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I AM one of Jehovah "GOD"S biblical prophesied "sack cloth prophet"... im not seeing them anywhere so im claiming best sack clothed first. lol.


sackClothProphet comments on May 6, 2021:
@1914wizard pass it on
Ready or not, here they come.
sackClothProphet comments on May 6, 2021:
WE dont need your communist laws and vile self annointing pretending and hiding (so typical of cowards) while typing this bs pretending your a commenter to real americans "giving us the scoop" on the situation you created in the united states pretending you dont know and you are a "superior hueman and "warrior" ... you cowards attacked murder torture maim sacrifice torture innocent unarmed women and children at any weaponpoint but consider yourself Jehovahs "chosen" little racist murderers of innocent still hiding after 2021 years. after the fallen have had you shuffling papers for 2021 years pretending they are gonna help you in overthrowing all democracies and Jehovah "GOD" ... all you are is a civilian mutiny against WE THE PEOPLES democracy in your temper tantrum of vanity... "NO NO NO UH UH! 😤WE DONT WANNA FOLLOW 10 COMMANDMENTS, WE WANT TO TAKE OVER YOUR COUNTRY WITH THE 7 NOAHIDE LAWS SO WE CAN TWIST THEM INTO EXCUSES AND ONLY WANT YOU AS "GOYIN" SLAVES TO THE EGYPTIAN JEW"ISH", LOYAL YES CITIZENS OR DEAD TO OUR SUPER COOL SYNAGOGUE OF THE TEMPTED 😤. WHILE COMMITING TREASON BEHIND YOUR BACK WAAAA WAAA WAAA!". what country are you pretending wisdom to spread division from?
"First, we must recognize that blacks have a very good deal in America even if they aren’t as rich...
sackClothProphet comments on May 6, 2021:
first you need to recognize your racist propaganda is your opinion. phukin "black and white" denote shades to our 2 sacred tribe colors red and "yellow" = tones of gold... red is like the mid range gold shade? if so WE are just different shades of red. actually natives are the "poorest". in home town native poverty was at 100% as listed on "gov figures". racism only exists cause of "articles" like this...
sackClothProphet comments on May 6, 2021:
ohhh they know. "new world order" = egyptian jew"ish" naz👁 4th reicht. "black" non believer egyptian lives matter. "cops" on east coast are ss, cops on west coast are one step away. "fema" = mobile concentration camps... their "fema" double decker boxcars look airtight.
I have said it before!!! People can make more money living off the government then they can working ...
sackClothProphet comments on May 5, 2021:
what a scum bag phukin video. it took me 5 phukin years to prove my "richness" disability but "they decided" i was only allowed such amount instead of "full amount" so i could only afford having my own plave with a roommate... yall scum bag ignorant sheople need to move to "chi na". what low life sits in his living room with all his toys and chooses to dedicate his time phukin whinng like a "big boy" "saggin" your "man" skinny jeans pretending to be a man wearing a champagne glass attacks people on disability instead of people taking advantage of it for entertainment publically trying to start a hate group against fellow citizens pretending like your shit looks prettier than ours while on your lazy boys. actually mr know it all... WE have no homeless camps... there ALL infested with meth heads who sacrificed everything to worship meth pretending to be "homeless" and you "good people" give them everything while WE homeless are forced to the outskirts of the homeless area to avoid meth head drama and try to keep them from stealing from us homeless even while you give them everything... no "good person" they arent addicted to meth, its a choice... the meth heads either choose to "smoke, snort or "shoot up" meth so there is no certain way to make meth more "potent"... the affect is the same for all ways to ingest meth = its not addictive. if it was super addictive and deadly to them physically (other than losing teeth and stuff) why havent meth overdoses exceeded all other drugs... no they claim addiction to hide the fact they like meth cause it "frees their ego". its becoming common knowledge "meth" is the formula created by hitler to "create super soldiers"... meth heads are super nice "thanks brother", "i love you" etc bs... UNLESS you upset them or dont "help" them... then they get extremely violent and/or talk to the meth head pack behind your back to plot revenge against you... burning your tent and everything you own is a favorite of meth heads... good luck pressing charges... by the time cops arrive they are gone and NOT ONE meth head pack is gonna "snitch" on fellow meth heads... plus the cops throw in interrigation questions to the caller because their "homeless"... ohhh right, we fellow huemans "shouldnt be allowed" to get help from our own phukin democracy right? pathetic elected representative of our democracy worshipers... whose your next elected dictator g-d gonna be sheople?
