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Why should I care about China abusing Muslims?

Having fewer pedophile worshippers and more people who hate China is exactly what I want. Why the hell would I care what China does with them?

I have plenty of good reasons to want the chinese gone. None of them have anything to do with protecting muslims. They can all rot. We're not here to play the fat tittied suckling motherbear to the entire world of people who want us dead. That attitude is pure communist subversion.

Fuck em. We have our own problems.

Flagherty 6 July 21
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@Flagherty: you're right and there is a term for what you're describing: promiscuous altruism.


Its just human decency to care about or have sympathy for people who are suffering terribly or dying unjustly regardless of who they are.

It's exactly this attitude that's allowed western nations to be used and abused by ungrateful and violent foreigners.

Universal compassion is not a "human" trait. In fact it's vanishingly rare outside bleeding heart westerners. Your compassion and empathy must be reserved first for your own people, not those who would never return the same compassion to you. To do so is the definition of an abusive relationship and the exact reason the west has been subverted and destroyed and its children raped and murdered en masse.

I don't waste compassion on people whose idea of righteousness is separating my heretical head from my shoulders, roasting dogs alive with a blowtorch, or fucking little boys so their "sexual emergencies" don't tempt them to masturbate. We have a limited amount of care and consideration and resources to tend to the wellbeing of our people and I don't intend to waste it on violent, ignorant savages who would never lift a finger for us.

Our nations and people are being destroyed and enslaved and yet the media has fooled us into wringing our hands for some irrelevant tribe suffering on the other side of the world to distract from the plight of our own people.

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