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America’s Largest Teacher’s Union Has Vowed To Make American Kids Racist - []

JohnBurke 8 July 6
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At least Americans can see clearly that they (and Canadians, Australians, etc) are being played like a piano. These policies did not just magically appear overnight as some are supposing. This has been in the works for a number of years already.

Disorient and ignite the masses in conflict. Then setup the Great Reset to protect their wealth and power. What the elites do not understand is when the food runs out, they are coming for the elites hiding behind their private security apparatus


My wife was block from using a FB ad because it contained an American flag. I suggested she use a Syrian flag and explain the American flag is blocked but she does not go in for that kind of conflict.

That’s sad. Good advice is often ignored.


It's a great time to get into homeschooling.

sqeptiq Level 10 July 6, 2021

No kidding. Geez! It has just gotten so bizarre.

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