Trumpter []
sackClothProphet comments on May 5, 2021:
lol WE THE PEOPLE are done with trump when his term ended... just these insane sheople worship the canceled tv series actor "turned" elected representative of our democracy... even after his term is over. its like worshiping your favorite civilian since he obviously only has "patriot power" to represent our democracy after WE elect him... hes not elected hes just a civilian again... where he belongs
Attention Required! | Cloudflare
sackClothProphet comments on May 5, 2021:
are you saying hes gonna attack our democracy? yall sound like little american communist sellouts to me. WE THE PEOPLE dont worship elected representatives to our democracy. they manipulated you moron sheople into thinking there are "left and right americans" so you attatck fellow citizens claiming your "american" naz👁
Trump Reacts To "Phony" Mitt Romney Getting Booed at GOP Convention []
sackClothProphet comments on May 5, 2021:
WE didnt "love" trump. helliry was popular vote and "electoral college voted" trump in, not WE THE PEOPLE. WE didnt even want him a second term. out of this political elected representative to our democracy worshipers. defund this corrupt bs "government" and their worshipers
What's been shoved up against your blood-brain barrier? []
sackClothProphet comments on May 5, 2021:
they designed it to do this. how do you "test" for blood "virus" by a "swab"... they are infecting loyal sheople too
American coastlines go first then, the rest are landlocked. It's strategic. []
sackClothProphet comments on May 4, 2021:
the meth worshipers have infected ALL areas and programs for us homeless. meth heads are not homeless!!! they sacrificed everything for their choice to smoke meth and pretend to be homeless to get free housing, food, shelter, clothes, water, donations, gift cards, "fly signs" when they need quick free cash, etc AND THEY STILL STEAL FROM: us homeless, each other, the government, their families, homeless families. they are a meth head family clique. if you dont smoke meth your a fair target. they seem like great people because they dont realize theyve become absolute in their self worship. if a fellow meth head steals from them and they know who in their "meekness" they "forgive them" and so they think they are still very very very "Holy" people but if their meth dealer robs you and slits your throat they would "turn the other cheek" after saying "love you brother" "bless you brother"... meth heads moniter donations all day everyday andtake what they want, get sizes, take donations of value to pawn shops for meth money... most the donations they grab are scattered throughout the "homeless encampment"...meth heads turn it into a 3rd world country while pushing us actual homeless to outskirts to avoid their self worshiping childish drama and try to keep our shet but they are a pack... if meth heads target your tent theyre watching for when you leave. go through a daily food donation opening up individual bags to grab what they like first... ie pieces of cake... meth heads will open 3 - 4 individual meals and take the cake out of them for themselves... according to meth heads i wasnt allowed on the homeless camping area because i have a car, im not homeless... and because its a gas efficient car they dont need to give me gas money to run them into town for groceries because my car gets good gas mileage ... the fact i use gas for heat too is irrelevant to them... INSANE selfishness... im living in my car because i tried to help a meth head get on his feet... when he gets his $1400 check he stays a friends room, lies to me to put me on the street so he dont have to spend 1 cent of his $1400 on me instead of meth after i broke myself spending $650 so we werent homeless thinkin he would cover until my next check... so like 3 weeks later im homeless in a wal mart parking lot and he sees me and just comes up to my car like "hey, what you up to?." like were kewl... i ignored him because talking to him would lead to fight... then he starts pukn runnin his mouth to his friends talkin "whoa is me because i oppressed him" shit to his friends saying he had to pay $100 because the manager said my 18 year old blind cat "trashed the room"... yea, the nasty manager tried that bs on me too and i ignored her.... no police report, no pic or vid proof plus my cat is 18 and ...
Like a shot of Tequila in the desert sun, claims of Qualified Immunity will evaporate.
sackClothProphet comments on May 4, 2021:
government dont "make law" legislation does
Bill and Melinda Gates announce end of 27-year marriage []
sackClothProphet comments on May 3, 2021:
i thought this was news from all views not "public official" worship?
Oh the insanity of man's gods.
sackClothProphet comments on May 3, 2021:
oh the insanity of mans godesses
Doctors being bribed? I’ll let you decide, yea i know it's hard to read
sackClothProphet comments on May 3, 2021:
they get a "gov raise" and claim to be "heroes" for doing the jobs they applied for while we have homeless war vets... disgusting people
defund this "government".
sackClothProphet comments on May 3, 2021:
not if you follow the idea. its easy. WE THE PEOPLE withdraw from this corrupt political circus peacefully and reunite in a different state like kansas or something... better yet just call our nation americas instead of united states... enough of this division bs. non political direct democracy... WE eliminate reservations and unite as one. = a chief and tribal council. WE start from scratch... no manufactured pills just herbal medicine. psychology is bs. WE create a global support system of all democracies... destroy the stupid "wall" to keep us from "escaping". this is the land of the free home of the brave... dont like it go to "chi na". etc
So I had to share this.
sackClothProphet comments on May 2, 2021:
its bs naz👁 propaganda trying to manipulate us into believing they are "chosen historic leaders"... just like hitler... "new world order" = egyptian jew"ish" 4th reicht of the naz👁.
How do we know the earth is round?
sackClothProphet comments on May 2, 2021:
BWAHAHAHA! lovely joke... whats lovely is that its so true it debunks flat liners i mean flat earthers. lol
[] Alyssa Milano gets owned . It's delicious !!!
sackClothProphet comments on May 2, 2021:
ie see "serg97"s comment. unrelated to the vid but adds another excuse for people to hate... also how is she "countering" an opinion on a seperate vid from the actresses vid? "opinion vs fact" ... we already know the actresses opinion is bs... pointless "debate" to someone elses opinion vid... its "freedom of speech" not freedom of opinion...
