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So, some people seem to come on social media, and instead of responding to others' posts or comments, they divert from the topic and exhibit what they know although nobody is asking for their knowledge. 🙄 They also often come on sounding arrogant and condescending like "You don't know what you're talking about, so I shall educate you."
So, why do they need to behave like that? Do they want recognition and admiration by exhibiting their knowledge because they are lonely and nobody pays attention to them in real life? Do they want confirmation or reassurance because the truth is that they lack confidence in real life? Or are they simply narcissistic and self-indulgent? What kind of psychology do you think it is?

Naomi 8 Apr 8

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Btw THEY ARE condescending... don't need ANY fact and arent gonna research cause they were told to believe it... they want confirmation of their ego... they are gone. they can't tell fact from fiction so your "attackin" masters words... you are the wrong enemy so now your dehumanized for whatever to them... riiight... they worship sociopathic ego worshiping politicians... the equvilant of car salemens in fancy suits. phkn tv star for a president, computer programer thief advises "cdc" on "diseases" ... the "gates foundation" did testing on homeless street singers around the globe... for charity about music and homelessness ... did any survive? this aint no awww shucks moment... people died because of their actions... thats treason... the "bat flu" is non lethal cept for those of us with prior lung conditions and lower immune systems... elderly and children... theyre not gonna design a bug to kill them "healthy people"... its agenda 21... depopulation of 3/4th of the global population to "controllable" lvl. all democracies are under coup. ohhh yea... "don't forget to vote" phkn sheople better get out of the "matrix"/babylon.


Just keep asking them for the facts to prove their not trolls, i like dropping absolute facts ie...
under wear doesnt stop farts but btw... doesnt your masks totally protect you from ALL viruses and stuff...? then stop verbally harassing us ... taada


I suggest watching Senator (and Dr.)Rand Paul’s exchanges with Lord Fauci for great examples of this.


I like to think that most of these sorts of people have never been taught, or they are incapable of critiquing their own thoughts and those of others. They go around thinking out loud a lot, looking for a really good argument but usually based on their terms. Many will acquiesce to a superior argument, what Peterson is famous for, the rest are what I think you well described and are found hang around at the edges of society.

Hello. I think you have a good analysis of the type of people I'm talking about. Perhaps, they're so comfortable with their own thoughts and beliefs that they never bother checking the other side of the coin, and if they are challenged, they don't like it, so they dodge, saying "You don't know what you're talking about." while trying to maintain a superior stance.

@Naomi Intelligence is not the amount of things that you know but the ability to accept another point of view and be open to changing one's own. Thinking is the hardest work their is, that's why so few do it.


Well I, for one, am an outrageous narcissist. Don't know about the rest of us...

Hello. If you say so. Lol You never come across as a narcissist to me though. You are always helpful when you share your knowledge and you never boast about what you know (and you truly ARE well-read). 🙂

He exposes himself! I knew it.

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