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An interesting choice. Care to offer yours?

Pathogen A will kill only people 80 years old and older.
Pathogen B will kill only people 30 years old and younger.
Pathogen C will kill indiscriminately across all age groups.

The Fates give the society 24 hours to choose which of these three pathogens to endure

Which would you choose?

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tracycoyle 8 Apr 22

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Ahhhh..."The Fates..."

Okay, let's play.

If it kills the same percentage of each age group, Pathogen A. Generously figuring on another 15 years of natural life span.
Pathogen B has a 30 year time window, so, at the same percentage of mortality, we could expect twice as many deaths just going by the amount of years available. As well, the sheer number of people is greater.
Pathogen C would seem to put more people at risk with a 50 year span of years and, presumably, the highest number of persons available.

Now, what's missing... If the pathogen KILLS EVERYONE in an age specific group, there's only one choice, if a temporary one. Pathogen A. Get used to a (possible) 80 year lifespan. That's your


I want more info:
Will the same total number of people die no matter which pathogen is chosen?
Or is it a percentage based killer? Because if so, then introducing it to a broader age range would cause more to die.


I haven't voted but I'm leaning toward C because society really needs the diversity of adventurous, experience, and wisdom that each category represents. A widespread loss to any one category would be potentially catastrophic.

There was an ethical discussion associated with the question that I have not copied but will eventually.


Given a real choice I would find those responsible for the plan and have them put to death as they so casually murdered others.


Average age of covid death in USA 78.2
Australia 84

@genkiferal I believe if my memory serves me correctly that in Australia over half the dead were from nursing homes after they sent them back into the nursing homes instead of seperate residents. They also had workers working in multiple facilities transfering it to other nursing homes. So go figure

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