[] Alyssa Milano gets owned . It's delicious !!!
sackClothProphet comments on May 2, 2021:
imagine ignoring the racists instead of taking the bait? this is a str8 agenda to divide us. of course a white actress is giving her opinion as fact... 1. shes a puppet to her handlers 2. yall grow her platform
[] Alyssa Milano gets owned . It's delicious !!!
sackClothProphet comments on May 2, 2021:
imagine ignoring the racists instead of taking the bait? this is a str8 agenda to divide us. of course a white actress is giving her opinion as fact... 1. shes a puppet to her handlers 2. yall grow her platform
This was posted by “adonatac” below .
sackClothProphet comments on May 2, 2021:
a "virus" is the most effeceint way for an organized attack on all democracies... borris johnson (similar facial structure to trump to hitler) trump/biden (biding) macron etc... same script different actors for the destruction of democracies... ive been tellin yall ALL democracies are under coup from the "jew"ish" new world order" = egyptian jew"ish" naz👁 4th reicht... "fema" = mobile concentration camps... since 9/19/2019 10am when I was made Jehovahs sack cloth prophet and 00/01/2020 ... the end of our "time (1010) and a time (1010) i became the biblical sack cloth prophet ... I inherited my angel spirit back so our plant earth has become a simulation of the insanity of ego that i never understood... my spirit wants to vomit but i cant buy into that insanity... theres no feasible reason to stop vomiting its not gettin better unless WE unite... riiight... "satans" temptations perfect timing (Luci' was Jehovahs angel meastro of heavens orchestra before denamed) ... with all truths being revealed the temptation your absolutely right and refuse to research or pray on my words is volunteering your soul (control of your eternal energy "pack") to temptation of ego... angels (meekness) vs demon (manifestations of ego) or wisdom "vs" knowledge or common sense "vs" ignorance... and 2021 years after (war chief) Jesus murder and torture with the bible guidebook people claim self "chosen" hebrew chosen "black" israelites just like Jesus... (war chief) Jesus wasnt hebrew, he is aramaic. of the light tonded tribes of Judah. (war chief) Jesus wasnt an israelite they were in exile/exhiled (to americas) during his era. rome wasnt Jesus enemy, it was the egyptian jew"ish" naz👁synagogues that INSISTED on Jesus murder 3 times... the last request king herod put on their heads... it is my innerstanding "gentiles" were the roman slaves to the egyptian jew"ish" naz👁. Jesus saved them and gave them "time" to correct themselves... and so they decieved us with "religions" ... "catholic" = egyptian jew"ish" = the "pope" literally has a golden staff and wears a long hat (useb by egyptians to hide their elongated skulls) just like egyptian naz👁... "vatican" is built in the form of a snake...
"Thousands descended on the Connecticut State Capitol for the “Rise Up Rally” to stand together ...
sackClothProphet comments on May 2, 2021:
why dont WE ALL just unite as lions and sheep for (war chief) Jesus so WE can avoid remaining tribulation, Jehovahs wrath and revelationS? #UniteForJesus #UniteForJehovah #HuemanSingularity
just made my last car payment I still owe a lot but I'm just not paying anymore.
sackClothProphet comments on May 1, 2021:
trade it for a horse.
PJMedia: Wharton Study: Wealthy Would Be Able to Dodge 90 Percent of Biden Capital Gains Tax ...
sackClothProphet comments on May 1, 2021:
trump did this too "the rich just got richer" trump after his bs bill to help the rich was "passed" by democrats
Return of The Nephilim - Chuck Missler []
sackClothProphet comments on May 1, 2021:
bible warns there is no such thing as "aliens", its satan/fallen bs to decieve you from Jehovah "GOD". according to a "free" mason they are "having problems" with a "specific form" of "grays" and "they arent holding there end "of the deal" and "threatening to attack us huemans"... i advised him/them that they are fallen angels and he said "nu uh, we'll "handle them"... riiight, theyre gonna "fight" their fear that they created from an illusion of ignorance? just like those shadow things in harry potter books... if nephilim (possibly evil jew"ish" egyptian summoned fallen angels) existed they were not of mans realm, none of our business and as you will find, given command (by YOU) to shred the flesh of non believers of Jehovah "GOD".
This is so funny []
sackClothProphet comments on May 1, 2021:
BWAHAHAHA trans political 😂👍
"If a person needed proof to see how upside down the world has become, then look no further than the...
sackClothProphet comments on May 1, 2021:
that cleavage... are you that one girl from the party that night... nah... dear whatsYourFace... fun fact... "aids" doesnt exist... it was perfect scapegoat to scare people into beta testing their HI-Virus and following target... they used it to target black homosexual men ... and forgot other targeted group for "curing" = testing. so the first "aids" patient was an african male who "caught it from monkeys" ... implying he was a black man who had sex with monkeys ... imagine that... how tf did WE buy that... but realize it now... WE were delusioned but awakened (raptured: uplifted = our spirits were uplifted from the web of this realm) by Jehovah our Creator... dont be mad, were to intelligent for this shet... to be fair they had to pull it off so the full spectrum of perspectives could be researched so a permanent bridge between heaven and earth will be built... for those that humbly ask Jehovah for their inheritance/back = immortal and perfect = as (war chief) Jesus tried to tell you... be righteous in this realm so you earn your Holy wings/back ...too
So I'm a 46 yo GenXer, I met up with a Millenial - prolly 26 yo - and we compared notes.
