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Help design a T-shirt for our community! We're about ready to launch a new project where we will be giving out some swag. We're obviously going to need a design. Here's what I came up with in 5 minutes... and no, that's not me. Designers, help!? Our font is the ever easy to find "Arial Black" but if you think we need something fancy, well, get fancy! Post some photos in the comments.

It'll be a couple weeks until we order the shirts so have fun 🙂

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Admin 8 Mar 11

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What do you guys think about this design?

@johnlocke Nice one 🙂 Could you imagine the folk lore that would be in 200 years if the lobster emblem has the current meaning?

Love it!

This is the best one in my opinion!

Did you hear about this. [] Typed "lobster icon meaning" in DuckDuckGo - and this is the first hit I get. I agree, don't know who this woman is/was, nor why she was giving such difference in assigning emoji meanings - but looks like the minority wins out over the majority once again due to their "victim privilege".

Thank you, @Boohickert. I think it's time for the free rational thinkers to reclaim this color combination.

Love it but in black and red or green writing. Not a fan of red and yellow/gold.

Stop appropriating leftist symbols fashy liberals.


@Admin I didn't get alot of time to work on graphics yet, but I came up with one design. The shirts will be available in black, right? Picture the attached design on a black shirt. It's probably best to stick to the logo for this website, so it's readily identifiable to others out in public who see you wearing the shirt. I picked a neon green color to fill in the words as that would stand out on a black shirt, and included the site initials and spelled out what the initials mean so others know what said initials stand for. The initials and spelled-out words do not necessarily have to be on top of each other, so maybe have the initials at the top left and the words spread out across the middle of the shirt? I might get some time later tonight to experiment a little more, if not then tomorrow. Your thoughts?

Looks good - we're mostly brainstorming ideas and having fun here. I like how you got the blue dot in the right place!

@Admin Here are a few others...

@SpikeTalon love the black with the lime!

I really like the original one with the white letters and blue dot. How about one without the tag line? Would create a lot of questions. Specifically, "What's IDW mean?" Conversation starter.

It says Dork Web!! The tail of the is real small.

@Danielion What are you talking about?

@SpikeTalon Look at the letter "a" in the thumbnail on your long post. It looks like an "o"!

@Danielion If you look at it up close though you can see it's an A.


Please, please, please make long sleeve t shirts too!!


As a retired marketing guy I need to advise that IDW is not yet well enough known to be used in branding. The full name is required at this point to gain brand recognition. Combining the initials and name would help in the transition once more recognizable.

If desired, my nephew has a fairly large T-shirt company that would be willing to print the shirts at a far lower price due to small town economic cost advantages. My guesstimate is an under $8 cost with a $15 target retail price for single color printing. Let me know if I can help.

@ViviMack I totally agree!!

So what is the full name? I am stumped.


Getting closer...

Also I'd buy an IWD bumper sticker if u had it.



I like the liberty symbol. esp good for Americans 🙂

@Admin i was hoping that people would see the liberty symbol applying to people from all over.

@Admin I was a graphic designer in the T-shirt industry for many years. If there is an interest in this I would be happy to "do it up" right as this is a simple mock up.

I think the liberty symbol is universal, I like it.
fits great for Canada, I don't see why not elsewhere.


I want something feminine! ??


I am not really a visual artist, but I have an idea that makes me smile. What about a dark (black or grey) light bulb? It is giving off white light and the rest of the shirt is dark. Possible statements printed on the shirt: "IDW- Light has come to the darkness" or "IDW- the Darkness and the Light" or "IDW because UDK".

Ooh, that is a good idea. I am going to piggyback off of it. Whiteline silouette of a lightbulb on a black background.
Change the light bulb"


Love it my only comment is make sure you print some 3xls and larger for your larger members . Thanks


I don't mind the light grey, but would also like to see it in black


Maybe solicit some input from Eric Weinstein:


I'm on it...


A ladies t-shirt would be nice. I have curves and want to show them


I think the red and gold one conjurs up communism and the United Nations.
Maybe just my age showing.
I like the spider web one.


Can we submit designs. I have some ideas. Simple is good but having more options are great. Please let me know thanks.

Yes! You can post photos here!


Color theory is fun..... I think it matters in ways that make no sense


Shirts themed as the various IDW members. Such as the lobster for Peterson, etc.


Same logo, black shirt


White on a black shirt


I love the simple and clean black and white, or colours on a black background. A friggin' big ass lobster would be cool too though.


dark web


Black Is better


That's something I'd wear as is.


White shirt is good,
also maybe stand out well with black on beige.
Beige will be impressive this year and next, but not common.

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