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White man:

#Because i have a black son

Racist black women:

We must kill all white people to get rid of racism

FocusOn1 7 Sep 15
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that is one THAT NEVER got answered to me by the so-called SJWs

what about the mulatto or the mestizo....cultural appropriation has no boundaries just those set by Marxists to follow with in their agenda

they preach inclusion but all they spew is diversion

we are on a different timeline sort of, but the Tytler Cycle is real and apparent

Well I guess we're at the point of no return hahaha

@FocusOn1 NO....

means we are at the point of accountability OR/and responsibility

@Weltansicht I guess. If other crabs try to pull you down then how do you escape? 😂

@FocusOn1 Well for 1: Don't think of yourself as a crab! Aren't you a little more intelligent than that on the food chain??

2ndly: the mixtures of humans' DNA has been a given fact for you not think the war captives of any indigenous tribes victories did not include DNA to prevent inbreeding?

lastly....there is no escape from destiny

and if you do not think we evolved beyond racism, go watch some movies like "Blazing Saddles" and several TV series from the 1970s.....the only bigotry is yours

@Weltansicht you like BBC.

@Weltansicht 👍

@FocusOn1 BBC??? like Monty Python????

@Weltansicht white person watches black man steal his bike

White person: a black man stole my bike

Weltansicht: you bigot


@FocusOn1 Nope not at all. Obviously you are a very racist misaligned individual, just going by your casual responses; you need help, go seek some counseling.

Complete ultracrepiadrian projection from you!! just by your descriptives of your scenario crime scene, FULL of bigotry just by your descriptions of the scenario of the perpetrators.

I think you will become the 30th person I have blocked on Slug.

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