sackClothProphet comments on May 1, 2021:
"compare notes"... melleniuls dont have anything to compare to the lovely goofy 70s & 80s.... life in the 80s compared to now was a (old) disney movie ... where are the lightning bugs, butterflies... annoying ass flies... birds dont sing in the morning anymore ... "reality" has stopped moving ... this pool of eternity (kept placid with "black holes" is waning... draining like an hourglass of 2 spirals. satan controls time and Jehovah our Creator controls eternity ... minute/momentum ... there is 1 second between every second \ I / 2 \ 3 / 4 \ ... grandfather clock like a Lion swingin his tail ... \ tick / tock \ tick / tock \ ... ahhh ok, thats why i always... almost always found grandfather clocks soothing ... my autism/ocd was drawn to try to find the pattern i just discovered but sometimes when i watched it ebb and flow the area above/around the clock would feel "open but shadowy... like those black shades might hang out there" ... the house was built in 1807 in germany. my "brother" and i counted 21 rooms one time ... but it was soo beautifully simplistic! its perfume was musty... in the 70s... we took "whore baths" in the chilly bathroom in the sink with just an 8 gallon water heater added under the sink... it was like living in a literal museum playing with toys from 1800s in the sometimes creepy first attic... (2 attics and 3 single seperate floor drying attics above those... old farm) .. ahhh my brother and i counted the barroom as 1 room and the old mom and pop restaurant built into the side of the house as 1 room ... was rented by a convience store... man my opa (grandpa) had another "1 room" that was a small candy store when we were kids... he "charged" us a phennig (penny) for anything... i mean ... wait... my grandfather had a literal penny candy shop... licorice, rock candy in jars ... equivilent to an 1800s candy store... in the mid 80s ... i mean it was absolutely lovely ... the ringing bell when we ran into the store... from the house entrance ... basically from one room to ... i vaguely remember my oma (grandmom) telling opa to take the bell down its connected to the house and him poo poo her winking at us "hes doing it for us"... i think he recreated that from his good childhood memories and passed it on to us ... sorry... i dont have memories... they are portals... i was ringin opas bell again...
So I'm a 46 yo GenXer, I met up with a Millenial - prolly 26 yo - and we compared notes.
sackClothProphet comments on May 1, 2021:
im 52 also genX ... since when did genX buy into political age bashing bs agenda?
sackClothProphet comments on May 1, 2021:
because hes pretending to be stupid so trump can pretend to "overthrow those democrats" = elected representatives of the same democracy" = trump just overthrew our democracy and welcome to the egyptian jew"ish" naz👁 "new world order" aka the 4th reicht and you sheople helped
My boss is threatening to fire the employee with the worst posture. I have a hunch it might be me.
sackClothProphet comments on May 1, 2021:
dont let it get ya down mr hunchbach
George Carlin Destroys Global Warming, Politics, Fast Food, Economics, War []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 30, 2021:
his whining about GOD is old... make fun of the people who didnt uphold Jehovah "GOD"s simple commandments. they f ed us all
Assault of Asian man another example why 2A rights matter- []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 30, 2021:
nobodies assualting asians in united states... china town is still standing. yall can drop this agenda
Trump supporter infiltrates ANTIFA in California, shares what he uncovered- []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 30, 2021:
who cares. trumps term ended.
Kitty understands. []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 30, 2021:
cats eyebrows actually bent when she mentioned the "pronouns" before she got catrected... loool
Censored history: 50,000 years of severe domestic abuse amongst Australian Aboriginals: ...
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 30, 2021:
people believe this garbage? it wasnt "ignored". it was created... ohhh no cave men were women abusers before there was law blah blah blah. why would we need to "evolve" when we were surviving as cave men? we havent been around that long anyway
WakeUpUSA BootTheDemocratsOUT Biden is a racist, Harris is a racist! Kamala Harris Hit Joe ...
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 29, 2021:
sheople... "democrats and republicans" represent the same democracy... there is no such thing as a left or right american... there is no "political" branch in our democracy nor mentioned in our constitution... trump is a canceled tv series actor turned representative of our democracy "president title" somehow... "biden"/biding was a hand picked runner up representative of our democracy... somehow... WE didnt vote for him so hes "on deck" to receive the position WE didnt want him for... in an nation emergency... and look at you politics worshipers go... attackin americas decision with your blind propaganda... "biden picks a dandelion off a lawn"... who gaf! ...sheople: HAHAHA democrats are dumb republicans are smarter!" riiight... your measure of "smartness" is making fun of a dude who picked a flower cause they told you to think it was dumb...
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 29, 2021:
no hes not. his term ended and WE didnt vote a second term for the canceled tv series actor who pretended to be a "global leader" but is nothing more than an supposed to be elected representative to our democracy. and yall worship a tv series actor turned "politician" = big business muppet = sheople ready for their communist dictator defund this failure ass "gov"
AP: US Catholic bishops may press Biden to stop taking Communion. Wow... []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 29, 2021:
none of their business. "religion" doesnt control gov plus united states has freedom of religion. "pope" "stepped down" like in 2019 so hes on photo tour solely for his [image] and the "vatican" is chanting prayers to "lucifer". its not surprising since the bible states no religion... ALL religions are a distraction from Jehovah "GOD" truth.
the propaganda game is strong.
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 29, 2021:
its not "strong"... everyone we know since the second WE were born has been lied to and put through constant attempts of "mind kontrol ultra" our whole life... but because WE research were pulling our spirits out of this babylon bs... WE were ALL awakened, its their willingly complacent ignorance now.
Here’s Someone Who Would Fit Right in with the Bad Guys in Orwell’s “1984” [youtube.]
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 29, 2021:
sellout civilian politician worshiping snitches are not human nature. they are successful "mk ultra" victims. but they could research... they choose blissful ignorance... all these nasty disgusting souless peoples gossip, rumors... have been empowered by the web... "what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive."
