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I am new on here and would like to know if censorship on here is anywhere near as bad as it is on facebook, I am tired of being put in FB jail for making honest factual comments that get you put in jail for hate speech, I am no racist and do not hate anyone. But I do speak my mind and speak the truth, it is very sad when that gets you a 3 day ban.

Jaycee2010 4 Mar 14

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I left FB for that exact reason. two 30 day bans for a silly meme in a closed meme group!! No thanks


Here's something I recently got sent to Facebook jail for. Facebook, or some snowflake, didn't agree with my sense of humor! ?


My favorite hate speech is a simple four letter word that begins with s and ends with t. Most of the world is full of it. I can speak it as often as I like in any forum and no one (yet) has been offended. I call shit, shit and make no apologies for it, nor do I need to back it up with statistics. Ha! Happy posting. ?

Not offended, but I'd be more impressed with your intellect if your language was more creative.

@OlyDark I apologize for not living up to your high standards.


I have had one post blocked by Admin, with no word so far why.


No ... but if you post stuff that I personally think is ... junk.
That is, by my personal opinion ...
I will feel free to mock you ...

NOT that I think MY Opinion should be relevant to how YOU feel about what you post.


This site has so far no censorship of the sorts.


After looking at my quote I guess it was my own fault, I worded it badly, I meant to say they were acting like animals going after the police and put they are animals going after the police, so I guess it was my bad for not checking my wording. I will just have to double check everything I say in future to make sure my wording is politically correct.


And I would say minimizing frivolous use of Carlin's dirty words helps


As Ben Shapiro says, facts don't care about your feelings. If you think you're saying something controversial, please include stats and references.

Can we laugh at what they offer as references?

Unfortunately, admin, not all of us are here to win debates, or aspire to be podcast guest. I Myself am here to think freely and explore challenging topics with what is advertized as intellectual- people whom use their minds. Dropping a doctored study and stat does nit necessarily influence my willingness to wither from a debate, as i am a contrarian by nature in these types of forums and oppose only out of necessity so that the debate i am in can continue out of fun. Though it is possible my views may aline very closely with anothers, i may not reveal that ofUnfortunately it appears that much of the intellect here is just a bunch of grumpy gusses that think that a sentence wins the point.

@Bay0Wulf I hope this isn't like the rest of society where people confuse their ability to google with an actual history degree.

Mostly ... so far ... it seems not ...
So far ...
However, even those types are “invited” so ...

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