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When you think back through history wars used to limited be limited to battlefields by uniformed combatants. The slowly that changed to Ideological Guerrilla Insurgencies with innocent non-combatants caught in the middle. Followed by Ideological Guerrilla Entry-ism. It’s an Ideological war for the minds of the people. And where people reside is necessarily where the land must be. Control the minds of the populous and you’ll also control the land(s) they inhabit.

Socialism didn’t end with the Nazi defeat, Nor did socialism end with the collapse of the Soviet Union – or any number of other socialist regimes that have failed throughout history. Socialism is an Ideology rooted in the mind(s) of evil people. Socialism is an original “Resident Evil” within humanity.

Eve stole the forbidden fruit because the serpent told her it would make her like GOD – that is the same false promise of socialism in every instance it’s advocated.

When Adam & Eve exercised their FREE WILL to rebel against GOD instead of worship HIM, what was GOD to justly do other than withdraw allowing them and their descendants fend for themselves with their misused FREE WILL? After all, yu either have FREE WILL or you don’t – it’s not something that GOD wanted to turn on and off lest it WOULDN’T be FREE WILL at all.

What I’m trying to point out is that GOD intended all human beings to inherently have FREE WILL. The same FREE WILL that socialist ideology DOES NOT want you to have.

Look at it this way: Line up all the evil people throughout history, regardless of how they’ve represented themselves, you’ll notice that the ideological lack of FREE WILL imposed upon their fellow human(s) is the one thing they all have in common with each other. Socialism is now, and has always been the subjugation and elimination of INDIVIDUAL FREE WILL.

Any organization or group that opposes FREE WILL is not of GOD – whether they claim to believe in HIM or not. They are of their father that originally presented himself as a serpent to Eve.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if they call themselves Christians, Jews, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist et al – their father is the father of deceit, the father of evil, the father of socialism if they deny FREE WILL to the individual.

PS1. That which isn’t freely given isn’t given at all – that’s what individual FREE WILL is!

PS2. The ‘Right of Conquest’ which socialists misuse, to wrongly portray free peoples, is nature itself in action – and it has been the same throughout nature since forever.

PS3. Feel free to correct for yourself any errors that you may discern – and thanks in advance.

PS4. And again we have a partial (28 minutes) news report with the rest superflous video of no interest. Just like a half truth is a lie; half a news report is censorship.

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“One Nation With Brian Kilmeade 10/7/23 FULL HD | BREAKING FOX NEWS October 7, 2023”

1914wizard 8 Oct 8
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