Well, I guess its safe to express this question at this point .
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 29, 2021:
phkn sheople politician worshipers... trump is a glorified canceled tv series "actor" "turned world leader"... hes NOTHING but a phkn elected representative of OUR DEMOCRACY... "politics" are not an entity of our democracy, not honorable mentioned in our constitution. only representatives too our democracy... LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR AN ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE OF OUR DEMOCRACY TO BE OVER WE THE PEOPLE... unless your "they the sheople"... "democrats/republicans" represent the same exact people of this democracy... theres no such thing as a left or right american ... stop calling yourselves "patriots" cause souless political sellouts said you could. watch the movie "the patriot" with mel gibson to learn what a real patriot represents... makes me want to phkn vomit you associate "patriot" with communistic genocide of fellow citizens cause your elected official told you flag waving american sellouts to. and you never bothered to research one thing. look at you help them divide and conquer fellow citizen "patriot" sheople of communism... wake the phuk up
The 1968 flu pandemic was caused by the influenza H3N2 virus.
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 29, 2021:
New Asian American gun club attracting interest in California- []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 29, 2021:
ummm no. you immigrated here and seeing as how we dont have racist "white, black, italian, irish, naz👁, aryan, kkk etc "gun clubs" you can join our nra. ive been in usa for 52 years, there is no "asian hate crimes" more than any other supposed other "racial crimes" so why are "asians" creating racist "gun clubs" to support murder? we just make a law that makes a hate crime treason and punishable by public hanging. leave the body hanging as a reminder we dont tolerate hate... have that include whoever publically spreads any hate propaganda... tadaa, "racism" cured.
Shit's about to get real in the propaganda centers of the Evil Empire.... []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 29, 2021:
dont bother with trial... thats just one and why would you need a trial when they admitted guilt?
What scam drained your wallet last year? []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 29, 2021:
no, naz👁 trump/canceled tv series actor turned "world leader" aka representative of united states democracy was not "robbed" of his dictatorship... its called term limits. a "president" is only an elected representative of our democracy to WE THE PEOPLE... "political parties" are not even a branch of our government, congress didnt vote to allow "democrat and republican parties" into our elections until 1890. honest abe was the last president of the "whigg" party, WE THE PEOPLES party. republicans/democrats couldnt get in our democracy cause WE didnt want them and voted for parties pre "politics"... ironically not suspicious abe lincoln was the third whigg president to die in office (2 prior to pres lincoln had "died of kinda odd but natural "sicknesses"...? the first republican took office after lincoln was murdered. abe lincoln was not a politician. a son of a farmer (in kentucky?) he taught himself how to be a lawyer (school was free), passed the bar. honest abe created federal reserve to protect our money from european banking (beast) system. he was like our only real president. they have absolutely no "power" over WE THE PEOPLE only as elected representatives. they have all broken their oaths... they are civilians comitting war crimes against us and other countries... there is no left or right democracy. they turned gov representative into a big business phkn muppet show ... Jehovah "GOD" had to dumb us down so they can pull this stupid shet off... theyre only representatives of the same dam democracy both accomplishing nuthin and become millionaires by robbing us...
What scam drained your wallet last year? []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 29, 2021:
"black" egyptian lives matter is funded by "elitist"/"new world order aka egyptian jew"ish" naz👁 4th reicht. george soros. hitler was jew"ISH" not a Jew. this aint "antisemetic" or however that racist phrase is used
Great analysis of what NOT is being included in VAERS data in a timely way. []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
they are sterilizing us
Am I wrong?
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
pretty sure it was nixon who devalued dollar but couple said reagan... he signed "nafta" so big business could avoid paying union wages by moving work over seas. destroyed manufacturing. i mean if you set 1 dollar on your table untouched for a year... its "worth less" cause of "inflation"... i believe $1 is only worth the .12 cents of our money to make each one. our gold was "shipped" to saudi in like 2018... "gold market" is controlled by artificial intelligence... all but like 20% of the stock market is controlled by artificial intelligence... they stole/control ALL democratic economies... the "$15 flat minimum wage" will collapse our economy and empower ALL monopolies... $30 gallon of milk, etc... theyll crash economy then "offer the savior" gov controlled "bitcoin" social credits... just like "chi na"...
Outrage erupts after HS runner — forced by Oregon state to wear mask — collapses at finish line.
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
this was obvious... the outrage should be the coach said "the kids usually collapse on the track from exhaustion". better get your freakin kids out of public ...ALL "schools"!
Nothing surprises me anymore
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
"theres nuthin new under whats left of our sun
How do you find a pothead in a crowd? You weed them out.
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
"how do you find a pothead in the crowd?" fire one up
The US doesn't need Australian gun control- []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
no democracy does
Paranoid is being scared of a cold.
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
the "cure" for this manufactured "bat flu" is the "Z pack" = ziramiaycin ... not sure of spelling. its a strong antibiotic for copd infections.
Follow The Science
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
they tell them theyre smart
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
its nice the "elite" are volunteering themselves first for depopulation.
A Day in Old London in 1920 in colour! []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
looks like same shet, "uploaded" fashion
Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/27/21 []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
actually president putin called him out saying its ridiculous wearing a mask during a zoom call a day or so ago ... guess that hasnt reached fox "news" yet?
