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BLM terrorists murder young mother for saying “all lives matter.”

ramzpaul 8 July 12
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More proof BLM and Antifa this is a subversive with communist, racist, anti-semitic and a sexual deviant agenda whose goal is to destroy the nuclear family. They promote black supremacy and homosexual supremacy.


Never display your true thoughts to those who cannot discern between fantasy and reality. What a loss.

pongo83 Level 3 July 13, 2020

When do the riots start?

YotterO Level 4 July 13, 2020

Never relax.


Will the ADL and SPLC honor her memory? Or will they and Soros represent the killers legal defense in court??


Innocent women get shot, many children get shot, die. The media and BLM, people, worship , like a saint George Floyd , a 9 time prison fellon, who in one of his crimes crimes, broke into a home held a gun to a pregnant women belly, pistol whipped her. A noncontributer to his community is glorrified. A media without due process. Creates histeria, Lies, for political agenda. The woman shot for the greater, that all men are created equal, gets killed. The child sees this. This is exactly what the media continues to do is seperate us. The main stream media is racist, it continues to lie, belittle and use color to seperate. Why White, Black, Brown, Yellow is being used by media to fuel , continue hate?Instead of the cultural problem, they use the race card.


justice for Jessica « All Lives Matter » yell it loud everyone so Jessica hears it in heaven!

Header Level 8 July 13, 2020

"BLM?" Why, because they're presumably black and said those words? Should we assume the white people in the story are Klan members because they are white and said the N-word?

Assume that if you want. It still doesn't justify murder.


Glad to see that at least Fox is starting to give this some coverage, it actually took place about a week ago but seems to have gone unreported other than small/local outlets and some social media.


Absolutely horrifying 😟


This is at least the 3rd topic on this...
But this is an appalling tragedy... and the murderer should be gaoled.


So heart broken for her family! May a Holy God bring His love and justice for this situation. Praying


10 years from now we'll still probably be hearing about Heather Heyer but no one even on our side will probably remember this woman. Sad!

Heather Heyer had a heart attack anyhow.

Any "far right" murders are actually just lies from antifa / soros publications.

@bastion Morbid Obesity did her in.

@Rocknrollcola exactly! leftism made her die not the car.

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