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Fresh off the meme press.

Krunoslav 9 Jan 28
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As to the eggs header, at least you are free to buy more than one. Out here in CaCaLand the price has doubled since the PedoPres took over and rationing is in place -- you can only buy one.


People, be careful!!! RUSSIAN SPIES IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, as long as they are not Ukrainian ..................... That is much worse!

@bobbo666 He claims to be in croatia but doesn't know how to read or speak croatian!!!

Russian spy!!!

@samtilley If you shoot as accurately as you judge people, you can't hit a target the size of a barn, two feet away from you, cowboy.

@Krunoslav He claims to be in croatia but doesn't know how to read or speak croatian!!!

@Krunoslav come on over here from new york and find out out!

You are a fake!!

Ti si lažnjak! Ne živite u Hrvatskoj. lažete u Americi

@samtilley So bloody what? Croatia is one of those countries at a crossroad. Every tribe on earth probably passed thru there. Expecting anyone to speak the language associated with just the name of the country is a bit restrictive. A lot of Russians probably don't speak Russian.

@bobbo666 If you make the claim to be from and live in croatia, you should have at least a passing knowledge of the language. You type and speak english????

@samtilley At least use a better translator, genius.

@Krunoslav Really?? What does it say russian spy???? FAKER

@samtilley If I was a Russian spy. What would I be spying on in here?

@Krunoslav You should probably ignore the troll. He has abandoned logic and is deep into just feelings.

@bobbo666 bobbo666 another satanist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!666 666 666

@bobbo666 That's true. He is beyond help. I should mail him a T-Shirt, that says; "I uncovered a Russian spy and all I got was this lazy T-Shirt." lol

@krunoslav finially being honest whith everyone!!!!!!!!!! Still have said what i asked you!!!! Faker

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