[] Hurray for 2A
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
if everybody ready to defend 2nd amendment heads to "sanctuary state" they know where to air strike... its all states or ... divided or conquered
The former Soviet Union operated secret poison labs to experiment with new ways to covertly ...
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
this is bs passing the buck. bill gates is the "disease expert"... his foundation tested this corona bug on homeless street singers across the globe disguised as "helping homeless" ... cant remember what they called it, i followed it for awhile... cant help but thinkin gates is tied to "wal mart"|mart(ial) law
After Spotify employees tried to silence Joe Rogan, and Random House staff tried to kill Jordan ...
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
let them "silence" joe rogan and mike "christian lurch" pence. his home state... indiana college changed its policy to no "guest politician" speakers after pence was invited without approving it. they "honored" his visit because arrangments were already made.
Great analysis of what NOT is being included in VAERS data in a timely way. []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 28, 2021:
so hes using suspicious data from a suspect page from suspicious gov sources to prove the suspicious page from shady gov sources isnt accurate ... WHAT THE PHUK ARE YOU SMOKING SHERLOCK...? PUFF PUFF PASS PRIVATE PILE...? couple minutes later.... and see dudes... the difference between steers and queers is femininity period. ....does my smile make my face look gay?
What do all commonwealth nation PMs seem to have in common? []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 27, 2021:
they are the same actors as "presidents" only different stages.
Are your positions, both political and otherwise, grounded in facts, or beliefs?
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 26, 2021:
ummm, were over 1 year into tribulation. you need to wake tf up...
[] Excessive cringe & false God worship on display. Viewer discretion is advised.. 🙄
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 26, 2021:
only a few people worship his creepy ass. theyre making it look like its a new fad
Today marks the first official release of GM mosquitoes in the state of Florida.
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 26, 2021:
who all can see me?
Today marks the first official release of GM mosquitoes in the state of Florida.
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 26, 2021:
ummm your calls didnt stop them from releasing them in the first place, better off yelling at the mosquitoes. im gonna research what they did ... how can you not realize were under coup
They used television to demoralize us with their propaganda.
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 26, 2021:
"the simpsons" = the simpletons... didnt predict 9/11 "new world order" = egyptian jew"ish" naz👁 sacrifice, gold hiest, stock market heist of american civilians... it was done to "us goyin" for the egyptian jew "ish" naz👁 holiday on 9/11 and revealed in secret to all their followers in the "cartoon" making fun of us "goyin" = the jew"ish" global racist term for ALL "non" jew"ish" as stupid expendable sub human slaves to the "jew"ish" egyptian naz👁 "new world order" = 4th reicht ... the "simpsons" = simpletons is how the jew"ish" see us and secretly passed the "warnings" we downplayed as cartoon to each other as mssg. they recover hard drives they didnt think would survive, they ripped off stock market too. emails from jew"ish" employees in twin towers hinting to "non jew"ish" to "take the day off on 9/11". "building 7" had gold stored under it... "dissapeared"... gold sent (sold?) to saudi via 2 us transport helicopters in like 2018 (one little media blurp about that). it was just a sacrifice of us "goyin"/Jews on their "holli day". thats why "congress" tried to let first responders die... they "deserve" our money cause they are deceived into being holier than though self "chosen"... there is a vid of a popular rabbi saying "although other rabbis dont like to admit it. we worship lucifer." most jew"ish" dont/didnt know but all truths are being revealed... we all been delusioned/"dumbed down"... if Jehovah "GOD" wouldnt have awakened us even his Elect wouldnt have known... now we have to unite to shut "satan" temptation down... "beware of satans devices" bible ... satans [devices] 👁phone, 👁pad, 👁cloud/theyre version of borg heaven. "devices" are tracking devices first. they have scrying mirrors in them and magnetized outer edge creating a magnetic orb we gaze into that "recommends" for us. ALL forms of human connection has been rerouted into and through "devices". we stare into them while with each other. they record sound and 2 videos live plus surrounding "smart" devices, to 👁cloud if we say or type keywords... theyre prolly just recording 24/7 so they dont "miss something"... WE need to destroy our devices period "come out of babylon" bible
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 26, 2021:
tucker is a pre paid professional influencer gaslighting for egyptian jew"ish" naz👁. even some other canceled tv series "actor" turned politician "president" worshipers avoid his "influences
"As discussed in part two of this series, the war in Vietnam did not start on its official date, ...
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 26, 2021:
they tried to force jfk to start vietnam war and when he refused they killed and tortured marilyn monroe as a sacrifice (see the numbers of her toe tag). jfk called out their egyptian jew"ish" naz👁 organization so they murdered him. loos like they didnt "suicide" hitler, they retired and worshiped him... all fkn govs grabbed the naz👁 scientists created "nasa" (confusion) while they explored the occult and how to escape the planet and justice etc...
Spirituality Vs Religion
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 26, 2021:
no "religion" is stated in the bible so ALL "religions", "meditation", "yoga" are false distractions. the hebrew israelites are the dark toned Hopi tribes and light toned aramaic israelites are the tribes of Judah... Cherokee. theyre legend and prophecy pre date bible but line up perfectly with bible story and legend ... the bible is a codex (block of wood cut into equal sections) = equal sections combined = the original block of wood.
"Be sure to watch the whole video on Artur's channel.
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 25, 2021:
when a "government" is attacking the most basic civil rights, were under coup.ALL democracies are under coup. WE aint powerless, only sheople are
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 25, 2021:
"beware of satans devices" bible. destroy them to be free
"Well, here we are.
