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Cancer Called Feminism

To all the single ladies out there feeling powerless and hopeless, you have a purpose and you have a family and you have an incredible future waiting for you. You were NEVER meant to be alone!

Sensrhim4hizvewz 8 Feb 4
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Sadly, she probably really believed this due to a failure on the part of her upbringing. Dr Spock was highly acclaimed for his stupid “expert advice” to young parents on how to raise their children.

By the time this woman was being raised, far too many people saw his works as the definitive answer on how to raise children and they had completely disregarded the age old wisdom of the Bible. Most of several generations have been decimated by his evil rankings.

Although he started this foolish movement that harmed so many people starting from birth, their parents share the larger portion of the blame for following the advice that went so clearly against common sense, biblical teachings and the nature God placed in us. Ultimately, once she was grown, although damage had been done, the ultimate choice was hers and she paid the price for choosing unwisely. We can learn from bad choices as well as from good choices; it’s just much harder. I pray my wife and I have raised our children with sufficient love, guidance, discipline and support and I pray this is passed on through the generations. (It appears to be, but that is only by the grace of God. )

It is sad that she was never able to overcome the horrible start to her life… far too common a theme.


So many (the vast majority) of leftists/communist/fascist or Nazi/socialist types gnostic/hermetic/occultist (includes satanists, because their cult is derived from both ideologies) types die shitty miserable deaths.
Wonder why 🤔. It's almost like the negativity of their belief systems has a negative impact on their lives 🤷

Tom81 Level 8 Feb 5, 2023

...and burn in Hell she shall finally and the bells will ring.


The socially engineered destruction of womanhood is a tragedy of unparalleled scope. It is the tip of the spear in the war on men, the sexual ambiguation of children, and the murder of countless millions upon millions of babies. Make no mistake, the dissolution of the family is a deliberate decades long strategy .

How did the defacement of the feminine gain such momentum that it could gaslight a sensitive and intelligent woman to die alone of starvation, potentially topple society, and destroy nations?

“We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.” Edward Bernays.

In the 1920s, Edward Bernays, known as the master of propaganda and nephew of Sigmund Freud, was hired by the American Tobacco Company to promote smoking among women. This was considered a social taboo at the time, especially in public. Bernays advertised cigarettes as “Torches of Freedom”. A carcinogenic drug that killed millions was branded as a symbol of freedom and beauty (cigarettes were associated with slimness and said to be far healthier than candy by doctors). Doctors telling the public that something deadly is actually good for them, where have we seen this before? 💉

Bernays kicked off his campaign by organizing a public demonstration: “It’s the 31st of March, 1929 when a group of stylish, young women walk down fifth avenue, in New York City, smoking cigarettes. The photographers are overwhelmed and take one photo after another. Women that are smoking in public! At the New York Easter Parade! Unbelievable!“

“By connecting cigarettes, to feminism and the rebellion against a patriarchal society, Edward Barneys gave cigarettes a completely new meaning.”



she died alone...a stereotypical bag lady with her objectophila shopping cart life long partner

oh wait....that's a different one

she died alone....didn't believe she would ever need or use the medic alert bracelt, so it was hanging on the wall, a stereotypical cat lady who was eventually eaten by the starvation of her cats


Firestone—the lone tire!

sqeptiq Level 10 Feb 4, 2023

Woman? Feminist? Her body. Her choice. You can't be both.

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