a weekend get shot?

Those kinds of actions?

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