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 25, 2021:
there is no proof except a political party said so...
MORE LIES FROM THE HORSES ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE NEVER WORKED A DAY IN HIS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 24, 2021:
so putin called him out for wearing a mask to a zoom call and now he hangs it off his ear... deadly not deadly
"Despite the complete safety failure worldwide of the Covid19 vaccines, shockingly the state of ...
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 24, 2021:
yall better start compiling facts you see... they are overthrowing us state by state or a state beta test before they bring in military... the cat is out of the bag about fake plandemic ... but they havent slowed down even when a governers calling faucci out he just slithers and actually grins. "beware of satans [devices]" 👁phone, 👁pad, 👁cloud/theyre digital heaven... satan IS pulling us INTO our devices! ALL connections and communications have been rerouted to and through our devices... oSIRIs ... dam... "artificial" summoned intelligence... "algarythms" = egyptian jew"ish" symbols, sigils and spells? WE NEED TO DESTROY ALL DEVICES... unplug the beast system and come back to nature... each other. quit all jobs, pull kids from schools, do crafting and trading, turn neighborhoods back to communities, help each other, create/connect local militias to protect neighborhoods/counties and states following the 10 commandments. no religions allowed, just one big bible study... sunday pow wows/picnics/night time block parties for adults... turn your block into a f in club... restart a "world wide connection" only with righteous intent and compile all data for students or anyone to study... schools... WE did way better with communities instead of schools. this aint no day dream... WE could start this right fkn now ... WE need to reestablish hueman communication and connection cause they got us on satans devices swimming in a literal matrix blasting us with demonic shit through satans devices... ohhh yea, devices have scrying mirrors in them and magnetic edges making our devices into a magnetic orb we stare directly into ... that got inky ... as a Heyoka it feels like screens on our devices are become fluid ... sometimes i type a letter in a word to notice it was a blank space and go back to retype letter... i didnt forget to type the letter, it left a space. the letter dissapeared... and sometimes when i type its like typing in maple syrup... feels like im typing o n e letter at a time... our devices are very likely becoming portals... destroy them
THIS IS FREAKING GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 24, 2021:
puttin doing 666 hand gesture holding a black ring...? hes jew"ish" naz👁 new world order too... havent really researched him... united states of babylon the great is my area loool ... but i did have a vision/dream i was in same building as him... and a small group tried to capture me but walking, not running toward me but a couple were fixing silencers while walking in like a theater room with old solid iron metal seats and red upholstery (i climbed under them to a an aisle with a door) so i went back to putin and ask him whats up with that... he had a clipboard goin through pages looked up kinda puzzled look on his face for a second then poof it was over... meh time will tell, ummm mr putin, if your gonna kill me... just do it in the states, dont have to get all fancy lol
WTF is this? (in the middle of the Climate Summit this week) []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 24, 2021:
why are Navaho trusting "goverment"...
Living Truth Daily Devotion ...
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 24, 2021:
those who follow the bible will know him by the english translation of his ancient aramaic warrior name... Jehovah. actually bible states ALL will know him as Jehovah
Living Truth Daily Devotion ...
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 24, 2021:
to some natives GOD is known as Wankan Tanka ... the Great Everything.
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 24, 2021:
this vid has a hard time "loading"
Good video for normies. []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 24, 2021:
you dont "delete" facebook... theres the "option" to rejoin... aka as an excuse so they dont delete your [image]/file book. WE actually dont delete anything because our tracking "devices" and they keep the first copy.
GOOD FOR KROGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
@Serg97 i consider vets as survivors of battles, not paper cuts. are you tryin to attack my sun sign... drop some secret insult? how are you trying to empower your opinion when changing my mind was never your option... sooo your just tryin to look kewl. spit facts not dribble, get your self worshiping opinion culture out of my face. thanks
« • » « • » « • » « • • » « • • » « • » « • » ...
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
no. there is no "religion" in the bible, ALL "religions" were our biggest distraction from Jehovah "GOD". pray to Jehovah (english translation of his ancient aramaic name) and introduce yourself, he is waiting and "time" is waning
underwear dont stop farts either
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
yes... if there was a "virus" youd need a blood sample to isolate it and swabs dont take blood sample... you cant swab for a flu bug... theres nothing to "test", they arent testing they are "swabbing" for dna samples, damage pituitory gland with "nose swabs" and or infect people with the manufactured bug over and over plus the bug is designed to lower immune systems and antibody production in people with prior conditions (copd/emphazema here) and lowered immune systems, elderly and children. theyre not gonna manufacture a bug that harms them... the "cure" for the bug flu is the "Z pack = zithramyaci, an antibiotic for copd infections... of course they are targeting "believers" and native spirituality and especially because they want the reservation land back ... they almost genocided us way back... from like 16 million to 800,000... history is precanned bs. of course theres a connection "new world order" = egyptian jew"ish" naz👁 4th reicht = synagogue of satan = synagogue of temptations victims too... WE ALL been decieved since the day we were born out of the underground garden of Eden. welcome to the simulation of "time" during our spirit vision quests in flesh avatars in this earth realm. what inheritance have you recieved so far? did you judge yourself... or others?
Trouble is COMING! - YouTube
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
its the same global coup... america is the most armed country... they are slamming us with mk ultra bs so sheople short out and follow their kill orders.
