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New here and I'm not feeling great but I wanted to ask some people about the ethical ratifications of prostitution.
Would you say prostitution can be empowering and fun for the prostitute or is it a vicious system that forces prostitutes to have sex for money instead of for pleasure within a capitalist framework?

I think prostitution is a tragic by-product of a failed capitalist system.
What do you think?

Is prostitution a success or failure in capitalism?

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Oprichniki 5 Dec 12

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I think it's both of your answers. For some it'll be a job they tolerate. For others it's a job they like. For others it's a job they strongly dislike and do to eat.

It is noteworthy is that a side-effect of capitalism is we push people towards these sorts of behaviors for money, even if they don't want to do them. Prostitution is one of the better arguments for the existence of some form of living wage...or else benefits for people who can't work, or with children they can't support, and food stamps, and all those sorts of safety nets.


Any form of sexual objectification is the opposite of human empowerment. Risky and promiscuous sexual behavior is often misunderstood, and misjudged, and justified, in an attempt to try to accept it, when in reality, it is a very common symptom of childhood sexual abuse, and represents a confused understanding of thoughts and feelings present in the adult survivor’s subconscious. Fear, as well. They justify the behaviors, almost as a last resort, because they cannot understand why they are compelled to act these behaviors out. They are re-enacting the trauma, in a subconscious attempt to resolve it, with a genuine lack of awareness, that this is occurring. It makes perfect sense when one considers the context, and is not an irrational Response, to horrific abuse. It is a nightmare for the survivor, with little genuine and effective help available to guide them through, what is likely, childhood trauma. But they aren’t who they think they are, and they are definitely not behind help, and of course, redemption. They aren’t crazy, or sick, they are terribly, and very understandably confused. They think they are far more “messed up” than they actually are. It is far more common than I could possibly have known, sadly. My partner revealed this abuse, to me. And subsequently, it seemed to pop up in many aspects of my life, via other friends, students (I was a professor) and so on. Society turns a blind eye to sexual abuse. It is the greatest sin we have committed, as a society, against ourselves and children. The most common form of this abuse, occurring in the home. Can you imagine being forced to live with the person who assaulted or assaults you repeatedly, and lies about it, every day? What would this do a child? To the adult who survived it? Oh, and let’s not forget, expected to “love” the person who hurt and betrayed you the most? Children have to repress memories of this abuse, to survive it. It is a common trauma response to repress aspects of memory, among all severe trauma survivors.


It’s a mistake to link prostitution to capitalism in the first place. If you think there is no prostitution under socialist regimes you probably need to get out more.

Not to mention ancient societies at least as far back as the earliest forms of writing.

What prostitute has had sex for the communist revolution?
What prostitute has had sex for payment.
All of them.
That's literally built into the definition of prostitution, dingus.

I'll agree that prostitution will exist regardless of the government type. We could, I think, reduce the amount of prostitutes that don't want to be prostitutes through some form of living wage though. I'm not arguing for a living wage...just pointing out the consequences that always occur from people noting having as much money as they want. I think that's what the creator of this founding post was getting at. Pure capitalism, at least without something to help find employment or benefits for the mentally ill/people with stamps....that sort of thing...that's inevitably going to push people towards prostitution.

Prostitution as a crime. Both are part of human nature. You can keep these things more or less under control, but you will never get rid of them.
Moreover, the sin of prostitutes is much less than the sin of criminals. After all, men should be grateful that prostitutes exist.


Asking questions like this post sometimes are tools of socialists to get people to think of human nature as something someone should change. They don't ask who will decide. Nor do they ask if human nature can be changed by humans to positive effect. These are better questions.

Marxism assumes human nature can be changed. And it assumes Marxists should do the changing, including killing anyone who doesn't go along. History proves them wrong.


Prostitution degrades and reduces the beauty of love making. Making love should be revered as one of the greatest pleasures we can experience. With prostitution all it is, is a mechanization.

That is not true. Prostitutes do many things to heighten the experience they provide and thus charge higher prices for their service.
This is a one way street though where the prostitute feels nothing and the customer feels like they're having the best sex ever.
It is mechanized in a way but the reality is that the experience for the customer is not diminished.
From how I see things I think both parties should enjoy sex for the pleasure instead of one enjoying the money from the sex instead of the pleasure (or lack thereof).


Prostitution as an arrangement between consenting adults should have the same standing as any other legal arrangement between consenting adults.

Of the 3 people who commented here you're the only one I can really take seriously.
You think that prostitution should be legally regulated?
There are places where prostitution is legal but the prostitute is required to be tested for stds and things like this.
I think that helps keep people more safe but my point is that sex being considered as a way for making money is something that takes away from the practice of sex being for making pleasure.
Do you support mercenary/hitman work?
Killing for money instead of for self defense or some other reason?
Sex is obviously much more innocent than killing but both sex and killing tend to be very personal things.
With mercenary/hitman work as well as prostitution these personal things are not done for personal reasons but for financial reasons.

@Oprichniki Killing does harm, while prostitution benefits both parties. And, though there may be, I can't think of anyone who would consent to being killed.

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