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Joe Biden must be salivating with envy…

Major Hong Kong democratic party disbands amid China security clampdown

"The world is ever changing. History will tell. Today, the Civic Party is bidding Hong Kong farewell. We hope Hong Kong people will live in the moment with a hopeful and not too heavy heart. Live in truth and believe in tomorrow," Leong, a senior barrister, wrote in a statement.
The Civic Party, founded in 2006, had been a major democratic force in the financial hub that returned from British to Chinese rule in 1997, alongside the Democratic Party, performing strongly in local legislative and district polls…
China's imposition of a sweeping national security law in Hong Kong in 2020, however, saw a number of its members arrested including former lawmakers Alvin Yeung and Jeremy Tam…
Others have fled into exile.
Following on the heels of the national security law, China in 2021 revamped Hong Kong's electoral system, further reducing democratic representation while introducing a mechanism to vet politicians' loyalty to Beijing… a progressive democratic step to ensure only pro-China "patriots" govern Hong Kong.


Garsco 8 May 29

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