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The word "Liberal" and "totalitarian" are becoming synonymous. Very sad. There was a time when Liberal meant live and let live, freedom of mind, tolerance, etc. No longer.

Cogitarius 5 May 8

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If a Republican state passes a law that Democrats don't like, Democrat states attack the Republican state. Full scale state war is inevitable.

Democrats are conquistadors. They invade other communities and force them to obey Democrat law. Democrats are colonialists.

When Democrats flee dumbass Democrat states and move to Republican states, they are being colonialists. They should let the natives be. Democrats should go back to the shadows.

The Amish are living in peace by themselves, hoping that American politicians take care of business on the national level so that the Amish don't have to worry about it. Democrats failed. They crippled the country, and everyone will suffer.

Leftists are like an aggressive cancer. They try to leftize everything. They install sleeper agents in Republican territory.


No; the word "liberal" is still an antonym to the word "totalitarian"

The word "liberal" as it is (mis) understood over the last 60 or 70 years is a deception.
The word "totalitarianism" is still defined as dictatorial rule.

What you have observed is actually the real character of those who call themselves "liberal" today. That being fascistic, bitter and angry traits. They are anything but "liberal".

I'm referring to the original use of the word in the 19th century and early 20th.

@Cogitarius right - and in the correct usage of the word "liberal" its meaning is antithetical to that which is word "totalitarian"
It is illogical to equate or to conflate the meanings of those two words.


Leftists only adopted the name "Liberal" hoping to fool the public. Liberal has always meant individual liberty. The Left is all about the needs of the collective; no individual rights.


The word “thug” also comes to mind as a synonym.


Now "liberal" in America pretty well means cultural Marxist and anti-white (trending anti-Asian, too).

I have long ago quit using the term liberal to describe the modern far left radicals that the Democrat party and its mindless lackeys have become.

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