Candace's First Day at The Daily Wire! []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
mr shapiro. do you consider "non jew"ish" humans to be "goyin"? a racist term that means worthless lost expendable "non jew"ish" slaves to only the jew"ish"? wasnt hitler jew"ish" (Jew like)... he slaughtered 6 million innocent Jews because they believed in Jehovah "GOD" and (war chief) Jesus IS his son. as instucted by the bible. what do you believe about (war chief) Jesus? what do you think about the "kabal"?
i am not sure this is in the right spot but watch your kids
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
thanks. i figured out how they are pulling off the "4/11" park dissapearances... there is an underground tunnel system throughout and across the united states... entrances in canada and mexico. the denver colorado airport is the masonic airport for the tunnel system... "elon musk" is an illuminati who owns "the boring company" tunneling company. they must have tunnel entrances in national forests... so they can go camping... "wal mart"/martial law stores are positioned over tunnel entrances for underground supplies... if you see chinese soldiers coming out of a wal mart take cover. in us they have already flown in foriegn enemies to take over positions of power hence all the "resigning" of politicians and faces we never seen with bs fake ass names with hidden meanings "biden"/biding time... "trump" a democracy.
The lumiere family goes on a trip.1895. []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
are you saying movies were invented before 1895 or lying about our history for vanity?
The Founding Fathers penned the first couple of drafts of the Declaration of Independence on hemp ...
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
its not cannabis, its hemp. hemp doesnt contain thc, they have been extracting cbd from hemp instead of cannibus but its never been tested before marketing it
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
we dont have a "border crisis" ... they are stoppin us from "escaping" when the "new world order" aka egyptian jew"ish" 4th naz👁 reicht and you canceled tv show actor turned "global leader", 2nd place elected official, etc worshipers are... have helped them with this global coup... "politics" is not part of our democracy... they have no power, fkn elected "representatives" TO our democracy... they have you manipulated to believe they are a power... divide and conquer
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
this is bs. us gov is pissin putin off... hes gonna end up strikin us with an emp missile as prophesied in revelationS.
To combat low population, Governor Sergi Morozov in Ulyanovsk, Russia, declared September 12, 2003 ...
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
howd this go?
Hurry to get the vaccine. The rats are waiting for the results.
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
fema = mobile concentration camps
Who killed JFK and why?
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
are you kidding? jfk told you who killed him in his f in speech... that route wasnt an approved route... cia killed him. they killed marilyn as a warning. the "new world order" aka egyptian jew"ish" 4th naz👁 reicht... yea were under coup as you shuffle papers...
Anti-gun rights activists target state level 2A protections- []
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
thay cant "attackkk" constitution period. opinion dont define law
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
theyre not gonna give one cause its a manufactured bug designed to supress antibodies and lower immune system in people with prior conditions and lower immune systems "kill the "weak" = elderly and children... i came across a vid of "scientists" who said that the "numbers" of the virus were "to perfect" to be natural and that fits in with depopulation agenda. "gates foundation" has publically patened a "vax" that goes in right hand, alters your dna, links YOUR BODY up to smart devices and will give you "tasks" you must perform to "earn bitcoin" social credits... just like "chi na".
Now that we're nearing the anniversary of the Kent State Massacre and there is a fascist state of ...
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
sheople just grabbing anything to find an excuse to attack someone for a chance at likes... define boomer morons? are you talking about your parents, grand parents, great great ancestors...? humanity cant sustain with sensitive little brats attacking mysterious previous generations instead of planning for our future... now your talking violence trying to "sag" in your "big boy" skinny jeans lookin like your wearing a champagne glass for pants... ponder this while your chewing tide pods and catching yourself on fire... WE havent bothered correcting you cause you werent our problem and now with the #ImSensitiveToo movement WE were avoiding your childish petty drama but now im out of fuks. i was born in 1968 ... gen X. WE stopped the bs racism agenda with wit, not violence. WE shamed the shallow racists who tried to use the N word or trying to stir racist violence WE just ignored them. this whiny bs didnt happen in the 80s because WE didnt "tolerate" shit that wasnt GODly. divide and conquer. they took Jehovah "GOD" out of our life and look at us now... ohhh yea, WE also didnt say nuthin because the "awakening"/rapture (uplifting) hadnt happened yet. if you actually researched topics with substance youd notice that more "boomers" are sharing info ... you f in morons weve been trying to save the human race by warning with truth and you imbeciles attack your own past species... you prolly believe evolution bs? ... blame your monkey boomers... btw the fallen angels refer to us in hueman form "monkeys" = the "theory of evolution with missing link universal excuse" agenda... they have you disbelieving in Jehovah "GOD" on a fkn theory... agenda started by fallen angels who know GOD exists... and your trying to blame the hueman race for your fk ups... talkin violence... mma fighting stemmed from our "wrestling" only you "tap out" instead of saying uncle... thatd be kewl as hell hearing mma fighters call uncle instead of tapping out lol. WE used to party to socialize not party to pass out in a weak attempt to look kewl... youd wake up with sharpie on your face... you feed this low energy shit agenda thats intentionally destroyed our society in your ignorance and vanity and call yourself aMErican... this aint even the same realm WE grew up in... fk this stupidty, they dragged us to Noahs days... lets take it back to the goofy but honest 80s
The Daniel Natal Show: Thinking In Systems [youtu.
sackClothProphet comments on Apr 23, 2021:
ohhh its time to defund the "gov".


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