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LINK 'LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE': California parents shut down Drag Queen Story Hour at San Fernando Library

A children's drag event at a library in California was shut down on Wednesday by a group of parents who were peacefully protesting against LGBTQ indoctrination.

The San Fernando Library was set to host a children's Drag Story Hour event featuring "Pickle the Drag Queen" but concerned community members belonging to the groups "Leave Our Kids Alone" and "Parents' Voices of the Glendale Unified School District" protested the event, which resulted in it being canceled.

"Leave our kids alone!" parents chanted as Pickle arrived outside the library.

"Bye, bye!" a protester said to Pickle. "No pervert pedophiles are going to train our kids to be perverts like you."

Why do liberals love exposing their kids to cross-dressers so much?

sqeptiq 10 Oct 27
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Good news!
Back in the seventies we never thought this aberration would become a serious thing. It was more of a joke. Comedian Flip Wilson had his "Geraldine Jones" and Ru Paul appeared on Archie Bunker to make him out to be a bigot but it was all done in fun. Now they have to be taken seriously. It is no longer funny. They are no longer just invented, role playing characters. Their invented selves are supposed to be their real selves and we must all play along lest their feelings are hurt. Sad. In reality, they are a Marxist tool being granted privilege in order to create a divisiveness in society so chaos can be created and the social structure destroyed. Once this purpose has been achieved and their usefulness becomes null and void the LGBTQ "community", of which they are a part, will be destroyed. A lot of the promoters of this depopulation agenda will be included in the plan.Yuval Noah Harari; beware what you are wishing for.

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